😟 Is it me or ...? nope, it's TRUE. Players are quitting cause SG is not revealing how will balance the game when S4 comes #4

WOW! $2.6B!!! Let us see the game life cycle. Old timers spent long ago now find the game sucking money right in their very eyes due to speed of new heroes come. New comers will be the same in a year or so. I already spent $3k. That is the end. Anyone can really see the new heroes are super than last year, on and on… Remember Zynga bought SG for $500M. It is not SG anymore, it is Zynga. I felt gyped, are you? … I am quitting this game on March 31, 2021, exactly mg 3rd year.


Exactly. I’ve never chased the hottest heros (actually I have very few, if any), and being just over a year in the game was always waaay behind the top players.

So, I don’t see how not having those that are coming will change my overal game life for worse - it is exactly as it has always been. Me, trying to find solutions to different challenges with what I have. And it goes well. Ranked in tourneys in top 1% most of the time, can finish all challenges, finished S3, reached top 100… What more can one expect? :thinking:

You know what hero made me super excited today? Costume Gormek! He’s not even maxed yet, but helped to destroy Bera/Krampus/Santa +20 defence. By eating 10 minions, he healed the team +800 hp - twice. So cheap, but extremely effective, and actually my first minion-counter. And it’s just one example…

I’m struggling to have sympathy for people leaving for the reasons stated in OP. I’m afraid those are actually not the true reasons…


Make no mistake, when the volunteer player content providers leave the game, it will be noticed. It’s not just whales (or long time f2p, whichever side of discontent is being vocal) who are contemplating leaving.

I don’t fall neatly into any category being described and yet when I reach out, I’m finding more and more friends and past alliance mates are gone.

The introduction of more and more op heroes and time sucking features will impact everyone, whether they engage in the chase or choose to ignore it. The “natural” cycle of the game does not need to be accelerated as it has been.


The season 4 heroes were toned down from original beta. The new costumes will be what breaks the balance

Several teammates have stopped playing EP in the last month, they were tired of getting 3* against real money.
Covid 19 is not a reason to continue playing EP. There are other ways to spend good time even with covid 19
Ninja tower, Mythic titan are not fun for a lot of player. They take to much time, to much material, that’s good reasons to leave. And the broken season 4 that is coming will be the end for a lot of player. I was planning to finish season 3 this month to do arround 30/35 pulls on my accounts to close seaon 3 but I can’t. It’s not any more funny to play with season 1 heroes. And no I don’t want to spend more money in a game that make your heroes prohibitive to acquire and make them obsolete even faster…

Nobody is leaving actually? Discuss with other players and you will see you are wrong. When I say teammates are leaving, I’m not talking about players at level 80/95. I’m talking about player at level 55/70 that are running fast. They are spending a lot of money then realize they are doing this for nothing. They have better team than a lot of old player but realize that spending so many money is not bringing them anywhere.


This isn’t a running race. You don’t win a medal for crossing a line first.

It’s an entertainment product and ultimately whether you continue to play should be based purely on whether it gives you entertainment still.

If it doesn’t then move on, find something new.

If it does then carry on, new content means more to be entertained by.

It’s really that simple.


You’re exactly right. Love it or leave it. That seems so simple. And what compels some time think they have to play it all? Play the parts you like and ignore the rest. I didn’t like the looks of it, so I didn’t play the Ninja Tower. But I don’t mind that it’s there!


I agree. Let’s wait and see. The Villains, finally, have not proven to be so impossibly overpowered.


You are speaking for me! Although I have fallen in love not with Gormek (he is promising, too), but with cKashhrek…

Otherwise, I mostly agree with you. Where we differ is my feeling that I may slowly slide backwards.

I have been playing for a bit more than two years, paid for VIP, PoV and a couple of offers here and there, so now I have a few good heroes and a crowd of average heroes. So far, I could invent strategies to win raids against all meta, and could climb up to and hang on around 2500-2600 cups.

Now, with the ninjas and the Frigg-Odin couple, I must rely more on the favour of the board. It is definitely already harder to stay where I am, and if some even more overpowered heroes come out, there is the possibility that I’ll get so frustrated that I quit. But, hey, so far I could still manage, I have fun to play around with combinations I haven’t yet tried, and the new formations have just made it even more interesting.

