Is it possible to finish the Advanced Event Return to Morlovia with only 4* heroes?

Since I don’t have any 5* heroes, I was wondering if it possible to do it or I shouldn’t even try.


You have nothing to lose by trying. If only to learn. My team is 4* only, and I’m going to give it my best shot


Yes, it is definitely possible with the right 4* heroes. Someone in the 7DD Discord posted this video earlier today: - YouTube


Winter special was! At that time i only had 4 star heroes. The last 3 and that last on especially were tough. Could only handle it with enough and quite the right items.

Mana items and revive scrolls are necessary. For better luck you can use thorns.

How do you say “yes” and use 20 characters. Oh, like this.


You can do it! I finisch sand empire witch 5 4*
2 on 3^60, 2 on 4^20 - 30 and 1 maxed(Thank you merlin :blush:)

I am on stage 15 advanced with 4☆ team.
So far didn’t use any important war tools.
But you gotta need to use best heroes and hp pots dots revive scrolls and dragon flags for def/atc

@Sullust, if you use items, such as antidotes and arrows, you’ll be fine because the vampires bites are dispellable… for some reason, and missed my heroes all the time.

Thanks for the response guys. I just finished the normal event, I’ll begin the advanced today.

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Time stops and the right 4* hero’s and you can easily beat any event.

I dont have 5 * too
Can you help me To setup a team :confused:
This are my heros
And my troops.

Boldtusk, Gafar, Li Xiu, Sonya and Sabina. You miss a 4* green, and your only useful 3* of that colour, Brienne, is level 1.


Just completed the event with this team. None are fully maxed—highest is Cyprian at 4/51, lowest is BT at 4/15. Started to need items at stage 16, and took potions, mana, axes and antidotes for the final stages. Absolutely doable and I am by no means an expert player.


Sonya Gafar BT li Xui Sabina

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It’s entirely posible, get some good items, the right heroes and there you go. I have some 5* personnaly. But i only use 1 for this event. Getting two yellow helps, it’s very useful: Wukong is outstanding if you get it. Healers, get 2 of thoses at most. Overall the most annoying things are the bombs.

How much life 3 Bosses have in the last stage? I will burn arrow axe and meteors on them while dpsing the rest of the life

You don’t need to do that. If you have heroes that lower defense and one that increase attack, all you need are the basic antidotes. You’re allowed 10, so it makes the final stages (or even all of them) incredibly easy.

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Left 1 stage to finish … but need W.E
Wu Kiril Gormek lilJon Sabina
Dragon Flag
Mid HP pots

I did it :smile: :smile: :smile:
Yes it is possible

This the line up

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I brought antidotes for the bites, arrows, axes and mana pots… had full squad nearly full health at the end when I beat the vamps.

This was a pushover event because the pumpkins ridiculously power up mana.

Kiril, Melendor and BT for heals and def up and atk. Added Grimm and Wu for def down and dmg… none of my heroes are maxed.

Control the boards in the lead up to the Vamps and then just hit Wu and your gems and watch them burn.