😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

Hey @zephyr1, so it’s ok too talk about puzzle combat because SG owns it. So, can we talk about games that SG has on their Mystic Vision? Is that allowed?


Was joking around Mothra. If you read the posts above mine you will see quite a few people were in that manner.

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SG isnt responsible for the ads shown on mystic vision.

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Oddly enough, not really.

My interpretation of this Forum Rule has generally been that comparative analysis of other games is ok:

But my actual experience is that any discussion which lingers in any depth on the details of other games by name is typically halted by the Small Giant Staff.

So I think it’s fine to share, for instance, elements of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that I love and could imagine reinterpreted as additions to E&P (e.g. a new, more involved quest system to find fragments of Alchemy Lab Recipes in a process more akin to a traditional RPG, which was an idea I suggested last year during the original Alchemy Lab Beta).

But it becomes more problematic if I try out a game from Mystic Vision, and discuss ways in which I feel that game is superior.

An easy way around that is to discuss the mechanics of other games, but not the particular game name. There’s been some of that in this thread already, which is fine.


Did you just climb into my head??? Thats freaky please get out. But seriously agree with and noticed it all .They totally F-up the boards with this last change.

Yes I’m pretty sure the community wanted 4 days and based on that feedback they made it 3 days.

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great call @zephyr1 i was just hitting the flag button feeling its been derailed


Well, I am one of those who start losing interest, just do war and titan hit as long I am on alliance.


Well, I give it to this game,…some left but still somehow found their way back unannounced.:thinking:


@Rigs i tried one of these other match 3 games and met a few people from E&P. Seems like they got tired from the money grabbing too and so far i already got some 5* for free after 3 days playing. The zombie theme isnt my favorite, but the concept is interesting and fun.

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crap, this topic turned into an anaconda!

good thing i muted it from the beggining :rofl:


Everyone has their set agendas.
At the moment the agenda is to vent and seek acknowledgement.

You could start a topic on anything right now and still get the same outcome.

All roads lead to Rome.


On my first day I got 4 out of 3 * and 1 out of 4 *.

The loot is what has me completely over it. To do all this spending and grinding, only to keep getting 2 roots a leather strap 5 gems a costume key and a trainer for every chest (monster, titan, raid, tournament, and war), is totally not worth it at all.


Hey, you are getting great. I get the same minus the trainer and costume key :slight_smile:


I think best not mention whet I got but happy with that.

Love the way you put it all … thx exactly how i feel…

What happens when all you have invested into getting a hero is a summon token? How do you “partially refund” a single token.

The idea sounds nice, for those who are paying to play, but not everyone is like that. Those who put no financial investment know that they get what they get. For example, my husband and I play for fun. We have no expectation to ever have an army of 4*/5* heroes.

Unfortunately, if you invest money, it’s just that: an investment. You don’t always get them back. Also, they can’t give money to those who are free to play because they don’t have their credit card information on the system.