Is it just me or chests in Platinum Area are easier to filled and more rewarding in Diamond Area?

So I am VC2P and managed to finally reach Diamond Area a few weeks ago. During my time there, it was relatively really stressful to keep my cups, because I kept losing them once I woke up in the morning and had to raid many in order to regain them. And to be honest, all the chests I opened were not rewarding as I thought they would be. So I decided to change my defense team and be a bit low-key in the platinum area and suddenly received lots of good stuff there (have received 2 scopes in a row).

Do people really get good loots from the diamond area?


I bet you get better loot as C grade on Titan instead of A+ too. LOL. It happens. RNG.


I was so excited to get to diamond. The extra loot is honestly next to nothing extra. Don’t stress it at all, it’s not worth fighting for.


I actively cup drop to stay close to 1800. I can win >99% of raids easily and don’t have to skip chests more often. I’m sure I’m missing out on some good loot, but it’s easier to knock out raids at once.


The loot is marginally better in diamond, but far from being worth caring about. So to answer your question.



I like the increased drop rate of trainer heroes, otherwise there’s not a significant difference that I’ve noticed

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Its not a huge leap but it is noticeable. I get about 1 4* mat per month from raid chests (skipping whenever possible). 2 in the last 2 weeks. In platinum 4* mats would be a lot rarer - your 2 scopes are very much exceptions

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There are good and bad runs in both, I constantly hope between one and the other and might get something worthwhile one every 2 to 3 months.

Lol, now that’s pretty much a certainty, lol.
I get far better rewards in B that A and never ever had a decent reward in A+ in the 3+yrs I been playing. Even the rare Titans only give out decent rewards to the lower ranks compared to those in A and A+.

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To be honest, there is not a significant improvement (or noticeable improvement) in loot rewards in the diamond raid tier.
Obviously there is more of an opportunity / chance but it’s all down to RNG at the end of the day.
As an example I have had dire loot from a Diamond raid chest and then a Telescope from mystic vision. A few days ago it was a Tome.
What I will say is people probably get more stressed wanting to keep in the Diamond arena. So if that’s not your thing, drop a tier and look to fill your chests more frequently.
But at the end of the day, I always say that trophies mean absolutely zilch - but maybe bragging rights to some
Just my two pennies worth

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For people who struggle to win raids in diamond, it’s probably wiser to stay in platinum in order to fill chests faster. More chests, which also leads to a higher frequency of elemental ones, should outweigh the benefits of the slightly better diamond loot.


Yes, chests are easier to fill in platinum. Generally your opponent is not as strong. That is the main reason cup dropping is a thing. I don’t cup drop, and there are times when I lose more cups on attack than on defense.

Yes, but rarely. Just a little bit more frequently than in platinum in the long run.

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Antimatter is the most expensive material by a mile and then some, but since there is no way of storing it, you can’t run around bragging about your new antimatter watch. It kind of takes the bling factor off of it.

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What could be more bling than glowing in the dark?


:joy: Uranium is so 2021. Plutonium is the new fad.


Both are trash lol don’t stress over it

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Gave up on chest loot in general. Happens when it happens.

Wonders happen when they happen, be they 4am, Emblems 100x, Loot Tix 10x, Gems 30x or more.

My experience and I track my loot since 2020 … there seems to be an algorithm that dictates the RNG high or Low for any period. I get :tada::tada::tada::tada: followed by :confused::confused::confused::confused: which then swings to :confused::tada::confused::tada: then back to :tada::tada::tada::tada: …. And so on.

I wouldn’t sweat the diamond loot. Be comfy, play comfy and enjoy your game. If you start pushing too much out of your comfort zone, your frustration will grow.

When you get stronger, you can go after bigger targets and still be comfy.

Have a nice weekend. :)))


Wait, there are people who get ascension materials from raid chests, Diamond or otherwise?

looks to see what alternative universe I am apparently in touch with

In my experience, Mystic Vision ads drop rewards at a better rate than chests do (which is, admittedly, a low bar to clear).

I opened exclusively only Diamond Arena chests for the last 7-8 months. I don’t recall getting even a single 4* mat though, and the 3* mats which I value way more were too scarce to even mention. In the last week dropped to Platinum to get more food because greedy :rofl: Diamond Arena Players usually have very tight defences guarding almost empty towers. And by doing that, I got four 3* ascension mats out of Platinum arena chests just for that last week. It’s most probably RNG though, however I prefer filling raid chest faster and getting more food out of successful raids in Platinum rather than banging my head against the wall with Diamond arena defences (not unbeatable, just highly annoying due to the high concentration of A+ OP heroes) who, even if defeated don’t give much food.

They may be thinking of elemental chests, which can drop the odd mat. My main goal in opening raid and monster chests is to get to the elemental ones.

From my personal experience i get more mats from diamond chests, avwerage of roughly 1 mat per month. Elemental chests average about 1 per 2 months.

I dont count 3* mats but id say about 3 or 4 a month.

I do speed up all my raid chests so i get more of them.