So I am now waiting for the new content. Let’s see. If I will find it too frustrating, I will quit. But no need for drama. Indeed, we should keep in mind that SG and Zynga is a business, and it is normal that they want to maximise the profit. Up to them to find the good way to do so…

Footnote: That’s my pride. I cannot accept that I am not as good anymore as I was :wink:!


my feelings exactly, well said.


People leaving is part of the natural life-cycle of any video game. Someone in another thread made reference to “hundreds of people are leaving” but “hundreds” of people are not even a blip in the metrics. I think Zynga will not notice unless that number is “tens of thousands”.

That being said, all the frantic additions we’ve had in the past several months make me think they’re squeezing the last drops from the cow before she stops giving milk altogether…

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I mean the old cow has done well though. This is the only game I’ve ever played for more than a year. And I still enjoy it which is also surprising.

It takes around a year for a season to play out I think (Valhalla started February 2020 I think??) so this just sets up another year of the game to me.

I’m happy to book Mark this comment for this time next year but I’d wager we get a season 5 as well :joy:


I’ve never played mobile games before E & P, and I’m an older player so perhaps I have a different perspective on this game.

From what I’ve been reading on the forum, I’m seeing that the game can trigger so many things for some people - obsessions (OCD), addiction, anxiety, etc. Some players seem to need to “complete” every component of the game, some need to achieve an “excelleance” of being near or at the top of every leaderboard. Some feel the need to collect every new hero, avatar or whatever else can be collected.

The problem seems to be that some people can’t seem to separate “needs” from “wants”. Wanting the latest HOTM is different than feeling an overwhelming need to acquire it, which triggers again the obsessive-additive behaviours.

I play the game for hours every day but I’ve got empty hours in which I can do that. I spend money on the game and I stay within my budget (for the most part). Occasionally I can feel the anxiety of trying to get everything done. For me, and probably for a lot of other players, the biggest anxiety trigger is the wars simply because if I don’t do well there it affects my teammates.

For the other events I’m doing the ones I enjoy and ignoring the ones I don’t. I’m not chasing heroes and I’m not trying to compete. I’m trying to treat the game simply as a way to fill my hobby time.

I totally understand how stressful this game can be for some people if it’s triggering negative feelings and behaviours for them. If it is, then I encourage them to stop playing.


I am in the same situation and can agree to this sentiment.


The march calendar has been released and I think the game is way too focussed on making money now. Its non stop events, mythics, S4, challenges etc and in the space of a week seen 5 long term players quit and I’m on the edge now as are many others.
I know this is a business to you and a game to us but when the fun stops stop just like gambling which it is buying gems.


There are already threads on this. Try responding to this instead:

There are other threads in forum as well. Search under beta costumes, S4 beta, plenty of other like minded players there.

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Welcome to the forum @Jonirenicus

True what you are writing. If the game starts to dominate someone’s life and mind, then it’s time to step back and consider leaving. The problem is that precisely this becomes very hard, if not impossible in those cases.

The boundary between a simple, relaxing, pleasant game and an addiction or a source of anxiety is really hard to notice as someone follows a path with the game. There were moments for me when this game was a blissful escape from personal catastrophies and ensuing depression. It played a very positive role in my life. Fortunately, it did not slip into addiction, but it could have. I can very easily imagine it, and feel with everyone who suddenly realizes that this game has started to suck away their life.


Yup its true alot of big spenders have said no more or just flat out quit because having to spend so much more to stay up woth the status quo after already shelling out hundred if nit thousands of dollars is becoming old.

I try to stay positive by keeping spending to a minimum and expectation low that way when I get something good its thst much sweeter but unfortunately there’s alot if evidence of ppl gemming away to get power, there was a thread on here somewhere where a new player was buying new teams woth gems because they couldn’t figure out how to set up raid defense…not trying to bash anyone but if they take the time to learn the game instead of pouring $ into it blindly for power and advantages then maybe we’d see a difference as that attitude is in the vets to that whale away and we the f2p c2p players feel the brunt of it


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