😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

Well the first one wasn’t really hard it was more of a the room for error was of only 2k soo you were only allowed to miss just a few challenges in order to level 50

There is a difference between hard and not being able to reach level 50 because you missed one day

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This is kind of what I’m worried about. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it did happen. Though I’m not actively cheering for it to happen, either. If this game does end up going the way of the dodo bird, my phone will likely go back to only being used for the purposes of making actual phone calls, or looking up maps when I make a wrong turn in an unfamiliar area. I will immediately revert back to PC and console for all of my future gaming desires and never look back.


We will never get a mix of S2 ever, i mean they rather makes us suffer with 97% S1 pulls than to actually make the game feel more balanced

That is very interesting, isn’t it.

Actually, the word I would use is “revealing”.


I feel the same way @TGW. Very sad the tendency is NOT to look at the big picture/long term. There is so much potential here and I am inclined to think there would definitely be a loyal customer base. But alas, too much the dreamer and an old fool am I.


That’s not how businesses work (at least not successful long running ones) and there’s no such thing as developer handbook. By that logic all businesses (be it restaurants, movie theaters, cafes, sports etc.) would just create micro-communities and just cash in on paychecks from regulars. There’s a reason all of the businesses keep on finding ways to satisfy end user and to keep it running. If getting pawns was so easy there would be no motivation/reason to keep innovating.

This is why I didn’t understand people quitting over something that really doesn’t add a whole lot to the grind of the game but does add one more way to get a 4* AM. As opposed to say the costume portal that adds a whole new set of battles and grind for collecting a bunch of 3* costumes.

Agreed that it was not hard for a end game player, but it certainly had its issues. Before the whole tell-gate, complaining about POV was the top 3 trending topic on this forum. Commonly raised issues were:

  1. The need to complete all the challenge events, twice. This was an issue that affected all players. Some late game players did not have any levelled 3* heroes to complete Rare either because they never bothered levelling them or… they fed them away to make room in their roster. Then there were early & mid game players who struggled to complete Epic/ Legendary either through a lack of the right set of heroes (no proteus) or lack of resources (Forge not at a high enough level to build dragons/ time stops).

  2. The original titan quest required killing increasingly bigger titans (iirc it was up to 6* titans), which was a problem for low level players or those in smaller alliances. This had a knock on effect for merc requests and at one point, the chat rooms were just swarmed with endless streams of these requests.

There’s a difference between grinding daily and grinding 6 map levels. Plus if I miss 2 costume summons, I’m liking missing out on 2 3* costumes. If I miss out on few activities, I might miss an extra 4* mat which I have been waiting for months. Rare quests on other hand are much simpler.
Win raids, complete underwater/poison/mist stages, level heroes, complete 3 quest stages…many of which I don’t really want to do or don’t have time to do but feel bad if I miss something. Lot of times when I’m with friends and family, rather than enjoying time with them this stupid game creeps up in my thoughts.

This POV was more forgiving and relaxed in those terms but now you have parts of community who are dissatisfied with the “difficulty” factor. Which is why it becomes such a huge factor over costumes.

Yea I think we’re just going to be polar opposites on this one.

I like the costume events because it added something new to do in the game. The costume keys are just a bonus. PoV is a sustained chore, its everything you already had but now a passive obligation to do it on a schedule. You see that as a good thing and I see it like having my phone tell me to make my bed everyday. I’m a gainfully employed adult with a busy schedule, that just isn’t fun regardless of how many treats get waved in my face.

It comes down to what I said in the original post - you either are in the game for the skinner box or you’re not. I personally enjoy having things to do with the heroes that I have, not in the dopamine hit of getting a reward in 50 days later. Some people like grinding, but chasing loot does nothing for me, I like playing - raids, wars, titans, events, etc. I would do those things even if they gave you nothing. I definitely wouldn’t sit around waiting for ducks to spawn if gave me nothing.

Fwiw, personally, I’m not quitting the game over it, but I am going to stop doing PoV because it definitely has been a drag on wanting to login and play. It will (hopefully) reduce that chore feeling for me.

