Is it better to go for B or C loot for Titan? Aka don't push too hard? Weird

All the nice materials in my ally are won by B or C loot. A and A+ nearly never got 4* ascension materials.
Is this on purpose by SG to make the beginners in an ally get motivated? It’s no reward for putting extra flasks and extra materials to get more points against titans. :smiley:

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I have to agree here. Its called the A+ curse.

I know its rng, and I know any good mats are hard to come by, but please @petri @Sara can this just be checked?

I get A+ (many many times), and get 2* ascension items on VII then getting V on another time (D placing), get ascension items.

This has been going on for ages and just check if there isnt something wrong in the code, just a check and confirmation please. Not asking for a fix, just a check whenever A+ is achieved.


Yesterday my alt got a telescope and an orb with a c rating on a 10*

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I was disappointed once to come in 8th place on the titan kill and then found I got a much needed ascension item.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are more people getting B/C ranks vs those getting A/A+ ranks. While the probability of one specific person getting an ascension mat may be less for B/C ranks, it’s significantly more likely that someone in the B/C group gets an ascension mat simply because there are more opportunities for it to happen than in the A/A+ group.


Ding ding ding best answer.

Was an A on most recent titan and received a sturdy shield.

Set your aim for as many alliance members as possible to get Loot Tier IX or higher.

I usually finish A+ and almost always I get completely screwed. The C place finishers are always the people that get the 4* mats. At best, I get a cape…maybe. NEVER a 4* mat. We kill 12* titans exclusively and I am in a top 5 Alliance. It is depressing as hell.

Yes, I know there are more C finishers but come on. C place in my mind should never get a 4* mat and should be limited to 3* and a lower chance not just less rolls. Conversely, A+ and A should have a significantly higher chance of getting 4* mats and many more rolls.

I find it extremely ironic that SG is all about capitalism when it comes to the avatar shop and selling packages. However they go full tilt socialism/communism with regard to Titan loot! Effort and score not properly tied to reward. The schlep that does minimal work gets just as good if not better loot that the higher achievers.

I get the luck with monster chests and raid chests and the like. No problem. But for Titan battles, this current system does nothing to properly incentivize higher place finishers. That is a fact.

@Petri I do not like this loot system as the 4* rewards should not be given to someone who has 200k less Titan damage than I do! That is complete BS!

Take a look at these recent A+ finishes and tell me what I got was a fair reflection of my performance?


People, the rank doesn’t determine what you will get, only the amount of ascension mats. The rolls are the same, the odds of each roll getting a 4-star mat are the same. The difference is there generally, the higher your rank, the more rolls you have, so it’s always good to have as many rolls as you can.

In my alliance, we always set the 3.3% threshold for B-rank and tell people to keep hitting the Titan, even if we’re letting it escape, if they can manage to get there, because that means an extra mat.

It’s odds. Our brains have a hard time understanding randomness and our memories tend to be selectively biased towards the outcomes we believe should happen, so you put more emphasis on the times you were A+ and didn’t get the good mats, while remembering the time when you or another person got 4* at C.


Dude, totally get the frustration, but it can’t work that way.

If you are fighting 12* titans, a C rank gets you the same loot that an A rank gets you on a 10*. So by saying people with that C rank shouldn’t get these mats, You’re basically saying that nobody should get them unless they are fighting 12* titans, and even then only the top 15 scores (about) should get them. Think of the uproar from the masses when SG implements your suggestion :slight_smile: Not to mention that, think what it would do to your alliance (and alliances in general) if loot was limited in this way. Every titan would be an intra-alliance war to see who could outperform whom.

Of course it’s possible that you are suggesting that If a C rank gets an item then everyone that ranks above them should get one too? That would mean a huge change in the frequency of item drops which would require some other significant balancing move by SG to ensure the long term viability of the game.

(edit) Just realized there is another possibility that I missed. If you are concerned that this is an actual bug and that lower tiers actually have a higher likelihood of getting items than higher ones, then by all means take the complaint to SG. I haven’t done the data collection to see if this might be the case and haven’t seen a data collection effort undertaken by the community that would help uncover such a defect, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. SG has all of the data available and should be able to show or at least state that that is not the case.


Made same experience. When i got my own alliance i got more or less constantly A+ and it rarely had ascension items. The i was on vacation and had only about 3 attacks a few days i a row and guess what: 4* ascension items on B and C

I was definitely frustrated yesterday on a 7* unicorn. I scored an A+ which got me worse items than filling a normal monster chest. While others who scored about 7k of damage almost dead last got a telescope.

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I created a similar thread a long time ago and they accused me of being crazy and only complaining

It would cause a lot of chaos if this policy was implemented. It’s not like you are taking the titan down all by yourself so it makes sense that contributors should be awarded. If C loot only got 3* items you would see everyone go off and create their own alliances so that they become the top dog with the A+ score. Where would the incentive be for staying in a top alliance fighting high level titans when you don’t get any benefit. Remember that a vast majority of the damage comes from the B and C tier hitters.That’s why you need 30 people in an alliance. You might as well start an alliance by yourself and use flask refills to continually take down titans by yourself if you don’t want any C loot people getting ascension items.


