Is it me? Or is it the board?

I’ve had a rash of very frustrating losses today; raids, raid tournament and terrible titan hits.

I’ve never been one to blame the boards. Usually I think I probably could have played that better and then I move on. I feel like blaming the boards is an easy way out. RNG’s gonna RNG and all that. Today, it’s really frustrated me. Probably more to do with me than anything.

However, I was annoyed enough after a bad loss to record the second match to see if it was me or the board. On reviewing this, I think in this case maybe it was the board. I’m looking for other opinions and advice.

Here’s the video.

So I feel like my team selection is on point here: 3/2 with the strong/neutral color against the tank. A buffer, a debuffer and three fast hitters. Was I missing a key piece of a good team that I wasn’t thinking of, or was this in fact just a terrible board? I did get crushed before I could even charge a special, but did I just play the board badly?

Thanks for any opinions.


That was indeed a bad starting board. Sometimes the tiles you need are going to fall, sometimes they’re not.
My only suggestion would be to resist making that first green match. Or any single match in your color when the starting board is trash. Instead, first make a couple of off-color matches to see if your needed colors will fall. Try to get your color to cluster up.
Sometimes you can’t fix a bad board. Trying to clear out off-color matches is the place to start.


Definitely never considered that, but that makes sense. Thanks! I’ll give it a shot next time.

Agree, I’m playing with a 4/1 team and when I have a bad board I usually try to clear the bad colours for a chanche to be replaced with the right ones. Sometimes It happen that you can make a diamond the move after, sometimes happen that I want to break my phone lol


Sometimes the boards are just not going to turn for you. @Lesa’s suggestion is a good one, maybe don’t rush into that one 3-match you do have and try setting up more. Better to dump off-colours early on than later for charging opponent if you can get 2-3 matches set up and charge yours.


In your specific example, Muggy is actually a fairly passive tank with a non-damaging special. No you don’t want him to revive everybody, but when you get a board like that, you need to majorly shuffle the board asap. Best to have just made matches under Muggy as much as possible and avoid hitting the other heroes (and charging them up faster) at all costs.

Check nittanys video about handling bad boards… it is very helpful for players with the same questions like you

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Yea, it’s not a good board for the team you’ve picked.

Obviously picking 3-2 this is much less of a problem than mono.
This is where the trade-off of stacking comes - running rainbow, there’s almost no such thing as a bad board… Stacks can achieve much more, but they can also crash and burn.

Clearing more off colour could help - but luck can still be against you. Sadly, you sometimes just have to accept it :frowning:

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Ive given up an complaining on the boards but since you posted this, Since the Telluria nerf I have noticed the boards have been horrible, especially with tell the red tiles seem to have been decreased in a big way, I dont go in mono red anymore. The boards seem to magically know what elements you are not playing and fill with those. Events where there is an element not allowed the boards flood that color. I know many have their thoughts on this but when its so obvious many are commenting on it, there must be an issue. I also wish they could QA the app before an update is released even just a smoke test, always seems to be problems. Good Tiles!!


Think the game is more based on luck then ever sure can have all the hero’s in place but don’t always work in your favour as if you have a bad board your screwed. There’s ways to try to work the board in your favour but don’t go that way then screwed again.


Boards have been horrible for 3 years according to the forums.


I thought it was just me! The boards are totally playable but I can’t seem to make any ground… (I know; ‘stats or it didn’t happen’ give me a break please?)

Has it ever ocurred to you that the more you stack the more bad boards will be there?

The player project concerning tile distribution of tiles has proven the distribution is statistically correct.

So you may have periods where it seems not but you have other periods where you are above average.

Of course as usual the bad times will be remembered better than the good times.


You will always have periods of time where nothing seems to work.
Luckyly the longer you play and the stronger you get the shorter these periods seem to be. :smile:

Wish you many good tiles in the future.

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TBH, I think we tend to remember those “bad boards” more…

But in truth, I’m starting to think there’s no such thing as a bad board - there are great boards that give early diamonds, but bad?
A board is only bad if you haven’t brought heroes that can use it… choosing not to bring 4 out of 5 colours almost guarantees that you’ll run into some unplayable boards.

There comes a point where the frustration of bad boards in mono becomes a bit much and you start experimenting with mixed teams again - once we get deeper and more powerful benches, the mono method becomes a bit less essential to win raids.
Or in other words - the more powerful you get, the less you need to punch above your weight (which is where mono shines earlier on, even with 4*).

Obviously mono is very powerful, but it’s a game and the frustration of “bad boards” for some people just isn’t worth it.

(Titans IMHO are different… You can recycle boards better there and you’re not punished for it the same way you are in raiding).


Because there’s a false expectation that playable board is a “normal stance”. Maybe because at the begining of the game we all played rainbow or almost rainbow teams, so stacking was not an option. With those teams, you could almost always make a couple of matches… And somehow, now even if you run a mono team there’s an expectation that it should be like that. However, RNG does not support such mind pattern. :slight_smile:



Running mono is a gamble… When it pays off, it’s worth it. When it doesn’t, it bites you.

Basically mono is Wu Kong :joy::joy:

TBH I’ve moved away from it and I’m doing just fine with 3-2 and 3-1-1… I don’t know whether it’s any better on average, but I enjoy myself more.


And I’ll still just auto farming Sand Empire with a rainbow (or will be again when AR is over).

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Thats why I prefere 2+1+1+1 or 3+1+1 for 3*, especially vs squishy tank - you have much more options to drop a tank and live enough to get nice board.

LOL kind of two-faced isn’t this? What game exactly do you think us “old-timers” play now?