Is it possible to Delete Buildings?-

Is it possible to delete buildings?

More than once when claiming resources I have accidentally hit a open spot and dropped a building I had no intention of.

Can those be gotten rid of?

No. Buildings are all the same for everyone. You probably just moved one by accident

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No, not a move. A definite new building. It has happened twice to me. I have set all my food sources next to each other and I quickly tap down the line.

But if you hit an undeveloped plot of land the build option immediately comes up. Since I was just tapping down the line I accidentally hit what ever is the top option.

I dont even want the resourses back. It is just aggravating when you have multiple forges, but haven’t put up enough mines yet or farms to support the accidental expansion

The frustration of it aside, you don’t really have to worry much about it, since the number of plots of land and buildings available at each Stronghold level are fixed.

So you can’t, for instance, build another Forge and then not have space for a Mine or Farm. The number of spaces available, and the buildings available to build, always match up so that you can’t run out of space.

The only downside is if you spent some Iron or Food that you didn’t mean to at that moment.


Why wouldn’t you build all the buildings you can?

In the end, you will have 4 food storage, training camps, mines, houses, 5 iron storage, 9 farms, 3 forges, and one of these buildings (your choice ) will be a barracks. No real harm done:)

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So your little keep citizens have urban spaces to play in. It’s pretty crowded in there otherwise.


Would be pretty cool, if there was the possibility to have slightly different castle setups per player.

Deleting and starting new on some places with different buildings would also be a great option to play some different strategies.

Now it’s all about being at lvl 20 some weeks earlier or later. Later, if you’ll spend recources on not needed buildings. But at last all homes are the same.

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