Is it my best defence team?

i am using jimkitty magni ursena joon kingston

on my defence team currently.

are there any better options?

please help!

No. For the simple reason you made the one mistake a beginner should avoid. A new player should focus first on a 4* defense team. An emblemed four stars defense team is superior to a 3/70 5* team in every single aspect. Besides, do you even have half of the ascension items required?

Anyway, let’s say it’s OK now, but you should work at 4* heroes.

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working on 4star team at same time~

And this is another mistake… You take Bold, you finish him, next red. Not as you do… One colour at the time.



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i see. one color at a time!

On def rainbow is best.

On att you can take more of one color to increase tile damage against the hardes threat.

I always level my bench by spreading feeders where ever they fit. Only sometimes I focus on some particular heroes after their last ascension and especially during the very last 10 levels.

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In my honest opinion, you should priority 4* 1st, and those 4* keys for your backbone.
Boldtusk, Proteus, Rigard, Sonya/Kiril, Li Xiu, Melendor/Caedmon.

Blades for BT 1st before Zimkitty, Traptools for Proteus/Rigard 1st before Ursena, Sturdy Shield for Melendor/Caedmon 1st before Kingston, Orbs for Li Xiu before Joon, Capes for Kiril and Sonya 1st before Magni.

The advantage is, you can use it for event challange in both type Epic and Legendary. And also cheaper and faster to level.


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