Is it possible to finish the Epic Challenge Event with only 3/60 Heroes?

I don’t have any 4* heroes past 3/60. I don’t care about completion times, I’m only worried if I would be able to finish the event. Thanks.

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You should be able to, just pick the right heros. Remember is is reflect red.

You may need to use some items as well so prepare for that when choosing them.

It depending what heroes you will have. In last stage will be probably 3 heroes what can heal them self faster then you can damage them. You will need something like Merlin or Hansel for blocking their special skills. Rumpelsstltskin special skill. Without them probably no.


if you don’t have limited mana stopping special heroes like hansel and proteus, make sure you take multi target hitters like grimm and tibertus to knock out the foxes early and a dispeller for boss wolf. Wu kong is always good. also you may need to stock up on damage items from your forge (dragon attack bombs axes).


those items are always good.

I have most of my heros maxed but am taking chao at 60. Haven’t needed him through the first 4 for mana control but may later on. May swap Merlin in for him.

I got super lucky on stage 10 legendary. I threw all my items at the bosses and then Wu couldn’t miss. The bosses fired no specials.

Yes, I do it every event.

That should be doable if you have the right heroes. I just made a video completing Legendary with only 4*s,which should be similar in difficulty to completing Epic with 3-60 heroes. I used Kiril, Grimm, Melendor, Little John, and Hansel (Caedmon would be nearly as good). I’ll post that in a new thread once it’s uploaded.

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For sure. Finished epic today with:
Sabina, Wu Kong, Wilbur, Kiril, Caedmon. Out of these only Sabina is maxed. Kiril is a baby, on 2/35. Will I took because of his spirit link when facing the main bosses.
Had to try twice and throw in a couple of bombs on the last level.
I forgot to use Merlin, but he could have been good too.

Oh, do take antidotes on levels with Boss Wolf.

Here’s the link to @Wharflord’s video:

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I just wanna gas myself a little and say that I was first place in epic for like 20 glorious minutes, I took kiril Grimm little John Caedmon and Wu Kong through every level, I never expect to place well in events I was just trying to complete but I got some great boards on my first run through. At this point I’m not even tryi to compete to stay on top 100 lol


@SWEG amazing job man

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Thanks I found it encouraging. But I’m not delusional, I don’t have enough flasks and bombs to actually contend for top ten yet. I’m gonna start working on saving up these types of items, and instead of leveling 4* troops I might start focusing on the 3* instead.

Yes. I have just completed Legendary with 3/49 Merlin, 3/60 Grimm, maxed Kiril, 4/60 Sabina, and 4/30 Wu Kong.

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i beat the first pirates epic with not even all 3/60. i think that was reflect purple so used BT Melendor Chao and ?? Caed all at 3/60 and grimm at 3/22.

won every stage on first try except the final stage which took me twice (and led me to an epic forum rant, which i then retracted after simply trying the tactic of “not sucking”)

There is possibility to get to top100 with not fully ascend team :wink: