Is it ok to shutting up users?

Hello everyone.
This is a double post without posting correspondence with SG, because it is a violation of forum rules.
I had an odd expirience with support: my question was not answered, and it ended like “piece off, dude, and stop sending requests, or ban on forum or even game!”. What do you think? Is it ok to shutting up users?
Where can i go to ask and get the answer ? isnt Support the last stage to appeal?

It is.

Recognizing that, perhaps you should accept their judgement, then.

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Yes, but theyre not giving the answer, they dont see any problem in my problem. What to do next? Seems like i have not to use chat rooms … thats all. So? Is it OK?)))

It could be that your problem wasn’t really a problem and that your request was irrational.

In that case, yes, it’s probably okay tell you it’s not a problem.

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