Is it possible red feeders are more common?

Was wondering, since I have downloaded this game, I have only fed same color heroes, and I’ve never used an elemental training. Just TC1-2 and 11, farming 8-7 and season 2.

But yet, my level advancements for red heroes is A LOT farther then all 4 other colors. I’m maybe 3/4 of a maxed 4star hero ahead in reds, all others are about te same place. The GAP is statistically too big for just being caused by an unlikely RNG, especially on the population of thousands of feeders I have used.

Is it possible the odds of getting a red 1-2* hero is higher then other colors?

I would wager that at one point you had a color you were missing and had to play with a 2* or something for a while that you eventually fed to someone else so things are just different color to color.

That would be an explanation, but I could have swore the only 2* i had levelers was Layla. Can’t account to that much XP :thinking:

Not real sure, but I’m pretty sure I consistently level up 1:1:1:1:1 sets of 10, and at most stall for one cycle on one, maybe two before they catch up.

Additionally, it could be that you’ve drawn more redundant feeder reds at higher * ratings, so they are worth more exp. The higher * ratings could easily be out of whack an amount large enough to make a noticable total XP difference. Fed any 3 or 4* heroes to reds?

High level trainer draws would also have the same effect as feeding leveled up heroes.

It’s just the way it turns out. It will get better when you have all your training camps built and running. Mine was yellow for the longest. Then it seemed all I got was purple. Now that I have 4 camps pumping out feeders so it cycles a little more evenly. I still have mornings when I empty out 50 feeders from my camps and I’ll only get like 2 of one color.

I’ve had 4 training camp running for several months. 2 TC11 and one TC1-2 running pretty much non stop.

I was just thinking today that I seem to have less red feeders than the other colors, no real data just recently less red so it is probably just a coincidence.

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I could be wrong, but aren’t there more 2* red feeder heroes than the other colors? That would shift pull probabilities toward red slightly.

Looking at the daily summon list for reference:

Purple 2*

  • Layla
  • Silthus
  • Julius

Yellow 2*

  • Sha Ji
  • Nash
  • Hou

Blue 2*

  • Toril
  • Olaf
  • Ragnhild

Green 2*

  • Needler
  • Brogan
  • Jenneh

Red 2*

  • Jill
  • Shaarkot
  • Zudak
  • Farid

Well well well!!’ That could be it

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