😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

Wrong picture

I did; 6 times and it keeps telling me that it is invalid because I didn’t include the account number. I did included it. I just get a generic message telling me my enquiry is being trashed for being incomplete. Thanks for your time however. :cry:

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Yay! I finally worked out how to communicate with them and got a valid auto response. Only took 12 hours out of my remaining life. I can’t say it was intuitive with the tip being in greyed out text, but it worked. Huzzah. :face_with_monocle: :smiley:


Tell your husband that he can contact us in line about some games some of us other players have joined. One thing empires taught us is patience so going into trying out new games was a task but we all had farming down pretty easily. He will see immediately how the skills he earned in empires will translate easy over into couple of different games we have many former empires players involved with. For more info my line name is “kucherbalzov”

Glad you guys removed those credit cards :slight_smile:


If they want to continue down the path they are going, where only paying players stay, atleast increase the loot for Gods sake. So sick of killing 14 star titans every day at A or B loot tier, and getting crap. Im lucky to get a 4 star ascension mat every 2-3 weeks! And the chest lol. Wow have those sucked for along time now. I used to get excited when I would get a color chest. But after I went months skipping chest every single day to get them more frequently, just to get garbage, I stopped caring about chest too. SG/Zynga really knows how to push players out of a game.


I only get excited by ham these days. Figured if I didn’t expect great or even decent loot, then a single ETT May just make my day.

It’s sad though that I have had to reduce my wish list to this.




Yah. When the ham >150k, I jump for joy.


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