Is it normal? 8/8 wins in wars!

Since we created our alliance, we have been into 8 wars and all ended with victory! I think that is an excellent way to start an alliance, isn’t it?

We want to get stronger by recruiting 30+ level active players. If you want to be a part of an unbeaten alliance, just pop in: BABO!!

It sounds great :heart: gj :slight_smile:

Somewhat normal :stuck_out_tongue:

The algorithm takes into account past war performance. As a new alliance, your war performance will be blank for a while & as a result not be factored into the algorithm. You should find you start getting linked to more evenly matched alliances soon.

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Not sure this is relevant information for a recruitment thread :cry:. Apologies OP.

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Ups… I forgot that this is a recruitment thread…


Guvnor hit the nail on the head. War record history is the one factor that can be exploited. Ive been a vocal “complainer” of it, but the more we all talked about it the more of a pain and time intensive work it would take to continually pull it off. Easier just to buy offers for ascension mats than an alliance to do this.

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@Guvnor Sounds reasonable :slight_smile:

@Sarah2 I think you have missed the second paragraph of what I have written

The post in question was withdrawn.
GL with recruiting :smile:

@Sarah2 Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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