Is it me or 10 characters

Hello everyone
Is it me or are boards in war more complicated by default ??
Or even I dare to say algorithm already chose a winner before it even starts by giving opponent 1 shot killer boards and we have to work it hard to maybe punch a hole !!!
It’s been the opposite way other wars when an actually pretty evenly matched opponent keeps getting 0 or 1 point hits ??

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First, wars have the defence buffs making the fights exponentially harder the more time you take to beat the opposite team.

Second, yes sometimes the board really seems to already decided you have to lose.
Wrong tiles, opponent critical hits, you charge your heroes exactly the same turn where the opponent kill them.

That said there’s even that battles where you clearly see the opening board and say “ok, i already won”.
But people usually remember more easily bad moments rather then good.

Try to remember your most embarassing moments IRL.
Now try to rembember when you were really cool.

It was more easy the first or the second?


… Remember this.

Cause I’m stubborn so after loosing a war hit I’ll take the same setup reroll until I get a similar or equal match same hero’s most important tank and support and win no problems lol

Eh it’s pretty random for me

Sometimes i win a war match with just a few moves

Other times i really gotta work the board

Other times i get annihilated no matter how i work the board

Havent seen a pattern really other than i win more than i lose


Annihilation lol yea that’s today
But it’s true last war and before I had great moments putting down 3500 with 2500 and 3600 with 2900
But this war pfff 2/6 only Winn 2 one hole and 3x annihilation lol 145 points one of my Lowest scores to date but I’m not the only one other alliance members also getting crappy boards whatever colours you take in you’ll get everything but example I went in green and red made yellow diamond Blue diamond hell even a purple one but in my colour not even tiles to take out 1 of them lol cause of course you keep thinking with this diamond I’ll clear the board and my colour will come nope not today lol


The boards are completely random. The devs have explicitly said as much. Do we really need another one of these threads?

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When time is a factor, (like with raids/wars/Titan) it’s difficult to turn a bad board around. I think this is why it’s noticed more. During quests or map play, you have all the time you need; so it’s not as noticeable. I’ve come to believe that RNG stands for “really not good” lol! But, I deal with it:) it’s random for everyone

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