😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

People are leaving because they are being cheated! Everything taking to long to build or level up! They expect us to pay to play and if your F2P it takes forever to do anything!

When i say cheating like going up a 3* Balthazar that’s attack is 2770 Defense over a 1000 and outrageous health. Look at this picture from Trial of mysticism all 3 enemy hero was 2770 on attack etc

Regular Balthazar

But when you contact support about being cheated by way over powered enemy hero you get straight up bull crap automated reply about how those enemy or hero are supposed to be like that and the recommended team power they give you is a suggestion on how much you need to beat them abd even the strongest of peoples heros suppose to have issues beating them!

Its a friggin rip off and dishonest from small giant and empires and puzzles or zinga !!



I mean they are supposed to be hard but taking purple is the single worst thing you can do in starfall because after 5 turns you will become yellow. And then you will kill yourself as they reflect yellow. So for 5 turns they become invincible to you.

So whilst it’s a tough challenge you are basically just making it nearly impossible yourself.

Try a red/blue/green team. Starfall is way less punishing and can actually be used to your advantage as you spend one colour of gem and can set up the next colour


I appreciate your frustration, but personally the difficulty of the gampley is the last thing I would complain about. Depending on the level I would recommend a mono blue team I used that for most difficult 4* levels. The difficulty is fun you really have to think about a worth team comp.

As @Cheds stated, DO NOT USE DARK OR YELLOW HEROES ib Starfall circus.
You need. TP of some 4100 and bathle items to complete Starfall in Epic. Do not knoe your roster but st least bring axes, healing potions, small mana potions and smal antidotes. The sntidotes are only nreded onbzhd stages facinv Emilio. With a healer a defdown ( Grimm, Gormek) hero or an elementsl def down or mana controller hero plus 3 damage dealers you will beat the event.
In rare I used: Valen , Nordri, Namahage, Belith, Berden.
Valen, Belith, Berden with costume bonus.

In epic: BT, Wilbur, Kelile, Hansel, cSonya.

In Legendary : Gefjon, Wilbur, BT, Reuben, Marjana

Good luck to you

I haven’t raided in weeks. I keep getting raided up into diamond where my 4 stars can’t reasonably compete. It’s maddening…

However, I just lost my game progress and have neither the time, money or inclination to start over for reasons @sleepyhead is aware of. (he is kind of our alliance figurehead now so needs to be kept informed. Ghosties rock.)
@princess1 I have enjoyed your input over the years… Take care. (personal) blessings.


@sft1965 Sorry to hear about your progress being lost. I guess that support could help you. As for you or anyone else not being able to compete with premium A+ arena defense raid teams, here is a video that could give you some tips (for example, I find it extremely curios that most players’ first task is to make an impenetrable defense which holds them in Diamond without having the offense teams to deal with the Diamond defense teams prepared first):


Here is a link that shows how to beat Epic with a team of 3* only:

Here is one that shows how to beat Legendary with a team of S1 4* only:

You should understand that most of the things in this game are achievable without the need to spend (as you see, pretty much classic S1 easily available heroes in all video links in the current post) if you just sit and give it some serious thought based on the information you have available. If anything is unclear, always ask beforehand.

As for Balthazar in Trials of Mysticism, you should understand that there is a big difference between heroes in your party and bosses in various tougher stages - despite the fact that they have the same name and looks, they are totally different. True for various different monsters in different difficulty stages as well. You can hold at the boss/mob and look at their statistics.

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No, they can’'t. Support refuses to accept my details and tells me to contact Google. Google tells me to contact the devs. What would you suggest?

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I don’t know the details here to be of much assistance, however if they both refuse to help, I suggest to be more persistent with one of them, even possibly sending them the official response of the other party.


I also wonder if anyone here can help :frowning: I’m going to start digging into the Bugs subforum @sft1965 . I totally get it, if (knock on wood) I lost my account now I could not imagine starting again… Ghosties rock. Eagle, Elliegator, Phoenix and @amrath all send their love, and I’ve given your love back to them.

and thanks for your advice @Saros


I was solid upper platinum for ages and my defense is only around 4200 and my attack teams should be able to cope at around 4000 but the game mechanics seem to have changed and they line me up for revenges with monsters at 4950 calling them equivalent (in cups for a win or a loss). They just one hit me. Due to the nature of mana generation on defense, they almost always fire first. Ohh, and sorry I don’t believe in cup dropping. They gain 8 cups hitting me, I lose 30 on revenge fails. It’s broken.

It’s kind of academic now anyway. There is no way to contact Google or SG direct available that I can find. I tried submitting a support ticket to SG 6 times and failed and Google directed me to community support who just responded with crap.


Try this online form


Hi Steve, I hope it can be fixed , hope you are doing OK. We love you and hope to see you back soon. I wish I could help ,


Wrong picture

I did; 6 times and it keeps telling me that it is invalid because I didn’t include the account number. I did included it. I just get a generic message telling me my enquiry is being trashed for being incomplete. Thanks for your time however. :cry:

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Yay! I finally worked out how to communicate with them and got a valid auto response. Only took 12 hours out of my remaining life. I can’t say it was intuitive with the tip being in greyed out text, but it worked. Huzzah. :face_with_monocle: :smiley:


Tell your husband that he can contact us in line about some games some of us other players have joined. One thing empires taught us is patience so going into trying out new games was a task but we all had farming down pretty easily. He will see immediately how the skills he earned in empires will translate easy over into couple of different games we have many former empires players involved with. For more info my line name is “kucherbalzov”

Glad you guys removed those credit cards :slight_smile:


If they want to continue down the path they are going, where only paying players stay, atleast increase the loot for Gods sake. So sick of killing 14 star titans every day at A or B loot tier, and getting crap. Im lucky to get a 4 star ascension mat every 2-3 weeks! And the chest lol. Wow have those sucked for along time now. I used to get excited when I would get a color chest. But after I went months skipping chest every single day to get them more frequently, just to get garbage, I stopped caring about chest too. SG/Zynga really knows how to push players out of a game.


I only get excited by ham these days. Figured if I didn’t expect great or even decent loot, then a single ETT May just make my day.

It’s sad though that I have had to reduce my wish list to this.




Yah. When the ham >150k, I jump for joy.


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