😟 Is it me or ...? nope, it's TRUE. Players are quitting cause SG is not revealing how will balance the game when S4 comes #4

Phew it would be THAT easy to keep “top” players motivated and still earn enough money.

Step 1:
Notice that majority of strong players are regular spenders, that tremendously reduced cashing after they reach their six strong war teams.

Step 2:
Optional advance alliance wars to have 8 or 10 attacks.

Step 3:
Double up legendary summoning odds for players with less than 10(20? 25?) legendary heroes in the following summons: Atlantis, regular summons, old events.

Step 4:
Throw away some season 4 summon coins for top alliances (f.e. mystic titans or regular titans higher than 13 stars), just to give then the feeling that playing on the tops gives benefits

What will happen?

  • Newer players will and should focus their spendings on the “not so great” heroes of s1 and s2
  • Older players will instead push season 4 summons although we all know the chances are quite low to get a hero that actually is better.

I , personally, fear that players that are quite new, have the possibility to push like 1000 $ (spread over many months) on season 4 summons and if they are lucky, get insanely strong teams.
And I stand here with a roster that maybe is just “good” or “okay” in comparism.

Its ok for me that new players get some kind of head start or bonus. Active players and cashing players need to be able to play top100 after(maybe) 1,5 years instead of 3 years.

But the long time players shouldnt stay in a position were they have to fear to lose contact. Just like the (stupid?) Ninja heroes and their heavy family bonus showed in the last month.

Ok it is too much text right now, thanks for reading and hopefully it gets some attention. . .


This is an excellent post. I completely agree.

Self-management is an important skill we all need.

Thank you for posting.

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Folks are also leaving (or will leave) due to premium heroes getting costumes in addition to the imbalanced season 4 heroes.

I already left once, and Im neither pretending to be better than I am nor am I campaigning to be a moderator. So I am stuck in here and going to be dissenting.

Amongst the rage-quits, pointless threads and pointless feedback on beta— I will say that SG’s horrific ignorance on the feedback of costumed elite heroes has caused me to pause before posting beta feedback.

They do this thing in beta— relatively new thing, what I thought was a nice thing— where they summarize Beta feedback in a reasonably comprehensive manner.
It was stated how frustrated everyone was about these costumes. The newest one even states THAT THEY ACKNOWLEDGE… people claiming they will quit if Springvale is released with costumed elites.

But SG ALREADY said “uhhuhuhuh yeah cool thanks for your feedback, but, yeah… we’re gunna go ahead and do it anyway…” (paraphrased)


I’ve been reduced to communicating through pictures like a caveman. Thanks for that.


I suspect SG/Zynga to have enough data on our spending habits to validate/invalidate this affirmation. Regarding my teammate that already have more than 50 5* fully ascended they are still spending on Ninja tower. The fact they already have a lot of the “good 5*” justify they are spending less. SG cannot do a lot against this. Apart pushing on a season 4, season 5…

Wars are already consuming so many time that I don’t see people pushing to have more attacks. And they already have more than 50 5* so this won’t push them to spend more.

For new players it can help but they will be facing quicker the 4* mat wall.

Improving drop rates on titans 14* (why only higher than 13?) would make high players happy for sure.

I’m not sure to catch your logic. It is not because you increase the drop rate of not so great heroes that new player will focus their spening on those heroes. I would prefer to get a ninja or a season 4 hero than a S1/S2 hero.
Older player that are spending and are still in top alliance will continue spending on season 4 to stay competitive. Those who choose to slow down will not change their opinion.

English is not my natural language so maybe I miss something in your post but for me most important thing to push old player to continue spending is bringing fun to them.
Ninja tower? Is it fun? No, definitively no, the fact you cannot repeat levels is a good approach but they are too many levels 30 levels (6 energies per day) would be better for fun aspect in the challenge. 50 levels only require spending more mats. Long time player have enough 5* to climb 50 levels.
Mythic titan? Is is funny? No. Does it require lot of mats? Yes. 2:30 is too long and 6 attacks is too much. Reducing at least one those two factors will make me more happy (and others from what we discuss in the alliance). My current alliance is classified arround 750/800. On two first mythic titan events we classify in top 400 and we are not doing all our attacks (almost all) so that clearly show that Mythic titan in its current format is not so popular.

Old players want fun, not garbage content.


To be fair, they are not the ones that summarize the beta feedback. There’s a third party that does that for them. Of course, that fact is also fairly comical.


am getting frustrated with the game I have four 5s heroes but I can’t accent them to full level as I don’t get the correct materials, I have hundreds of some but not what I need. And you get players with heroes that are 500 less in power but you cannot win them. And I am playing now for more than a year.


Even still— they very likely READ these summaries, as it is a lot easier than reading the multitude of irritated posts of well meaning players who just want whats best for the game.


am getting frustrated with the game I have four 5s heroes but I can’t accent them to full level as I don’t get the correct materials, I have hundreds of some but not what I need. And you get players with heroes that are 500 less in power but you cannot win them.


