Is it done for me? :(

Hello all. I’m a level 60 player. Been playing for a while. Did all challenges and events at least twice. Got a very lovely team, alliance and heroes. At least enough with my very few dollars used. I’m not a spender but that’s doesn’t matter. I’ve became my alliance leader for the serious gameplay. Woohoo!

I mean. I’ve built a nice base. Collected good heroes. Fought titans and wars. Filled chests…


I won’t lie. I love the game but it got boring.
Hitting titans and filling chests for the same rewards got a little tiring. Three training camps running. Several repeated heroes. Once in 2 months someone cool comes in. Wait until get the materials. Use some coins, more repeated heroes.

I’m not complaining about the odds, prices or anything. Definitely not complaining, please dont burst me. I just feel like I have nothing to do there anymore and I wonder if anyone ever felt like that? How can I fix it maybe? I dont want to pay a ton of money so the game can be interesting again… I heard there’s a limit to the F2P or small spenders and I think I’ve reached it… it’s sad because lol how can I leave my heroes there?? I’ve worked so much for them and I really love them but i think even them are bored. I mean, I can’t improve. I can’t get more trophies because my defence team will never be that strong, will never get high scores on challenges for the same reason. I’m kinda stuck. Nothing else to be done.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m crying because I’m not a spender but its definitely not that. I just wanted to know and talk to anyone who ever maybe felt like that.

Thank you :blush:


Sure I’ve felt that way. I think most long term players do and/or have.

I have taken a month break from the game and came back. that helped.

I also started to play with raids more - trying to challenge myself and get more prepared for wars by doing things like stacking off or even weak color against the tank.

I wish SG would stop adding more content with the same mechanics and instead add more interesting new ways of fighting and add more skill and less RNG to the game. But they seem uninterested or unimaginative enough to do this.


Felt like this many times. I was able to keep going though and finally able to put together a few nice teams. It will eventually get better but the grind can wear you down… many many times.


I get where you’re coming from… networking with other players and other alliances can help… plan a cup race or a raid contest or something fun… things become routine and then you burn out. gotta keep it interesting. Happy grinding!


So true!!! What about season 3?? It’s just another Atlantis but one or two special tiles inside the boards. It’s almost like starting all over. I’ve got down with that.
Anyway, thanks for your words. The raids were the first thing that I’ve dropped out. Terrible boards everytime. Raid chest at diamond and bronze are basically the same. Another infinite loop of useless lot, long battles, get and give cups… Too stressful to receive nothing back to me. Unfortunately.


One thing you might try is organizing little mini contests within your alliance. If you have members of varying levels, you can do things like "Make as many diamonds on one board as you can without popping any of them " or “How far can you advance on the map with a single 3* hero and no items?”
If your alliance is all close to the same level, you might do things that depend more on roster, like highest single titan hit or toughest raid target beaten.

If your alliance mates aren’t interested, try different challenges for yourself. If you usually raid mono, run 3-2 or rainbow for a while. See how many wins in a row you can get. Or track your scores in challenge events and try to improve from one to the next.

Here’s a link to an experiment that some of us are running to try to find a way to measure actual player skill. You’re welcome to hop in and add your $0.02


I have been playing almost 3 years and have certainly felt like that from time to time. What has changed it for me is becoming more involved in the forum. My alliance is great… some very long term members but not a lot of chat especially with so many time zones.
But here? Always someone on, and something to learn, laugh about, interact with or just shake your head and get out your tinfoil hat!
That has invigorated it for me


Sadly, more often than not when I see people starting to feel this way, it’s typically from Leaders/co-leaders.

Being responsible for an alliance, sharing responsibility, or just feeling like you have to look after people in general, wears on people harder, I think, than just playing the game only responsible for yourself.

And the thought of stepping away comes with an added level of guilt, which then adds to the stress.

I agree with trying things within the alliance to break up monotony. Our alliance has fun with War defenses, for example, some certainly destined to lose before the War begins. But we have a good time doing it.

I agree with adding to the social element. I could play tic-tac-toe every day if there were a social element beyond the X’s and O’s, like the people I play with.

