😱 Is it me or alliances started to lose more and more players and can't regroup? #2


A burst of Alliance Recruitment topics have emerged in the last week :face_with_monocle:
WOW! :scream:
Something must be happening out there! :pleading_face:

SG, this can’t be good! :cold_face: #2

#1 😲 Is it me? or people started to quit the game / become m.i.a.? #1


Its just you Boolz… there is nothing unusual happening out there…


I agree with Boolz. People are dropping out of top alliances definitely, and probably the game. Not because it is hard, hard we can take. It’s just boring - GTV everywhere in raids and wars.

We are down to 23. The team my teammates faced in last war (I’m opted out) was full of famous players last war and also down to 23, it was the kind of crew who would have had a waiting list til recently

Definitely a thing, and a problem. Velluria, as I have previously said, is killing the game


Just to confirm… he is not talking about Saders, we are at 30 and most definitely still have a waitlist.

Could it be people trying to game the system
War Matchmaking Issue – Proposed Solutions


I’m seeing more top players dropping out of the grind by joining retirement alliances or quitting altogether. I agree … it’s not because the wars are harder per se, just boring always fighting the same teams and depending on rng luck to determine who wins.

p.s. I’m really enjoying being on a retirement alliance!


Same here. We were full or at 29 for a few quite a while and now only 26, having trouble getting full again. While 2 left us due to personal differences, others quit the game or just decided to not be part of an alliance anymore so they don’t have to log in every day and fight the titan. Some of them have been with us for 1.5 years or even longer.

We were almost able to beat 11* titans on a regular base, now having even trouble to string 10 stars… :confused:


Damn it I’m outta likes


I think that once you reached the top there is nothing to do.
Easy solutions to make it stress free and more interesting:

  • Leader being able to choose from 3 titans of different strenght
  • Spezial wars, new field aids, elements forbidden, 5stars forbidden (a bit like tournaments, for extra fun only forbidden for attackers), Velluria forbidden :crazy_face:
  • etc etc like said a hundred times and no dev listens. Why? Because you/we paid them well just to reach boredom.

Fwiw if teams less than full would figure out ways to make merges happen

It would help with the recruiting issue

If stubborn players in dying/dead/struggling alliances would just join established near full aliances

It would help with the recruiting issue

Both of these things would actually help with a lot of issues in the game

Unfortunately too many dont get it and point the finger at anyone but themselves for them bein in an alliance with open spots

There’s more players than alliances in the game

Really should be no reason for any alliance having open spots unless they just enjoy havin open spots of course


Totally agree. Merging is the key. We did it recently and the “new” alliance is stronger than both would be on their own. It’s a win/win situation if both sides show good will of course.


i stay alone in my alliance :frowning:


Btw, your Avatar is killing me, great :rofl:


To be clear this is more about playerbase in general pointin blame and not about any individual player or alliance

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I agree Boolz.
There are a lot of alliances with ~4 open slots.

If you look closer, you’ll find that a lot of these are long-term alliances with members of >500 days. Of course they will try to replace the missing people instead of dividing up their alliance to join others’.

If you’re not in a top alliance, then you will really struggle to fill positions.
If you’re in a long-term alliance, members will burn out or leave for various reasons.
The result is an increasing number of middle-tier alliances, with unfillable vacancies, that are unable to progress.

Edit: Alliances of which will then spam recruitment threads and chat groups for a small chance of getting lucky and successfully recruiting.


Look at the ranking on google play store. I’ve never seen this game dropped below to 48. Also the game launcher shows that it lost about 30k players compared to a month ago.


This is a basic match-three game enhanced by card-collecting and realm building. Once one has built the realm and collected more cards than they can possibly use, there really isn’t much else to do. Players getting bored after 2 or 3 years because there’s nothing new to do seems like the normal life-cycle of the game :woman_shrugging:

Fwiw I’m a mid-level player in an alliance that manages to stay full or close to it. I left a slightly higher tier alliance lately that also manages to stay full. I would submit that alliances not able to stay full are either not offering what people are looking for or not marketing themselves well.


Yes, for half-full alliances maybe. But if you have only 3-5 spots open, it’s hard to find a small group to merge with. And if you decide to merge, make two alliances - one competetive and one training alliance - who would actually want that, if you are with your team like a year or two, already?


As Tess says it’s a wonder people stay in the game as long as they do.

I love computer games but after my 3rd play through of the Witcher 3 I was done with it. Nothing left to discover and that took probably 6 months. Fallout 4 (my favourite gaming environment of all time) was done in 2 play throughs.

E&P has nothing like the depth of those but people keep playing for the card collecting or the wars or whatever. This game does scratch long term itches other games can’t.

But that said when you’ve reached lvl 90 and you have everything it’s really a case of “Now what?”

And off they go to find a new game with a new challenge.

Which honestly just feels normal to me. Just the nature of the game means the new starters are a year away from the higher alliances and that’s probably not helped by new players getting bombarded by negativity on some of the threads in here.


People need to take a step back, maybe they’re having a veteran’s mid-life crisis, and don’t know how to take a step back.

Helios shines on, but the turnover DOES seem to be more frequent than it used to be.

I often wonder if that’s just the nature of things.

It’s hard to say because, with money, I’ve seen level 30 people come in with defenses almost as stacked as my own. Level 50 players who have been playing a year and I’m only level 74 after almost 3 years.
The smart ones read the forum and are savvy, the less intelligent ones do not read the forum and get mad when things happen and quit alliances (like that’s going to solve the problem). Nevermind the fact that their stupidity will follow them where ever they go.
“What do you mean coordinated tanks?”
“The tiles aren’t random!” / “The boards are tougher lately”
“Ever notice that when [XX] happens, [RNG EVENT] is more favorable?”
So, when people say these things, it illustrates a lack of understanding and expectations are built on shaky ground. So people move on and eventually quit when they realize that they cannot ‘win’ the way they expect to.



Also, if SG would clean up/deactivate old, dead, and abandoned alliances