😟 Is it me or ...? nope, it's TRUE. Players are quitting cause SG is not revealing how will balance the game when S4 comes #4

Hey SG,

I’m not that active here anymore, but I started to be aware that people are quitting the game when S4 starts…

I suggest giving some info ‘sneak-peak’ in game, through messages, on how you plan to balance things up; 'cause an old player doesnt have the motivation to play if a new player will outmatch them without a way to fight back…

Yours trully,


#1 😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1

#2 😱 Is it me or alliances started to lose more and more players and can't regroup? #2

#3 😆 Is it me or SG is dropping non-green tanks weaker than Tell on us trying to unsuccessfully balance things? #3


I totally agree. Having old heroes, I’m trying to somehow update the ranks of my teams to confront the new heroes. However, there are only 3* in each appeal. Doesn’t matter, single call, x10 or x30. In that case, I have no choice but to remove this game and that’s it. Since the Americans acquired this game, the appeals have become a full bottom.


I don’t say much, but I read and digest a LOT. It’s time now to stand up and be counted.

It’s not just S4 causing concerns and a potential exodus. The direction of costumes for already overpowered heroes is having an impact too.

When the folks who power the player support engine (volunteer content creators & die hard fans) are beginning to leave, you better believe the rest of us will feel it too. I am seeing people quit that I thought would be there until the end.

I am more filled with a deep sadness than excitement because of ill-considered roll outs and upcoming new features. The positives like friendly challenges and new formations are being lost among the sheer volume of new releases.

Balance is important to the game and player experience. I’d really like to understand why there was such a push in recent months and why the extreme shift in position.


I’m not worrying about S4 until it shows up. If it is as overpowered as the rumours say, then I’ll re-evaluate my involvement in the game.

Costumes are a whole other issue. Costumes for strong heroes is NOT what I want to see in the game. Period.


There is more revenue generating and income potential from new players than there is now with us old players. Old players with a solid roster are spending less and less every month, so the focus is on the new players who will be spending more and more every month.


I know and acknowledge this fact. But… :sweat::sob:


I do applaud SG for trying to keep us old players engaged in the game with all the new events, def formations, challenges, mythic titan, etc. hoping this keeps our wallets open.


From a player perspective, is the rapid release of 5* heroes necessary? No. The game is challenging as-is. I’m a “pretty good spender” and I feel behind the curve, tho.

From a revenue-generation perspective, it may be. SG may believe (realize) that the end is near and they need to rake in as much income as they can between now and then.


Depending on the power creep and if they insist to ignore balance updates I’m out. The new costumes are also a big point to consider.


Let’s be honest; Small Giant corporate and the playerbase have never been on the same page.
We want quality, they want quantity.

“In 2021, we expect to deliver revenue of $2.6 billion, up 32% year-over-year, and bookings of $2.8 billion, up 23% year-over-year.”

^That gap is only going to increase as they pursue 2021 targets.
It’s inevitable. The wheels are in motion. Up to you whether you contribute to the 32% increase in revenue and decrease in player satisfaction; or vote with your money.

Day after day I read posts of spending. It probably all started with a $1.99 purchase, then $4.99 then $49.99 per month etc. Spendings were justified and over time the bar was lifted on individuals willingness to pay. It has become the norm. It has become accepted to spend a lot for nothing.

WE did this, and SG ran with it.
WE stopped to think, they kept running.


Well I’m not really agreed with the discussion because I think not SG is the problem here. The problem with unbalanced is the people who are going to spend ton of money in the game to be more powerful and most of ppl like us are not really in to spend that much and I’m agreed with one thing ( costumes) for already powerful hearos make them untouchable like Lianna, even without costume is the most powerful hearo in the game because for example when I play a raid I always use Onatel and all of us know what strong she is in tearm of defence but even like that if Lianna shot in Onatel she’s 95% past away and another thing is they never crate another hero with the power of Lianna

Balance you ask? Its simple. COSTUMES.

Players should spend for costumes to provide the balance we have been looking for.

So, no thanks SG.


My answer to this topic is that nobody will leave the game because of costumes or new seasons or new heroes.

People will leave the game when Covid19 ends or everyone will be safe to go work normally. Till then nobody leaves this game as people don’t have what else to do.


Lol. Too much hullabaloo on nothing. Remember we were anxious of the new heroes, complaining that heroes from League of Villains, Season 4 and the alleged costumes are OP even before they are released. When LoV was released a few days back, the new heroes didn’t even give a jive that they are a must have heroes. They have good stats, but they are not OP. So far, I only see Toxicandra as the best of the bunch.

As far as my experience tells me, F2P veterans will always be overtaken by new but active paying players. No miracle in that. In a business standpoint, it all makes sense. Why would capitalists invest on something on a group of people when they get nothing in return from it. Small Giant and Zynga are not charitable organizations. They are in for the money. If you failed to understand that, then you are in the wrong game or just wasted your time, effort and resources on this mobile nonsense.

We should know this from the start. Or else we shut up or we quit. Simple choices.


I’m leaving when Diablo 2: Resurrection comes out. I will not have time for this game anymore.


Are they really quitting tho?

I am much more willing to think that new players are much less then before.
That’s only natural after almost 4 years of business and game evolution.

If a new player would start now, it will be overwhelmed by 3 seasons (soon 4), no-stop events, tons of heroes to catch and people 4 years ahead of you.

Discouraging, to say it softly.

So now if older players would really start to leave, they would hit Empires&Puzzle economy quite strong.

But business attitude is the same as always, so i don’t see anything make me think they are really leaving.


this captures my feelings exactly!

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I tend to agree. Players don’t quit because of rumoured changes in the future. They quit because of unwanted changes in the present. If players are quitting because of Season 4 it’s because they are already unhappy about the game as it currently is.


Most players are just quietly playing the game like they always have tbh.

Of all the new heroes getting costumes I have just Finley. So Killhare getting a new costume is not really making any difference to my own game but does mean if I got lucky I got a better version. So great.

The vast majority of the vocal group of people making noise now are the ones who have chased the rabbit down the hole and have nearly all the best heroes already. Ego/addiction have meant they HAD to have the best of everything and god forbid anyone that makes that worst.

If I said this was a top 1% issue I think I’d be exaggerating. I’m a top 1% player and don’t have many of the “meta” heroes. I just have what it’s given me on a modest budget and use it very well (at least I hope so)

So as someone who just grinds along and graciously accepts the 5* and mats the games gives me I have zero concern about future content.

People quitting now have just reached the natural end point. I mean what other game would usually get 3 years of continuous play??? There’s not many at all.

We are losing people from the game but we’ve always lost people from the game. What I’m noticing more is a need for people to do the Viking burial now on the way out. Which I really don’t get. You want to quit? Fine, just quit. I don’t need to watch you burn the castle down on the way out.


It’s a sign if the times. People crave their 15 minutes of fame (or more accurately, attention) and for some this is their only chance to get it.


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