I would also recommend taking a back seat in leadership for a while, freeing yourself from other people’s actions, and seeing how that makes you feel. And if you’re not able to do that in your own alliance, try it with another alliance. In fact, it may do you some good to bounce around a while, meet some new faces, see how others are doing things, etc.
And if you’re not able to do that because of guilt, from either yourself or others, hopefully it wouldn’t come to this, but then let people know you’re going to take a break from the game. Leave the alliance for about 24 hours, when all your chat has been wiped away change your game name, and join a new alliance as a ‘drifter’ with no expectations other than you’ll use all your flags and hit your titans. They’ll think you’re awesome. Stay for a bit, jump around, whatever. You can always return home.

If you do all that and you still find yourself here, then it’s probably just your time.


Not true. You can get high scores on challenge events without being a spender. Many players have shown this.

Keep playing :smiley::+1:
Turn that froun upside down
Cheesy yes🤷‍♀️


Thank you for your words <3
Hm. I don’t think the leader thing was the reason.
I mean, it’s not my alliance fault that I open the game everyday and there’s just the same things that I did yesterday to do - to get the same items for the 9999th time , for example. That’s tiring. Dealing with alliance mates is actually revigorant, but youre right. It can be annoying sometimet. Luckly my kick button is always being used.

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I’m not being mean or anything but do u mean item abuse and hoping for a good board? Ah nah after some years playing those events are the first thing to become monotony boring. Not the kind of entertainment.

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Thank u ^^ it seems not good but I’ll hope for an update or something

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I mean, you can not enjoy the game anymore, and that’s totally fine. Even game has its course, and you’ll eventually lose interest.

I’m just saying it’s easily achievable to rank decently in events if you wanted to, even as a f2p.

It’s definitely something that comes around from time to time for me too. However, I find some time away from playing it “all-in” is all I need to refresh my interest. Since I love my alliance, I will drop in and fight titans and wars, but that’s a small time investment. When I get inspired to dive in again, I just do.

One thing I like to do if I’m getting ready for one of these long breaks is to get my training centers training several weeks out, ideally on Legendary, then I usually get some nice surprise 4 and 5 stars when I come back. :slight_smile:


I love mat hatters too! Gotta keep up your sense of humor with this game sometimes!

There are several people that feel like that. If you’re not at least buying VIP, you’re not getting enough gems to at least 10 pull every second month. Yes, as free to play or very cheap to play, you’re going to hit a wall eventually.

Also, SG needs to enhance war and make more variety in war in some way in this next year. And increase the rewards for war.

SG also needs to design ALLIANCE QUESTS. But hopefully more fun and challenging than what we had in Valor Path, and maybe scaled.


I’m much higher lvl than you I’m 84 50%, trust me that is a lot higher than 60 than the number sounds, I’ve got that way too at time, I’d would come up with new goals to keep me going, my last one was to have 30 5* 80 but I’m way beyond that now too, I guess one thing that keeps me going is titans and trying to be number 1 damage doer in aliance on all colors, which I do most of the time, I don’t know what keeps me going at this point other than maybe being one of the top 20 lvled players, and the social aspect of aliance and at times peer chats, shout out to Goon, I’m on disability so I need a form of social interaction, and this helps

I felt this way myself just a couple months ago. I had hit a brick wall and the grind didn’t seem to be getting me anywhere. I had a dearth of Tomes and none in sight (well, one off in the distance from Farholme). Then I suddenly gained some out of the blue (MV even) and am now changing things up by leveling up AoE and DOT heroes to experiment with.

Still grinding but with something new to learn. I’m sure that brick wall has only just receded somewhat though, always ready to come barreling back at me.

I was thrust into the leader role for a while when we had a huge alliance split a while back. I honestly never wanna do that again. It might be fun in FTP area but my experience from being in a c2p area is after a while some people forget we are a team depending on their roster growth. With mixed allaince results are hard to keep regular as many different people will be in much different places. I feel these have the most internal turmoil as people.seem to forget we started together and start feeling “held back” where is I feel we will get there together whenever that may be and just work on what we can in the mean time. I relinquished leadership as I felt to much attitude towards requests and not enough support from other members when people refused to listen to rules we had in place.

Now unstated playing another game that’s gives me more to do than this one by far and only log in for what’s necessary and to chat with the few members I’m still get along with. I am no longer even c2p and like you said with this other game I have plenty to do everyday and here the boredom of to many things revolve around spending instead of actual game play has gotten old.

A break wont change the way things are if there is nothing to do and no form of fairness to the way these events and winnings are dispersed. It is very common to feel burnt out and other than having good conversation with like minded players, you start to realize that this game doesnt think about all the players base with the limited ideas used for rewards.