Is it just me or is Colen OP


This guy is literally my kryptonite,

Does 1500 damage to everyone just with his DOT and probably another 1000-1500 with just the hit

For a 4 star this is way to op


He’s a one hit wonder at tank.

Also can’t really sum up all the damage to all heroes and call it straight damage.

2 blue and a healer (or two) and can win against Colen unless you get an absolutely miserable board… just need enough counters to be able to take him out, which admittedly is more specific than the vast majority of tanks one would face.


Try to avoid hitting him with tiles if you possibly can. Hitting him only charges up his special faster. If you can get your specials off against him without charging him up unnecessarily, you should be able to snipe him as he’s a bit of a glass cannon.

In addition to the advice given by others above (double up on ice if you need to, and bring a healer or two if you can), also helpful is using someone, like Rigard, who can remove status ailments from your party.

Colen used to give me problems until I realized that by avoiding hitting him with tiles I could give myself a few more rounds to kill him before he got off his special.


Not so easy to avoid hitting him with tiles since most teams have him in the middle. And if you’re doubling up on one color, the empty color often charges him up if the board’s bad.

I usually just avoid teams that have him in the middle.


His damage output is simply the best among 4*, and better of some 5*.
He can’t sustain much damage, so he is just used for fire 1 single special and die smiling.

For middle ladder, he is a great hero.
Just too fragile for top players, even placed in the centre.