All your replies are good and feel it my self , but what hurts the most that in SG no one is listening, they simply dont care. Thats why before playing you next game choose carefully the developer company and check their history.

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The costume quest is fine. Paywalling the costumes was just a cash grab. But there’s no way for new players to play the game anymore. TC20 is just for collecting your early roster of essential 4* heroes, but it’s too far away. Nearly all the 5* aren’t worth giving mats, because mats are too precious, and now you need to know which costumes you might get some day to decide who to ascend without regret. There’s no recommendation I can give to new players anymore except don’t spend money. Meanwhile, SGG spends more on marketing than anything else. Eventually the amount they can sucker from ingenues won’t keep up. Then they’ll offer a few super super deals and shut down the servers after.


Totally agree. I am a f2p but even I have overflowing maxed heroes that I never or rarely use anymore. I wish the game would have a feature that “forces” me to be more creative and use different heroes. Sure, there is the new tavern of legends and it is a nice addition. But it only happens once a month. I really think SG should make better use of the team power or team cost feature (this idea has been suggested multiple times before). Put a cap on it to motivate players to try different setups. That would certainly re-energize the game.

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Lol everything i said went over your head and you looked at just the surface to start an argument…

This was the part i didnt miss when i was away from the forum.

Free rewards for logging in, doesnt require to watch an ad or do a summons. Literally just pops up a notification; “hey thanks for liking our game, here ya go” and it’s something more useful than a 1or 2 feeder… and gradually increases the more days logged in consistently

When i say 5* and hotm are earned. I mean guaranteed 5* and hotm are earned. Not rng CHANCES…

And no E&P doesn’t have a pity counter. You can still hit those mathematical odd marks and get screwed. Ask the people that have spent upwards of $2500 in 1 weekend and still didn’t get a desired hero…oh wait you can’t because they’re not here.

When i say pity counter. I’m talking one that bluntly says “you receive 1 shard for each summon, after x amount of summons you are guaranteed a random 5* hero”. Keeps the randomness involved but increases the odds more substantially of getting a desired hero. And the shards can be accumulated over time, not just how much u dump into 1 portal over a matter of hours to chase 1 hero etc.


Everyone has their own personal beef against something in the game. I do happen to like the Costume Chamber quests as well. I don’t like the paltry rewards that you get for doing them. And for me the personal beef is the added content with little to no reward. The content itself is good up to a point, until it starts to use up too much of my time. But the little to no reward for the added content, unless I am willing to pay for it, is disheartening. If I’m willing to pay why do I need to grind so much? And if I’m willing to grind why is there no reward for it?


I keep posting this link hoping SGG see it… LOL

I agree corporate comms is difficult, often hampered by bureaucracy or lack of vision. But not investing into it and improving often leads to a brands downfall.

I work in marketing, so I know it CAN be done well… despite how difficult it is. But it requires the company truly understanding its value to their business health and properly investing into it.


I’m not ready to quit yet, but my play habits have definitely changed.

I don’t spend money on the game anymore.
I chat less.
I still do my dailies, but they take far longer than they used to.

Overall, I’ve become less interested in playing the game.


The average spend per install for E&P is $12. After this every penny/cent is a bonus, and SG performance marketing will be tailored to meeting this spend on each account, and maintaining or increasing the average. Given that some players spend in the tens of thousands, that’s an awful lot of zeroes.

With this in mind, looking at each event and offer as a way of convincing a new installer to spend their first $12, the offers and events seem more understandable!

As most players who’ve had their interest piqued enough to join the forum have reached this level, it’s clear that the number of hoots given for our opinions is considerably less than two.


It might be so, but think about it. Every new user is a marketing cost. Existing users are not, they have already been paid.

Till you reach a certain level, you are not hooked. You can give up free on the game, no strings attached. After you have passed a certain level, you have invested money and A LOT OF TIME. You have an alliance. So giving up is not so easy. You are hooked.

This is why existing customers matters. If you anger them, you fight with a 100 more ads of games for the new user. Big costs and no loyalty, how many you think are going to grind each day in a game that is not so polished and full of features as the others put there?


Oh, I agree with you. It totally beats me why the concepts of goodwill and loyalty are as good as ignored.

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