😆 Is it me or SG is dropping non-green tanks weaker than Tell on us trying to unsuccessfully balance things? #3


So many non-green tanks: hotms, ninjas, christmas; Telly still rulz… :laughing:

SG, don’t you think?

#1 😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

#2 😱 Is it me or alliances started to lose more and more players and can't regroup? #2

Indeed Telly still rules, no doubt.

However you can see 2 types of actions being taken here
Introduction of more and more heroes who can effectively fight Telly and the whole trio Telly+Grave+Vela -> I mean Skadi, Lady Loki, Gefjon and 2 new Morlovia like Vanda and Francine are good examples
New non-green color tanks - yes so far no major breakthroughs (like w. Zulag, etc.) - but new blue Xmass one hero is coming looking really solid, new round of costumes may also bring someone, let’s see also stats of Glenda Nov Hotm when released, finally last 3 heroes of Valhalla.

So, it is just my private opinion and observation, but in 1st quarter of '21 we may see some more variety here and move towards shift of balance in the game.

Happy Gaming, Tommy

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In my honest opinion, in defence Telluria remains ok as a tank. But very much watered down from when he/she was first presented.
On offence I now take a different hero, Telluria isn’t much good on attack.
She is still in the top 10 tanks but you now see lots more variety both in war and in raids

Considering how many GTV counter’s they’ve released I almost wish they’d buff her back lol


At some point I hope they buff her back so she can be used in attack again. Maybe after we switch to new color tank. Tha would be nice.


Green tank era is close to ending. When I log out my Te tank, raid Deff 100 emblem ,max troops is in 2575 range . That never used to happen.

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