😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

He has a very particular set of skills.


Yea apparently i got a nack for that, just wish it was more helpful…


Ok @Rigs and @Petri I have got to try this…
Here I go>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PACMAN


Lol you’re goin to forum jail


I traded a 4/80 telly for a shiny new justice LMFAOOO

@zephyr1 I am under the thinking that the devs DO also play this game is that true???

Stop nerfing the heros and provide more accession items!

I guess we can create a thread with 100’s of posts to mutiny and play another game… just as long as you don’t mention the name of the game. Honest to flip SG grow some balls lol


If it does not improve I Will leave. Spent too much here as it is!


Last i saw petri was lvl 30 somethin in an alliance hitting 8*

So if that’s the level of all their dev accounts i dont think i would count it as playing

I mean there’s playing a couple times a week and there’s playing multiple times daily

The multiple times daily part is where they would actually understand wth we’re talkin about


Just a thought. This is a mobile game; built as a bit of a time-waster. If it is causing stress, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate priorities.

Oh well I’m spending my money on Battle Pass as it just came out (if you know what I mean) rather than gamble it here like playing casino but with lower chance of winning :sweat_smile::laughing::joy:

Hey does this new game have a forumns as well… that would be a big factor. I feel it’s “apart of the game but separate” For most of us :crazy_face:.

We’ve had a few go MIA and one is taking an indefinite break because of the absurdity of pulls. I have gone full ftp and will try to convince others to do the same regardless of financial capabilities.

Why bother with new seasons if the “rewards” continue to be :poop: ?


Let’s face it. Zynga bought them out and there just “ mailing it in”. Read this thread where players are all taking shots at the game and the only time SG responds is to state rule 52- no talking about other games- even though they charge other games to advertise on Mystic Vision. I must admit the “community” is coming together and no one is arguing for once!


It’s great to read all of this. I thought it was only me that reached a point of saturation. Any time I’m at this situation, I start to search for another game. I’m going to do it straight away. If I get a nice one, I’m afraid it’s a divorce.

They do, and there’s as much variation amongst Small Giant Staff as all other players — some are very casual, and some are very competitive.

Petri also isn’t a developer or game designer, so while he’s highly visible as the Community Manager, he may not be the most useful example of SG Staff involvement in playing.


There’s really seems to have an imbalance:

  • Too much heroes, but too much rng
  • Too few ascension materials, emblems

This game really feels it’s punishing player loyalty?

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Nah i just wanna play and have fun but when the game asks for money to have a chance… well

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Petri is a Forum Manager for SG’s online forum, hence his role as “staff.” He is not a developer nor has any say on the game’s content. All of those decisions are made by other people.

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