😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

I’m sick and tired of the game, my ally mates are great but I feel cheated for the company. I believe SG is shortened version of So Greed.

I used to play three accounts, but closed one permanently. Two more are running with limited money. Dunno how much time I’m willing to wait until I’ll cut my losses and call it a day.

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I think felt like that. They did not even said sorry for the telluria fiasco.
The odds are getting worse and worse. Titans rewards are useless. Too greedy promotions.
I’ve been playing a game inspired in EP and it’s formula is so better. the artwork was also improved but mostly: the boards are sooooooooooooo much better. it’s some much more enjoiable. Titans actually drops several rewards!!! Also raids have 2 chests to open, and a chest for each “mystic vision” that you watch. And the loot chest DOES NOT sucks always at all!

EP still is my main game because it came first but I admit the other is actually so much better.


That is, unless it’s a hero idea that can be changed incrementally and used to make them millions.

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Honestly, it’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately too… There’s just been too many changes lately, and most not for the better, that I worry the devs are losing their grip over their player-base. It feels as if they’re no longer focused on improving our experience, but more about seeing how much $$ they can pull out of us, and it’s really disheartening to watch and experience. & I get it, they’re a business and they need to generate revenue, but not at the expense of overall customer satisfaction… As for any business, that’s crucial.

I’ve been experiencing growing apathy [for the game] for quite a while now, and with every new release, it just grows even more. What’s so disappointing about that though, is how much I used to love it that first year… But things haven’t improved. If anything, this game just continued to get more and more expensive, with very little added content that made that price worthwhile (tourneys, trials and ToL QUESTS being the only truly amazing additions) & I know I’m not the only one, as most in my alliance share the same sentiment, even if it is due to differing reasons. Then you come here and read the same, or similar things/feelings, you start to see a pattern formulating… So rather than ignoring it any longer, I’ll share my beefs:

What’s Broken?

  • Lack of communication/direction: whether in beta, or just important game changes, they really lack a relationship [with the players] and rarely keep us informed where they want this game to be heading. & Constantly avoiding [dealing with] this only breeds more distrust between the two parties, helping no one. & The lack of direction, and feedback, in beta leaves you questioning whether or not you’re wasting your time - as so many times, you feel ignored; what’s the point in leaving quality feedback if it’s not going to be considered? & If certain things will never be considered, why not be upfront about it?

  • Lack of QoL improvements: There’s always tons of ideas being shared here about small fixes, that really wouldn’t take too much, while doing wonders for improving game-play. Things like a loyalty program, an alliance attack log, online notifiers, personalized hero sortings, saved progress if closed/knocked out of the game, options to speed up auto-play, maybe even creating a token that drops in the same amount as Atlantis/Valhalla coins - but that works on any portal, and more. There’s actually so much that could be improved, that I might be here forever if I start listing em all lol

  • Constant removal/nerf of things, or over-nerf of things, that aren’t even asked for/necessary: I’m talking loot ticket drops, Atlantis coins, tourney loot, etc… (But I spose for some, Telluria and co may apply here, too)

  • Lack of consistent, frequent buffs for clearly underpowered heroes: Every so often, I take the time and go thru as many heroes as I can, jotting down the changes that I would make to these heroes if I was in charge of balancing. & Honestly, it’s not that hard lol. Even upping numbers up a smidge every so often, and continuing to do so til it’s enough, could do wonders for some heroes. Others may need a skill adjustment, or additional skill, but the fact that these things don’t happen very often is extremely disappointing (to say the least). There’s potential there for making the crappiest of heroes great [in their own right], but instead, we’re left with the same heroes always being the best, and others always being the worst, instead of trying to freshen things up every so often - by allowing these clearly inferior heroes a chance to shine (at least somewhere)

  • Portal Odds: I mean, really, we all told them how Tavern of Legends was gonna be a flop. But did they listen? No. & Those may be the worst odds in the game, but honestly, most of the portals aren’t anything to write home about, either… I mean I’m glad they finally upped the seasonal odds, after adding more heroes in, but what about the event portal, huh? That portal had the same thing done to it, yet we’re stuck with 1.0% odds with absolutely no featured heroes, either. & Even though some seem to like the costume portal, I’m not a fan. As it’s just a glorified p2w portal, that we all had hoped would actually help out the f2p community with their S1 heroes. I mean, I’m sorry, but I don’t see the appeal in spending as much there as I would in Valhalla just to get the same ole S1 heroes + stat boosts for em that should’ve just happened without cost. I mean, I still prefer it to ToL, but it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth… As it removes all incentive for SG to buff any of their vanilla heroes; why not balance the p2w version instead? (Ugh)

  • Season One heroes in EVERY portal: This one should speak for itself, but I’ll add the fact that most other games, as they grow, switch things up for their players so game-play doesn’t get so stale. In this case, we are pulling the same damn heroes, 99% of the time, in every single portal. & Chances are, that’s all we’ll ever have; I don’t think it’s far-fetched to say that if this game ever made it to Season 10, we’d see the exact same setup there… And that is just not okay (to me). So how about quit focusing on continuously creating more pay-wall heroes, but instead, focus on creating a new replacement for S1 in these freaking portals. Now that would be appreciated

