😠 Is it me or game goes more and more the Zynga way (buy your way up with all the new offers)? #5

Hey SG!

game shifts to pay-to-ascend-first more and more… kinda sad…
player base will soon (1 year) drop if SG goes to the Zynga way and keeps it up…

nowadays, it seems you get all from the offers… why bother to max buildings? kill titans?..




is there gonna be a 2023 year for this game? this is getting embarassing


Hello boolz you seem a little angry I’m wrong?

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you re right

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: is too much; this :angry: is just a little


It’s a long but long time that I play now I don’t understand them anymore those of the SG now I’m sitting and waiting to see what happens

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i saw that: 2017

probably next and maybe last it will the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: topic…

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I believe it all depends on how many people will buy those overpriced offers (the one I was surprised the most was the recent one on emblems: lots of money for little benefit).

If enough of those offers will be disregarded by players, they might want to reconsider and lower the price.

I didn’t buy the emblems and I won’t buy the ascension material.

And when the game ends (and one day it will) all a F2P has lost is your time.

You’ve had a 3+ year experience for nothing so I’m really not sure on the complaints.

The people who have dropped $10,000+ are going to be far more upset when that day inevitably comes.

Just ride the train until either you want to get off or it comes to the end of the line.


SG must understand that if they want the game to go well they must make the players happy and listen to the requests


My first proposal is to guarantee a 5* hero in the call x 10 let’s see if he answers me?

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You are right but don’t forget FTP players that hav been here for time the grind has been long and hard to get to where they are now to try keep up so think the anger is just the same if not more if this game was to ever end.

Yeah PTW spent a tone on there account and if this came to a end soon I can’t imagine the anger it will cause them to.

No one is going to enjoy that day for both sides.


People who can spend that amount of money won’t be missing that, trust me.

They will just hop over to another game and continue the ride.


The end will come. All games end ultimately. I’ve put over 1000 hours in Civ 3, 4, 5 & 6. The time spent on the previous game is lost each time.

The question will be whether you enjoyed the distraction you spent your time on.

For those that rode the train the free, I hope you enjoyed that journey. With full sincerity as I kind of envy them. I wish I had the patience to have done it.

But I’m super pragmatic. I’ve never seen my cash spend as an investment, only as an enhanced to my enjoyment. It’s ultimately the same as throwing it down a wishing well.


I am glad that you didn’t buy Emblem Mayhem cos that offer is more expensive than those Magpie offers.

I monitor the value of EP offers generally, then KIV those offer much better value with regard to what I need, should I feel like spending.

If I’m tbh I can’t see the enjoyment of the amount of money spent by PTW players I guess it’s about skipping the grind to the top and collecting all heros. Something along those lines.

Either way to loose the big roster will be a nightmare.

Me iv stopped spending prity much due to everything that’s happened so prity much FTP now and as you say raiding the train till the end.

Think I’m almost 3 years old in this game . And can tell you considering iv prity much been on that free train for most of it the pain will be real to loose what iv worked hard on.

But hay ho such as life lol.

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Plus think losing friends on this game will be the biggest upset

Exactly, I spend to speed it up. Get more heroes, ascend them faster etc etc. That’s it and it enhances my personal enjoyment of the experience.

I don’t consider this an ESport so being Number 1 matters for nothing. I mean, who actually cares about being number 1 in a faceless anonymous game?

By all means be competitive if that’s your drive but the day will come when that’s in the bin and a new experience will need to be looked at.

And on the day the plug is pulled, so too will be forum so the outpouring of grief will need to go to FB or Reddit. And I read neither so all will be good.

For what it’s worth I see a 5 year life if they want to keep it going. Ultimately once it’s set up the server does most of the work so even if they stop new content there’s more than enough to just leave it running. It will continue to earn legacy money for years to come.


The purchase behavior from P2W, C2P and F2P players in my opinion has not changed much, if at all.

Over the past 18 months since I started this game, there have been waves of “no spend” movement, including some of highly recognizable youtubers, to protest against the nerf of Telluria and Vela, release of massive number of new OP heroes, and lack of respect towards opinions from beta tester etc. Unfortunately, the end result is, none of these movements lasted for more than a few months and many C2P and P2W players continue to spend money as they used to.

From the business perspective, if the target is to achieve 20% revenue growth per year, and yet this game is unable to attract a large number of new players, then the only option is to exact more value per player from the existing player base - which is probably why they keep releasing heroes faster and faster, and also adding more offers to entice ppl to pay.





But right now what about this game is making that spend of time any different from when you started?

We will all end in the grave let’s be honest but if playing this has scratched an itch and enabled you to be engaged and entertained then it’s done it’s job.

No one truly expects this to last forever. It will stay as long as it’s profitable. What that profit needs to be time will tell.

But the day it gets switched off you will go and find a new distraction to spend your time on.

Those that spend use cash and time. For me it was cash I had to waste and I’m very lucky that I have that in my life. There are many that don’t so I never take it granted. The day this game ends will be a sad one.

But I’ll have no regrets when it does.