😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

For me, I retired 1 of my teams last week, and probably will another before too long. They have added so much grind to the game that it’s hard to keep up with it all. Now, if I was still enjoying things the way I used to, I’d probably keep playing more. However, for me I have grown very frustrated by the new “features” that are outrageously expensive for the rewards provided. I’m having a harder time staying loyal and spending on a game where it appears they seem to enjoy disappointing their customers. The TOL, HA, AL, HL, enhanced mines and farms are all just HUGE resource hogs without minimal benefit. It just seems they are going to keep pushing the envelope until we all quit.

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50 summons in a month guarantees HOTM.

75 summons at Atlantis guarantees a featured hero at the Atlantis portal.

75 summons at Valhalla guarantees a Valhalla 5*

100 summons at a challenge/seasonAl event guarantees one of the featured heroes.

All current summon odds remain the same. The above is added in.

Make it so You won’t ever get the same guaranteed hero per 75/100 summons at that gate. The guaranteed heroes don’t reset after each summon event, only HOTM resets with the new HOTM.



I don’t want to add to the negativity with negative words. Not saying I disagree, in fact much of my feelings have been expressed by others.

But if there’s a get-together at an “ALTERNATE MEETING PLACE” that looks suspiciously like another entertainment/game application… Line me at justf&ckenpeachy (& = u)

I haven’t been a super long time player (1 year anniversary June 15th) but I am getting the same bordem setting in like many others.

I came in with anticipation of a fun diversion while I had some downtime from work. I throughly enjoyed the beginning and the way things went along at a fairly decent pace. I initially didn’t spend anything but got VIP and did a few pulls here and there to improve my roster.

Things moved along and I got to the point of joining an alliance. Made a ton of good gaming friends and, until recently, was in a great alliance with a solid group of players who have been feeling the same way about the game that I am - its turned into a job that I have to pay out of my own pocket to advance in. I left the alliance and just sit in my own single player alliance doing things at my own pace with no rigid war schedule or strategy to follow and hit the titan and work on team synergy, not caring if I defeat it or not…

The game still interests me but the grind for advancement is getting to be to much of a job and not a distraction from the daily grind of life. I don’t need to spend a hour farming 8-7 and quests and raiding for filling a hero or monster chest only to see food iron and 3 gems for my efforts. I’ve kept track of my loot for the last few months, besides an ocassional 4* mat outside of POV or the rare quests, I really don’t get much useful lately. With the loot being so bad for the effort I put in I made the decision to go solo for now before i make a final decision on quitting the game or to keep up the grind.

To be fair I enjoy some of the new features. The score chasing in events keeps me interested, POV was fun the 1st time but it turned into a “how many days left grinding until the 4* mats are finished”, and I’m enjoying all the new heroes and costumes that breathe more life into the old 4* roster i have maxed but stripped emblems off of for 5*.

My roster is expanding nicely with 8 maxed 5* but I’ve hit the boredom/mats wall as the rate of introduction of new heroes/costumes and the drop rate of 4* mats is way out of balance. I’m currently averaging 1-2 new 5* each month and 3-4 various 4* mats so I’m looking at 3+ months before i will likely get 3 more scopes to max Alice or magni or richard then another 3-6 months to max the other and so on. This is not including any other new 5* i run into in that time of scope chasing.

Do I want to keep grinding or just call it a day and go to another game?

Thats my dilemna right now.


@Necromancer2k8 come and join mine dude “Ministry of Silly Orcs”

We have no war strategy. Just hit titans, chat and have fun

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Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

That being said this was a thread opened by a fellow player so I don’t know if SGG is looking for this feedback or not. I was kinda just airing my frustrations player to player :sweat_smile:

SGG hosts these forums and have control over all content including my posts, so they are free to search, read, refer, reach out to anyone on this thread. I rather not write fan mail or participate in write-in campaigns. Also what I have written is far from novel or something business at their scale can’t figure out for themselves…and if not that’s what consulting firms are for :man_shrugging:

What’s wrong? Fix your game and the competition wouldn’t matter. We’d be happy here. We used to be happy but you people keep ruining it.


Nice. I replaced the motherboard on mine during the winter after the fan stopped working. I’ve finally stopped thinking about it exploding when it kicks on, but maybe that’s because it hasn’t been on all spring. I did cheat though. I had the service guy out to diagnose the problem.

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Soooo @Rigs seen anything good advertised in your Mystic Vision lately? :wink: :wink:

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Yes. Due to the artificial shortage of rare items, the game brings me more nervousness than joy. Especially now, when it is necessary to introduce a new variable into this planning equation - whether the hero whom I have ascended will be nerfed and whether the expensively bought and so accumulated ascension mats will disappear.

Sooo many of my Clan were looking forward to the strategy aspect of this. It could have been improved by giving an advance level that reset heroes for hard level, but you play without battle items.

Or a shorter raid/ tournament type mechanic with E&P creating “dream teams” out of the old HoTMs. Rather than banning heroes once used, ban combos; can’t use same 3 heroes together more than once.

Make ppl think about how they play the game and find new synergies.

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That dude is right :thinking:

Personally, I’m just getting bored of the same ole same ole. Yeah, SG is producing new events but they are all the same. I want something exciting to keep me interested in this game.

I would love if there were game modes with more strategic elements. I did a write up in the new ideas section a week ago about a 10-player mode. Everything now just seems like a chore and I am at a point where I am no longer pulling for heroes because I already have too many heroes waiting to be leveled up. My team is already consistently at 4600 trophies, what is adding another maxed 5* going to do? Let me use it in the occasional war or tourney? Wooooo, so excited for my maxed 5* that I spent so much time on to only be used in a single war hit each week. So much fun /s

For reference, I am going to post the url to my new idea/feature request I wrote because it didn’t get a lot of traction and i am passionate about how fun this would be considering how much I loved the other app I got this idea from.

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They have to work though. Promise they will work!


I am sorry, the language can be bad, because I am writing through a Google translator. In the end it is a game and my day will come when some people get tired of it and new players will also come and if they give you everything from the beginning believe me you will feel bored after a short period but now it is very interesting and interesting and I found it the best game that I passed through knowing that I am retirement age

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I know people have complained about quite a few things (Tellie’s nerf has been popular of course), but low odds of hero pulls always seem to be the main factor. I don’t think these odds have been any different since they started advertising them. However, I have a feeling people have been quite stressed out about the pandemic and the current economic downturn it’s caused, and they’ve been taking it out on the game.

Money seems harder to make now, thus more valuable, so I guess it is unfortunate for E&P, considering the timing of Tellie’s nerfs.

I still have fun playing. The fact that the shiny new hero I got is likely to get nerfed, unless it’s an event hero like finley, where the saturation is low enough that balance is not actually a factor to the devs, is a big factor in whether I choose to continue to pay, which I now don’t. But I still play.

It’s Their game and their world but my wallet. And we all can decide for ourselves as individuals.


When a player gives advice to improve the game.
When a player talks about another game.


Hey @zephyr1, so it’s ok too talk about puzzle combat because SG owns it. So, can we talk about games that SG has on their Mystic Vision? Is that allowed?


Was joking around Mothra. If you read the posts above mine you will see quite a few people were in that manner.

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