Unless the game was specifically designed to give preference to the lower tiers (seems unlikely, especially since the devs have publicly stated the opposite) then either we are fooled by a mis-perception of the results, or there is a bug.

There are only 2 ways to constructively address this:

  1. Report to the devs that B/C tier loot is better than A/A+ loot.

Pros: Easy, fast
Cons: You have to trust the devs’ word when they tell you that the game is working as designed and that you are selectively reporting results. (read ‘crazy’ & ‘complaining’)

  1. Conduct a study (hypothesis, data collection operation, analysis) to investigate

Pros: Provide 1st hand evidence of the problem (No need to trust SG). Provide specific knowledge of not only the fact that loot is better at those lower tiers, but by how much.
Cons: Time consuming (would need a very large data set), Difficult (Would need to ensure as much as possible the random collection of data, would need to clearly define the intentions)

Or you can simply choose to continue to provide anecdotal evidence which is inherently biased and which I’m sure you can agree can easily be countered by equally convincing anecdotal evidence showing the opposite is the case (you know , like, “gee, I just got a tonic in my A+ loot, guess that means you’re wrong.”)

I think it is extremely likely that the difference between the tiers is fairly low. It is certainly the case that there are a significantly larger number of B/C shares than A/A+ shares. So for example (and this is a spitball, I don’t have any knowledge or drop rates) Let’s say There is a 5% chance of ascension item drop for a C rank on a 10* titan, a 6% chance for B, 7% for A, 8% for A+.

There are ~25 B/C loot shares. It is almost certain that someone (and likely at least 2 people) in this group will get lucky. BUT there’s only an 8% chance that the A+ guy gets anything. This means a whopping 92% of the time, the A+ guy gets nothing and says. ‘What the…?! you got a B/C and got an item? Unfair!’

These numbers are totally made up, it could actually be far worse. The closer the tiers are in probabilities, the more likely the above scenario is. BUT it does NOT mean that player in lower tiers have a higher likelihood of getting lucky. Just that there are more of them.

Hope this helps. If not, I really hope to see a major data collection effort undertaken by someone who wants to prove that the rates are in fact lower for higher loot tiers.


But on the other hand strong members will decrease the damage in order to get a B loot only. The medall got always two sides…

Yep - the right side and the wrong side :wink: . Being of the mind that the superiority of the B rating is illusory (as explained above) I’d be more than happy to take your ‘A’ share if you play down to B. Assuming of course the titan doesn’t escape because you sabotaged your score. Then I would be annoyed.

I never would annoy u hazard. I fight until the end :skull_and_crossbones:

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Haha titan loot, one of the most frustrating aspects of the game for a lot of people. The reason why it seems unfair is the people that throw tons of items into a titan, consistently hear about someone that maybe hit a couple times with no items get the 4* mat that the A+ hitter is wanting. Titans are a team effort and unfortunately not everyone feels the same way. There will always be very few happy with what they get and the rest disappointed.

I think what would make me feel better is knowing how it’s processed. Is there a set amount of items that the system randomly rolls down the list of hitters? Or is it all random rolls? Meaning for example a certain titan has say 2 4* items to give out. When the titan dies everyone gets their rolls from the pot of ascension items and whoever rolls those mats are the lucky ones (less likely to be an A+ because they have 3 or 4 rolls compared to the multiple c rolls to get those items). Or how I would prefer is an unlimited pot of ascension items where each individual gets their own roll of the dice (the A+ member obviously with a slightly better edge). This scenario if the alliance is really lucky everyone has a chance for a 4* mat though unlikely. I prefer this because then the A+ person doesn’t feel like the lower person on the list “stole” their mat. Eveyone would have a chance and if you get an item, it means you got a lucky roll.

Not sure how it’s done right now to be honest. Sometimes it’s better to not throw everything at a titan and let your team help you. Then when the rewards come you feel better about not getting something good and someone else getting it. Like everyone deserves something they want. Just my rambling thoughts

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I would also happily take the A loot tier if some people truly believe in this and feel like tanking their performance for B tier.

Edit: Yeah it might also be like @Uclapack says that the higher loot tier people use expensive strong items in order to do that massive damage. From this perspective I feel that it is up to the individual. I myself go for more sustainable titan hitting especially since I’m hoarding up for challenge events. I still hit pretty well and sometimes get into A loot every 4-5 titans or so. It just depends on play style. If you are someone who uses Tornadoes, Timestops, Bombs, and Super Mana pots to get that high loot tier, you have to ask yourself, are you doing it for the alliance or to get yourself that high loot tier roll? If it’s the former then you should be happy that your alliance members are getting good stuff and your alliance as a whole will be getting stronger for wars and titans. If it’s the latter then I can understand your frustration but at the same time this method could be abused by pay to win people that are using money to get all these high level items to use consistently. In the end though if you’re using all these items to get yourself the high loot tier, it feels a little selfish to complain about it afterwards.

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