😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

I cast lots 15 times in the legend tavern and only got 3x 4 * the others were 3 *.
Amy Macdonald sing about this “this is the life”

I have your opinion too. The reward sistem is poor for the amount of hours needed to play.


It isn’t correct. Previous pulls do not influence the next one. The odds are always the same every pull. Math has no pity counter, and the “equalizing pulls” could just as easily be someone else’s as yours.

You could be “unlucky” and go 1000 pulls or more with all 3*'s.


Excellent post! Please write to SG lol

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@zephyr1 @Guvnor it is OK to mention Puzzle Combat here, because it also made by SG?

Yes, Puzzle Combat can be mentioned, since it’s made by Small Giant, though extensive discussion of it is effectively off-topic for E&P threads, and is mostly constrained to these threads for the moment:

Comparative discussion of Puzzle Combat to Empires & Puzzles is perfectly on-topic though — for instance noting improvements Puzzle Combat has implemented that Empires & Puzzles has not.


I am starting to run into E&P quitters in the clone of E&P. A lot of them are there because there are some nice QOL benefits there. I won’t go into details as that is probably out of bounds (unless I can just ‘suggest’ them here) but the longer I play the more I think about where I should be spending my money, and that isn’t a good thing for here.

Just reinstalled Puzzle Combat and notice many improvements over E&P. While I do not like new assets (I uninstalled my PC on version 15), but I like many QoL improvements from PC. If they made it in E&P too, I will be very happy.

  1. Online indicator
  2. Province finishing packs (like in NEW Puzzle Combat)
  3. Roster buttons (like select all in-color 1* or 2*, as in weapon screen)
  4. More raid tiers and raid season for top players
  5. More quests (Loot Ticket quest, troop quest)
  6. Zombie Horde mode (It will fits perfectly in E&P even as-is).
  7. Actual ascension mat tier. Why the hell trap tools has a tier 3, if Tail Boots also has a Tier 3?
    Make Trap tools etc. Tier 4, and Tabard etc. Tier 5 (In PC they already done that, I guess). And adjust probabilities accordingly for us to at least know how many times we will get Tail Boots, and how many times we will get Trap Tools. But better just to save 3* probability for 4* and current 4* probability to 5*. So, Top 5% raid tournament and elemental chest would always give to us unfarmable mat.

Also I like some mechaincal changes form PC:

  1. Richer Match-3 mechanic (especiall 2x2 match part, another parts in E&P is better for me)
  2. Less HOTM and event heroes (but this is only because PC is young) - Standard heroes in PC is still pretty good, especially Anastasia and El Coyote.
  3. Team cost for troops (as for weapons in E&P) - also very good, because it will add a feel of evolving to this game.
  4. Recurring HoTM - if HoTM is great, there is no reason not to repeat HoTM cycle like Puzzle Combat do. Why we should get 5* drawbacked green Merlin instead of Telluria? I have Telluria, but would happy to see her again as HoTM.

For me, Puzzle Combat seems superior now.

Empires and Puzzles also has advantages:

  1. Great fantasy style assets of E&P. Urban assets of PC just less appearing for many players (for example, my GF, and it is a main reason, why I do not play only in PC).
  2. Stronger heroes’ specials, especially healers (but now, with invention of HoT and overheal (C.Kashhrek, Heimdall), E&P also moves to PC direction, which is sad for me).
    Old healers in E&P is heal in PERCENTAGE, which i like way more than fixed HP heal. Only one season 3 healer who heal a percentage is Ratatoskr, and I think than his concept was designed first, before those fixed HP heal.
  3. Simplified special skill leveling. It is just simple - feed 10 on-color feeders all the way and 90% times you will max special skill on 4* and 70% on 3*. You do not need to search for a books and anything. So, grind is way less than in PC.
  4. More relevant 4* heroes. In PC 4* hero is always behind 5* on max, which is not the case of E&P.

For a new players I strongly recommend PC over E&P now, because F2P and C2P(only VIP) in PC is much easier now (classic heroes are WAY MORE relevant than E&P).


Yap I am agree with you :pensive::pensive::pensive:


I also liked many of the PC mechanics but

This… I found the base so turgid and uninspiring.

I’m still really enjoying Empires but there have been a number of inexplicable PR own goals.


My GF said than she will not play PC due to weird stylistic (and non-SG E&P clones too).

For me PC stylistic is good, but E&P is better (especially in some costumes and season 3).
But as for PC - I like Foxtrot and G.Owl from Grand Heist event (visuals, I do not have any of them).

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Haven’t played Puzzle Combat myself.



Alright SG. Level with me. Exactly which way are you going here?

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Do you even know what benchmarking is?

If I had to guess, the devs are likely avoiding many QoL improvements here since the Zynga deal is not quite final. I thought that I read some performance criteria still need to be met for the final 20%. If still true, I suspect that SG may wash their hands of this game and focus solely on the other. It seems that is the case if all the groovy features are being implemented in the game they will retain control over.

I also suspect that there may be clauses in the contract that restricts their ability to comment on the deal. Regardless, if PC ever comes to Apple I would give it a try but would also incorporate my own lessons learned on how I approach a mobile gacha game.

I haven’t got to where most of the posters on this thread are at, but I do note that the majority are long-term, well respected players who have spent a lot of time and brainpower giving advice and assistance to newer players on this forum and presumably elsewhere such as in their alliances. People who love this game, or did until very recently; whose enthusiasm has inspired others; who often give short shrift to pointless whines based on misunderstanding the game or a ridiculous sense of entitlement! Complaints by such players are far from pointless whines. I also note how many of these comments are accompanied by sound ideas for improvement which I believe the majority of the player base could get behind.

These are people who care about the game, who want to see it remain a great product. They haven’t just burned out and decided to switch just because time has passed. I really think they need to be listened to. Will SG implement everything suggested here? Of course not. But at the moment they don’t even seem ready to meet you half-way. (I’m not saying “us” because, as I said above, I haven’t got to that stage yet. But respect to all of you.)








and the sad “competitor” is out of league, category, platform ,etc lol.

I discovered a game like the one you describe and I was shock a game could give the user stuff just for logging in and playing. Useful stuff like 5 star heroes, AM for them, orbs to summon (you can summon with 3 orbs) and all of this daily.

He is my simple philosophy.

If I didn’t give my money to SG I’d probably give it to someone selling magic beans at the market

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  1. Improved leading mechanisms for alliance leaders. For example an alliance loot on titans where you (as leader) can sent a 4 Star ascension material directly to a member that desperatley waits for that since months.
    This would also make people stick together longer.
  2. Maybe even “the longer your alliance has constant members, the higher the loot”, which would instantly solve stupid alliance hopping.
  3. Alliance challenges (good balance needed)
  4. Better alliance recruitment (who does not hate alliance recruitment chat)
  5. Improved alliance wars (i like your ideas out of one of your first posts)
  6. Kill dead alliances or dead players after a while of inactivity (our alliance name is blocked by a one man alliance, offline for 700 days)
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