Is it going to be a good defense team?

Hi all,

I’m new here and I play Empires&Puzzles for almost one year. Now I have some good heroes and I ask myself if this team could be a good defensive team because I’m spending a lot of resources in these heroes:

Quintus 4/48 - Alberich 4/80 - Wilbur 4/70 - Ariel 3/1 - Wu Kong 4/25

I’ve stopped to level up Richard (3/65) when I got Ariel and I’m focusing on her.

What are your thoughts about this team?

Other 5* I have: Leonidas 3/70, Elena 3/44, Margaret 3/70
4*: Boldtusk 4/70, Kiril 4/65, Li Xiu 4/60, Sonia 4/70, Proteus 1/1, Boril 1/1, Grimm 1/1

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You are missing a lot of damage and too many healers.

Wu is bad on defense

With what you have

Alby Richard Wilbur Leo Quintus

Ariel is great but 3 non damage dealers (4 if you include Wu) and you will get ripped apart.

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In general that will not be a good defense. More so if you arrange the defenders in that order. You have too many utility heroes and not enough damage dealing. Pretend you are watching your defense in action against a rainbow team of healers. Who in your team would be doing the killing and roughly how would it play out. When I envision your defense I see Wilbur going off somewhat regularly. His defense buff helps keep the team alive but no significant damage happens unless Quintus goes off. He’s in the corner so he doesn’t fire very often or even in a timely manner. Even with Alby’s mana injection I don’t imagine him charging up in less than 10 - 12 turns unless a random cascade deluges the corner.

Wu Kong in the opposite corner is a whole different problem. I could imagine him making Quintus miss and wasting the 10 turns it takes to charge him up. I also don’t imagine Wu’s buff coinciding with Wilbur’s debuff. Maybe if Wilbur fires more than once Wu’s SS might overlap the 2nd or, more likely, 3rd firing of Wilbur’s debuff. That more or less leaves only “normal” damage from the heroes to do the killing. Those swipes that hit at the end of the countdown timer on the defenders do something around 100 damage depending on which defenders hit which attacker. It’s not a pretty picture for the defense.

Now imagine how the raid would go if a color stacked attacker with Sonya or another dispeller would tear this defense apart. They have all the time in the world to recover from bad boards because these defenders don’t do all that much damage.


Mmm…I see…I only have materials for one blue 5* then I imagine it´s better to use it in Richard instead of Ariel, isn’t it?

Ariel is 100 times better than Richard. She should get the mats.

Alby-Wilbur-Ariel-Quintus-Wu is the best team I can come up with but it’s not a good one. If Ariel fires and buffs the mana generation of all allies, and if Quintus fires after Wilbur, the opponents will be destroyed. The slash attacks buffed by Wu will finish any remaining heroes. But everything is too hypothetical.

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I am sorry but that lineup is just going to lose cups every time.

Ariel may be better than Richard but going off of what he has Richard will benefit him more now.

Wu should be replaced by Leo or even Li imo. Wu is not a defensive hero.

He doesn’t have enough damage dealers period. I hope he has other heros than what he posted after a year…

Wu is the better option for him right now. When he takes Leo to 4-80, he will replace Wu. But a maxed Wu is more impactful than Leo at 3-70 (if he doesn’t miss everything).

Careful here… maxing heroes for a defense team is one of the worst things you can do… he needs to focus on working on depth and his best heroes not wasting time maxing a defense team that doesn’t really accomplish anything for him.

I generally suggest folks to build for event and quest completion… build for titan battles and let your defense build over time naturally. Good luck OP. If you haven’t maxed a lot of 4 stars yet, I might suggest to hold off all together on maxing and leveling 5s… depth is the name of the game and you get most mats from titans… not from having a nice looking defense.


I agree and I hope he kept more than what he shared or a year of playing has been thrown away.

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I have one more Richard and one more Margaret pfff…it is not worthy for me.

I’m 37 lvl , I have 2300 cups and I have finished the 2nd season in the hard level. Now I am in a small clan.

I’m able to defeat teams with +400 or more level than mine (3780) but I lose a lot of cups with my defense team. That’s why I’m trying to improve it. I don’t have better 5*. I have a lot of duplicate 4*.

How many total hero’s do you have?

More than 40. 9 of 5*, 26 4and some 3 to cover the new duels.

What did you do with them all? A deep bench is what you want so you have options for offense, defense, titans, wars.

Your struggling with your defense because you don’t have many damage dealers.

I spent a lot of resources with some of them, I have khersheck for example in a 3/45 or the other Margaret in a 2/60 one Little Jhon in a 3/25, Tiburtus in a 4/25, Suitomo 4/52…

I think I have not finished heroes a lot because I focused in the 5* when I got it.

I have 2x Chao in the first Level, 1 Hu Tao (idem), 2 Caedmon…another Kiril…2xCiprian, 1 Sabina…

But the real thing is that I dont have killers like Sartana o Joon…

You shouldn’t work on 5* before having at least 5-10 4* heroes at 4-70. Maxed 4* are almost always better than 5* at 3-70.

You made a mistake by prioritizing 5* heroes when not having enough mats to max them and before having a solid 4* bench. You’d better start fixing that mistake by building a solid depth of 4*.


Max your best 4s and 5s or most useful 4s and 5s on offense in PvP and titans

Then make your defense team from those heroes, the best defense u can anyways

Solely maxing heroes for defense is a waste and will just put u behind. The game rewards offense, not defense.

The only “defense” hero i would max is a hero that coordinates well into your alliance’s defensive war strategy involving same color tanks

Outside of that, stick with offense


Albi - Leo - Ariel - Elena - Quintus

I disagree. Wilbur is bad on defense, but Wu is dangerous. Sure, maybe he’ll cause a miss here and there, but when he hits it’s almost a 3x hit! Slash hits are like specials when Wu is active. I fear that monkey if he fires against me.

I’ve got Joon & Kingston in Atlantis summoning.

I’m excited, I think I can improve my team better now.

One question if I can level up yellow heroes wich is better? Joon or Leonidas.

Thanks for all comments. They are very helpful.

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Joon Joon Joon Joon Joon definitely


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