Is it just me or

… are the Christmas bosses with at least two bosses side by side super hard?

I had to resort to my stash of dragon attacks for Advanced Stage 18

Halloween was nothing in comparison to this.

Sand quest last level was super hard I thought as well.

Thankfully I did not need time stops, I used LJ instead (thanks to my alliance members and @Kerridoc for the tip)

Last boss will be super hard I expect.

Dreading it but looking forward to it too xD


Yes, Christmas is totally on another level compared to halloween, especially last 3 stage. We all agree on this in beta.

But as an event that gives two epic ascension items, and considering Halloween was really too much easy, we all agreed (top and… less-top players :grin:) to leave like that.

We all need a bit of challenge sometimes, even if it means we have to waste some flags.


I recorded beating the last 2 stages. I could have beat 2nd to last without items. But the last stage idk. Was too expensive on world energy to risk it. So arrows, axes, dragon attacks were used to finish them off after i got them pretty close to half dead. Bombs would have been better than arrows but the rest of those items were more cost effective for me to use instead of bombs.

I also had alby though. If you dont have a hero to boost mana then mid sized mana pots will probly be good to bring as well.

Idk. Just what all worked for me. When others were talking about 15 to 20+ minutes on a few stages, i wasnt wasting that much time lol. Dont have the patience. Longest fight for me was almost 8 minutes.


Lol I made the mistake of not using items for advanced stage 19 with Mother and 4 minions

I replayed it and chucked everything I could at her, axes, bombs, dragon attacks - heck I even chucked the kitchen sink at her and it was easy after that but expensive :joy::rofl:

Problem is I have too many healers and my Chao and snipers aren’t ready yet. I’ll need to use the same approach for the last boss…

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Yea my team was all hotm, so not necessarily best example. I didn’t color stack the entire quest

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I actually found the level easier with a rainbow team


Take heroes that screw up their specials…merlin, proteus or hansel. Focus on killing one hero at a time.
2 healers and you will be fine!


I’d say go full tilt red then!
This way you will tile up against buddy and mother north!
Bring at least 3 reds, 2 healers different colors.
Or 4 reds and an extra healer of a different color.
This could help a lot! And remember to have everyone powered up and a diamond on the board before the last stage, so you enter the stage as if you had a nuclear bomb and then drop over them :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Thanks @Lunx I thought of that but it’s a pretty gung ho tactic because if there is a below average board you will get killed very easily

I will think about it but I think my best strategy so far has been rainbow team and chuck the kitchen sink at mother North by spamming items.

Maybe two reds. Will see.

I made it till the avatar of mother north today. Haven’t got more WE.

My team was Gregorion, Drake and Zimkitha. All in 3/70. And the Guardians shakal and falcon (both maxed). Beside that I use axes, bombs, healing potions. It wasn’t that hard… Till now… :sweat_smile:

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I think I will not be able to finish this event I do not have so many strong heroes and my weakest color is the red I only have the Colen and the Marjana (missing the rings>. <) that are not at the maximum but I will try at least until the telescope

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Just finished Advanced and I now look like Santa. Lady Locke was made for these difficult levels. She poisons everyone for 1050 points (with troop bonus) over four turns. When finished, use a mana pot and hit every one of them again. Used a healer when necessary. Now, on level 24 facing three bosses, I did use three Time Stops to keep them in line. Started with Buddy to open up a ghosting area.


Well if i would say this event difficulty in three words i would say: Too Much Ice. It get too much in your way, and greatly reduce combo rate

I thought the last two levels were challenging and fun.

The 2nd to last level - I probably spent, no joke about 15 minutes on it. I didnt use any items to compete it. The hardest part was getting reds lined up to fire on to mother north when all the minions where dead and it took a while. I used tarlak, del, Wilbur, hood, azlar. Tarlak can be subbed out for wu and hood can be subbed out for another red if you dont have those two.

The last stage- I knew this one would be a pain so I came in expecting to use items. I used 3 time stops and 3 tornadoes and beat it in less than 5 minutes.


I actually found the level with just Mother North and minions to be more difficult than the last stage with all 3 bosses. She’s a pain in the bum and I hate her super porridge!

For the last stage I did double stack red and target her along with time stops. Once she’s gone it’s not hard at all to kill off Santa and Buddy.


Used my red team for normal and advanced. Zim 3/65, Grave 4/80, Azlar 4/80, Marjana 4/80 and Wilbur 3/70. No healer needed


I used a rainbow team of Tiburtus, Boldtusk, Richard, Vivica, and Hansel with items Antidotes, Super Mana Potions, Bombs, and Dragon Attacks. Keeping Hansel’s mana control status on Mother North was essential to prevent her healing, and carpet-bombing with the offensive items mostly took care of the rest.

(Boss fight starts at time stamp 5:30 if you just want to see that part)


Take Gregorian off of your team and replace him with a strong purple if you have one.

I think Wilbur must have been your MVP in that line up. Did you feed mana pots to Wilbur?

If you didn’t have Wilbur I think it would have been a struggle even with Zim’s healing

I used a 4 yellow and 1 BT team to finish the last level.

Rana/Drake/Jackal/Wu yellow team


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