Is it normal to have different account numbers on different devices (iOS)?

I just wanted to check something with you folk.

I play E&P on 2 iOS devices - an iPad when at home and an iPhone on the move. Both are signed into the same GameCentre account, and my progress is saved seamlessly across the devices. So let me stress I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM.

But I just noticed that when I log into E&P on the iPad it shows a different account number to when I log in on the iPhone (the numbers that begins with a # )

I just wondered if that was normal?
Again let me stress, I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM. My progress syncs juts fine across the 2 devices.
Just wondered if having 2 different account numbers is normal/expected behaviour?


Yes it is. I play on my note 9 and my ipad. totally different account numbers. Everything ties together thrugh google play services and ios game center.

It’s also why you’ll get a concurrent connection error if you open the game on a device at the same time you’re playing on another device.


You also get a new number when you “restore” the game on a new phone.


Thanks @KLinMayhem and @AngelOfDark666

So I guess if I get a new iPad, sign into GameCentre, and then load E&P, I will have my progress saved, but get a third account number - right? And I could play on all 3 devices, with progress synched across all 3.


That is correct!!!


Thanks @KLinMayhem - I can’t say anything for playing on multiple devices, I only recognized the new number after I killed my old phone :frowning:

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These are save file hashes and working as intended

(Account number changes)


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