Is it normal to never have been raided?

I’ve been playing since November and it’s just starting to seem odd that I have never been raided at all, especially with people complaining about getting hit 10+ times overnight and losing cups. I have been hit with revenge raids, but never once out of the blue. I’ve had a strong 4* team as my defense, and I’ve also stuck an all 3* team in there to see if that changed it. I close the game at night and when I’m at work. Could this be a bug, or just a really odd occurrence?

I don’t know, my stupid alt rarely ever gets hit and I think it’s about a month old at this point.

Somewhere around 800-1000 cups, often leaving 10k+ in watchtower because I was desperately trying to sink ham into anything which would net me more iron and I let it sit idle for hours at a time, but I still rarely get hit on that account and I don’t know why.

Both my other two accounts get whacked repeatedly, and that’s true even with the non-stupid alt which sometimes falls to that same 800-1000 cup range.

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I seldom get raided, but then my watchtower is only level 8, and I empty it regularly. Also my defense team can easily get to 1600 trophies. I am not a very tasty target, so people probably skip me for 1600 trophy teams with higher watchtowers or accounts that have been inactive for seven or more days.

Edit: I also have skipped completing the map, which ups your watchtower production.

IIRC You cannot be raided until your start leveling your Watchtower.

Ive been playing since january, and have never got raided… ever… until 3 days ago. And then suddenly 8 in a row. Brutal ;p. I don’t know why :smiley:

True, but in my case stupid alt’s watchtower is level 11, which is higher than my real alt’s and was higher until recently than my main.

Can’t even raid without the watchtower and I’m assuming the poster here has indeed partaken in raids so at least it would be at level 1.

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My watchtower is at level 6. If it was seldom, I would understand that I’m just not an attractive target, but this is never. I also have an alt account that’s a month old with a level 4 watchtower that has never been raided.

In my case, I barely got raided ever before maybe 1600 cups or so. I was surprised to hear people complaining about getting raided all the time. Now that I’m over 2000, I get raided almost non-stop. Well, there are sometimes 1-2 days without a raid and then wham… one after another. I noticed that if I do at least one raid on my own (non-revenge), I get swamped immediately. It seems like raiding is attracting attention of other raiders somehow. I constantly empty the watchtower, so that’s not a factor.

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I do have one additional stupider alt which did get raided once so it can’t be a complete ban on newbie targetting, but on the stupid alt all I see is occasional revenges don’t think I’ve ever seen a first strike.

I can’t pretend to understand the matching code as it appears I get a rotation of new targets every so often when I was trying to target Viv once to test her defense, but it’s possible it’s just a needle in a haystack problem… there’s probably a million or so active users though I didn’t do my last place in beginner test this time but that’s a lot of potential targets if you’re only getting a small subset.

At higher cup values the target set pares down, and I don’t know how they’re putting people in and out of the target pool for any given shot.

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It’s really weird, and I’m beginning to think something is wrong with my account. I’m at level 34 and my cups are around 2000. My watchtower is low level, but it’s usually full. Also, my raid defense team doesn’t have any crazy heroes that people usually skip away from.

How low level? :slight_smile:

Raise it up some and put a bunch of 3/60’s or whatever you’re working on for AW in the slots and see if the problem resolves itself.

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If your at 2000ish cups you probably have a good defense team and are just ignorant of your teams power as a whole. I use the same team i attack with as my defensive team and my wall is around 1800ish, have pushed to 2200 at one time but that was about enjoyable as watching paint dry . I use to think my team would suck at defense since i run no healers but starting to rethink that as im hardly ever attacked and i have a level 18 tower and let it build to 100k+ hams ALOT, my team wins bout 90% or more of their battles when im AFK so obviously its a good unit as a whole or alot of folks suck. :grimacing:

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I must find this 100k tower you speak of…

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You DON’T get raided at all if you’re bellow 2000 cups, when I was trying for trophies I’d get raided 20 times overnight but now I cup drop and stay at 1200 trophies AND I leave 90k ham in my watchtower + dummy team and still don’t get raided

Only time I get raided is when an update comes out

It’s like a pyramid. the lower your cup score, the more people there are in the similar bracket, so you get lost in the crowd.
I go up to 2400 then put a dud team up and get hit every couple of minutes for a few hours, until my count drops down to about 2k and then bam it stops.
Not even sure how people manage to deliberately drop down to 12-1600 without tanking raid flasks.


My raid defense team is Caedmon, Boldtusk, HuTao, Grimm, Obakan. I just last week have BT, Grimm, and Caed maxed. Oba is at 4/1, Hu at 4/35. I have been using the same team for a couple of months, but they were obviously weaker.

I totally understand “not getting raided much”. Do you all think it’s possible without a bug or error to have been raided literally NEVER. Like not one time since starting in November? It’s not that I really want to get raided, I just want to make sure nothing is wrong with my account. Thanks!

This is happening to me too. In the time I have been playing, I have only been raided out of the blue on one day–a couple of days ago. And that day, I was raided like five times. Now I’m back to not being raided and my cups are 2,100 and only a 4-star team with unideal heroes.

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My.main gets raided all the time. My little alt gets raided but not as much as it is in 300 cup range where people aren’t as active

What dummy team are you using?

My alt runs at a similar range with far less ham in my watchtower and gets hit regularly.

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