Thanks for putting the finger on the correct place. The greatist pain is in unbalance of heroes old versus new, and the amount of money that is needed to have a slight change of receiving one of those new heroes. Its all about the money and old players like us who spend over the years are left with empty hands.


I agree 1000%. I don’t spend nearly as much as I used to, because I don’t feel it is worth it. I used to get really good heroes when I would do 10 hero draws. Now I’m lucky to get a 4*. I won’t pay to be abused.


When is it coming out i cant wait!

All they’ve said is December 2021 or sooner. Definitely 2021. I’ve already preordered.

People come people leave 🤷🏻 if you do a quick search you will see a lot of posts dating back to 2018 or even 2017? forseeing the dead of e&p cause of imbalance and greed. Yet we are still here in 2021… so i suggest don’t get too attached with it, this game will always see players come and go cause its natural in a game which is active for several years.


You mean besides greed and lack of real understanding of how the players play and communicate? What SG really isn’t getting is the only real reason this game is still going is due to the community we have built inside and outside of this game. Because of this they are choking the life out of it. I started in Sept 2017 and can honestly say the only reason I’m still playing is because of the friends I’ve made. However, if the majority of them bail so will the rest because the developers are pushing too much at once time, will not take S1 3* out of every summon gate, will not put ascension mats in reach and keep putting things that once were loot earned into loot you have to purchase (in the goblin balloon). SG, you need to listen before you choke all the life and fun (and I stress the fun being lost) from the game.


But the costumes don’t balance. They nerf the original hero. I took time one day and looked over all the costumes I had and can’t say I saw a one I was like oh wow this really improves so and so hero.

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YES!!! This exactly!


Remember we were anxious of the new heroes, complaining that heroes from League of Villains, Season 4 and the alleged costumes are OP even before they are released. When LoV was released a few days back, the new heroes didn’t even give a jive that they are a must have heroes. They have good stats, but they are not OP. So far, I only see Toxicandra as the best of the bunch.

Those are LoV heroes after massive tone downs and suggestions from the beta players. Even then they weren’t as bad as the costumes they wanted tested, twice now.

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What is “Fun”

Like seriously what is the definition in this game of fun?

If it was fun a year ago why isn’t it fun now? The game is the same. They’ve given you more content to have fun with. More things to do.

Or is fun getting all the best heroes for zero cost? Because, and let’s be honest, that’s never happened. From probably…day 1? Yeah, day 1.

Nothing was better in the “good old days”. 4* mats were, if anything, even rarer back then. Elemental chests gave out the same loot.

The game gives F2P more free pulls than it did at the start. It’s just those with money can (and do) summon all the best heroes. Wait for it! Just like they did at the start.

If it’s just that after 2+ years this isn’t scratching those same itches like it did then there’s piles of other games to go and play instead. Because as a PC gamer a game that gives you more than 100 hours of play is usually a very good one. More than 250 hours is rare. I don’t play anything I was playing a year ago on there. Yet here I am at nearly 2 years on a mobile game that has longevity a lot of other games would cut their imaginary legs off for.

I think when all is said and done “fun” is a very personal experience. If it’s not fun for you anymore then move on to something that is because E&P isn’t changing.


The game is still called EP, that’s right but maybe today it should be renamed Cash machine. As I already said it is not because there is more content that it means this new content is fun. I already discuss this before.

I’m here since almost four years and yes, chests were better before. I have all the pictures of my elemental chests from the beginning until today. You almost get same amount of 4* mat because they added other ways to get 4* mat but at the end you are not getting more 4* mats. They are just more sources to get them. Have you heard about 9, 10, 11* titan that were rewarding up to 5 or 6 4* mat items? If you have a look at an old thread show me your rewards you should be able to find at least a titan that rewards 6 4* items. Today it’s almost impossible to get 2 4* mats on a single 14* titan (a teammate got two items last month on a 14*)
Don’t speak about chest you didn’t know about.
Did you know that non farmable 3* items were farmable in the first month (two?) of the game? I still remember that the first update I applied to EP was containing this change.

More free pulls, that’s right but if you know a bit about maths, if I give you two free summons per month or ten with such probabilty (0.01 or 0.03) you will mainly get same result. Nothing.

Agree with you. Baldur’s gate, Diablo 2, The witcher are very good game. They don’t need an internet connection to play. They have a real story. And they have the advantage you can replay them a lot of time, always getting fun.

Mobile game longevity is artificial. You have to farm again and again to ascend an hero. What an horrible feature mobile game (and online game) have invented to artificially create longevity to a game. There is nothing less fun than farming in games, nothing. In a good game heroes are growing because they progress in a story. In mobile game you have to do the same again and again to achieve same goal.

Last year I show to my childs Baldur’s gate, they are playing it today. Once finished they will continue with Dragon Age and the Witcher.
As soon as Diablo 2 Resurrected is available I will buy it. It will cost me just 30 USD (less than a third of 10K gems) and will for sure provide me more fun than some summons :ok_hand:


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