Is it better to go for B or C loot for Titan? Aka don't push too hard? Weird


I made 7 As and no AM. I made an B today and got one.


That’s an interesting perspective on what ‘true’ means.


Subjective as in not necessarily true for everyone else. True for me, however. Quit picking at the words, Brobb.


Something that is subjective is based on personal opinions and feelings rather than facts.
Collins English Dictionary


It’s all getting very Lewis Carol…

Got my first A+ loot for a long time, thanks to the redoubtable @Annieb being horribly jet lagged.

And got some desperately needed Fine Gloves, so there’s Glory for you!


I’m convinced that better loot tiers give better loot (on average). However, I understand that one can have the impression that it is the other way around, because there are way more B/C scores than A/A+ scores (more precisely 5:1 if no one gets a D). And since starting with 9* titans everyone but D scores gets 3 ascension mats (3 mats for a A+ on 12* titan 3 mats for a C on a 9* titan, reference), there will be on average more unfarmable dropped in B/C ranges than A/A+ ranges, as already pointed out.

This makes people mad, fair enough.

So why doesn’t the titan loot work as the matrioska events loot? “A+” gets “A” + something, who gets “B” + something, who gets “C” + something etc?
So that if the C scorers get a 4* mat everyone in the alliance with a C+ score will get it as well and no one will complain?
Everyone will get the same things on average, but there won’t be within alliance variance, which is what makes everyone go literally crazy.


I’m not here to argue dictionary definitions with you. Just to express my personal perceptions on the topic.


A+ is really cursed. A is cursed aswell. There is more rolls so you should get ascend item more often but B and C with less rolls get item more often. it is a fact. so everyone on A+ or A are true Heroes. They dont need reward :slight_smile:


Sometimes, no matter what reasoning or evidence to the contrary that is shown, people still believe what they want to believe. Add personal, anecdotal evidence on top of it, and hell will freeze over before they accept the ‘truth’ of the matter.

Any question about that, just look at American political life. Facts are subjective and folks reject ACTUAL news based on ACTUAL facts because they don’t agree/don’t like the implications of said news. We truly live in crazy times where the truth is subjective and none of this bickering back and forth on titan grades, loot tiers, etc should be any surprise.

It all seems pretty clear to me how higher titan grades are desirable since they enable one to achieve a higher loot tier. But these days, truth really doesn’t carry the weight it should…:neutral_face:


I got a set of Trap Tools and a Warm Cape for A+ on a purple 6* Titan today. Sometimes even A+ grade gets you great stuff!


After nearly 6 months of playing every day and regular 7*-8* titan killing I can tell you that it’s not worth to push the score too high as the game doesn’t reward the effort at all.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t take your phone to hit the titan. If the titan disappears in the middle of the night, don’t set your alarm to hit it. If you are close to A+, don’t use a flask. Don’t use too many items as well.

Why? Every time I was doing it, I was getting some total crap. It is just simply not worth it. I’m getting the best loot when I am like 4th-8th on the list, I can recall only once or twice when I got a nice loot being A+ with like 100k points above the second place.

Basically, if you are to get it this time, you will get it no matter what (last two titans our member that was 27th on the list got Tome of Tactics and Gloves) and if you are not to get this time, you can have even 500k points and get 3 gems.

This is what I got today in the morning:


I agree with your assessment. I get it how the numbers are “supposed” to work but overall facts speak for themselves. We even had a joke for top scorers in our alliance “Midnight root, here I come”. I think there was one time during my stay in my current alliance when I got ascension mats for A+. It happens but it happens overwhelmingly rarely as opposed to lower tiers.


Last good loot from titans - 29/8/18. Since then 0 items :smiley: Always finish A or A+.


Totally jealous of your rewards.

Be it A or A+, always getting crap items. Even the titan chest rewards suck. Used to be able to get some good items but now, I don’t even bother. 6 members went inactive due sucky rewards from almost anything. I have another member with 16 telescopes but no blue 5* hero.

When I do get decent rewards I don’t have the hero (14 mystic rings and counting) but I still do not even have my first 5* red. Sometimes I suspect its not RNG but a database of player profiles and use a different algorithm to ensure players don’t get what they want and spend more money on gems.


I have 14 darts and no 5* yellow, but that’s neither a coincidence nor a database control over loot, it’s just cause - effect: if I dont pull a 5* yellow then my darts grow in number. More or less in my E&P life I collected 11-15 4* ascension mats also for the other colors, but I consumed them, that’s the only reason why I have more darts now.
I don’t see anything strange in it, I can only be pissed cause I’m unlucky in pulling a yellow 5*


Today we killed yellow 12* rare titan. A+ got nothing, i was A and got nothing aswell. so we are true heroes. But at least it was fun and hard. :wink:


There it is, solid evidence.

B scores it is everybody! B scores! hit low on that titan, throw Wu out of your team, B scores FTW!


I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed about the ABC grading for Titan hitting. It’s ALL about the loot tiers. An A+ rating on a 6* titan is the same loot tier as a C rating on a 9* titan. Both ratings will get 3 ascension material rolls. Also loot tier IX to XIII (9 to 13) gives the same 3 ascension rolls. Only loot tier XIV (14) gives you 4 loot rolls.


I am wrong.


You got 4 rolls but only 1 good one. 2 Scrolls 1 rope 1 orb.