  • Drop rates for mats w/ emblems: We’ve barely been given other sources for 4* mats since emblems got introduced. With emblems being the new bottleneck, I guess I just don’t understand why 4* mats are still so exceedingly rare? I’m okay with them still being hard to get, but still… What’s even the point of summoning for new heroes, if you already have a backlog that’ll take you years to clear, huh? + It’s not like 4/80 5* actually mean what they did two years ago. Now, they’re akin to a 4/70 +20 (possibly even less so) - meaning you’ll still need em emblemed in order to use/compete with em in any meaningful way. & 3/70 5*? For most, they’re utterly useless. Why do you think I’ve never maxed any of my 5*, nor used any emblems on my 4*? Because as soon as I do, I will no longer be able to make use out of all of my heroes, but only those selected few

  • Alchemy Lab: This might not have been their first mistake, but it’s was their biggest one. There was unanimous feedback [in beta] regarding how much it sucked, and rather than going back to the drawing board to get it right the first time, they rushed it out and left their players feeling robbed of what was originally a great idea. Especially as it’s something we [all] desperately need in this game, it’s pretty crucial now that it’s back in testing, that they get this right. As we all want ways of making use out of our otherwise useless items, by transmuting them into items that we actually have a purpose for without a stupid pay-wall behind it (I mean really, we worked so hard to get to SH23 just to pay you more money?!). So imo, it’s bad enough that the prices are outlandish, but if we’re trading you in one of our rare 4* mats to get another, completely random one, we shouldn’t have to pay a steep gem price, or another 4* mat, to do it; trading the one 4* for another RNG one should be enough - why isn’t that enough?!

  • Hero Academy: Now, this one really irks me, as it’s supposed to be there to reward and incentivize all players to stay active and continue playing - so that once you’ve been around for at least two years in order to make it all of the way to SH25, you can reap your reward [for being so loyal to this game]: a realistic option for training non-S1 5* (ie heroes that were previously behind a pay-wall, and as most have been outdated, seeing as they’re all a year+ old, leads me to believe that’s reasonable ask, as that’s still leaves plenty advantage for p2w and doesn’t lessen their need to chase). So what do we get instead? Nothing more than a glorified TC20, but at a higher cost, and lower reward, that eats up way more resources, work, and time than it’s counterpart. That :poop: is just not right to me.

“So for all of you loyal, avid players [out there] who have been with us for two+ years now, guess what? We’re gonna make all of that grinding [finally] worth it. Firstly, we’re gonna tease this carrot for a year and a half without any additional information. (But wait, there’s more!) Then, once it finally hits, It’s going to take you at least a few months to build, and research, this long-awaited building (assuming you’ve already made it to SH24), but at least when you finally get there… (Hear this) you’ll realize that the majority of the levels do exactly what your current TCs, or even farming, can do for you much cheaper. (But that’s not all…) Once you make it to level 10, you will spend your entire food and recruit supply, a week’s time and that dupe Kunchen for (wait for it)… a 99% chance at another S1 hero (that’s in every other portal and currently in your TCs), yippee!! Don’t you love it?! Act now and we’ll throw in a years supply of all you can eat 3!!!* Yes, you’re so very welcome; thanks for sticking with us E&P fans, enjoy :blush:

Ugh. & I’m sure there’s more, but honestly, that’s just what comes to mind. Now, if SG would actually address even one of these, it would be a step in the right direction and show promise. But honestly, I’ve been holding onto that hope for way too long now - assuming they would actually release something that would benefit all of us players without any purse strings attached - that even if they actually did some of this, I worry that even that might not be enough, or that it might be too late…

Sigh Who knows… (but wow, I really needed to get that out)


summarizing everything … this game with no future …

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It’s sad to see all of these angst coming from so many people. To think we’ve all been this unhappy for this long is probably the most disheartening thing I’ve seen on this forum.


Ditto :cry:


And the more people post unhappy thoughts the unhappier we all get. Not sure of the solution


I enjoy the game because of the people in my alliance. If we disbanded… Well… :woman_shrugging: idk?!

I have a F2P account which has toured the globe looking for something similar as a lower level player. Still looking :sob:.


I feel like the solution is simple. SG needs to spend more money on staff to help flesh out this game to meet the rational and realistic demands of the consumer base. If people are leaving, figure out why and fix it.


Thank You for your summary! It really puts in flesh what I have been thinking too.

I don’t have great hopes that devs will put any thoughts to what you have written (maybe you should have put a name of some other game here too as a trap to get them interested). It’s still good to see that other gamers are sharing same frustration as I am. Makes me feel less lonely and paranoid.



If devs listened to forum regulars, this problem would have been fixed ages ago, like in 2017 (?) or 2018 when great players from before our time made similar complaints but left empty handed.

It is really eye opening reading some of the older forum farewell posts. You realise that the cycle just continues and SG does nothing.


I could recommend but I think it is not allowed…tried in the past 2 similar games that I quit. the first because it was too buggy and second recently because it was becoming a money pit as well. Now I tried another 2 games. One I play longer and it is like E&P in the beginning but with more ways to get your heroes and AM but without war currently. The other one I just started 2 days ago and already got my first 5 star and several 4 star…but that is part of this game as u got so many chances for summoning. Also got enough coins for a 10x summon but did not spend them so far. BTW all without giving a dime :wink:

UPDATE: just made the 10x elemental summon and got HOTM. Odds were 4%


I think this game is rapidly approaching a smash-and-grab phase.

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I already lost it, It’s really become… don’t know which word to use to play this… Just waiting next Atlantis to spend my 20k gems and try to get Gregorion (I was obsessed with him) and than I’ll delete the game…

I want the game’s name, do you have Line?

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