Is it clever to have doubles or triples or even 5 same heroes in defence team?

I’m just wondering if someone has tried it.

As i have TC 20 now and will get more, i will get doubles. As AI is just a program, will it keep in mind not to fire 2 doubles at the same time? (for the specials that’s no good).

(just wondering if a team with fi 5 Azlar’s or five Justices would be invincible? :smiley: )

Or should a defence team not contain any doubles.

If you stack a team high on the same colour you get easily countered with a triplet or quad team of the strong colour. So set 5 Guinevere and you will get smashed by a team with 3-4 purple
Setting a hero twice might be ok though like Panther or any hard hitter that stacks with its own colour

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