Is it bait and switch?

agree in all of this and i would point something more into the ecuation.
the first nerf was exactly after the atlantis gravemaker was featured for last time. coincidence? maybe. profitable casualty? you can bet on it.

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Yes, I do remember that the first nerf was right after GM appeared in Atlantis. SG had to cash in on that before the nerf. I find it funny (not in a good way) that telly and Vela are the only ones getting nerfed in the trio as GM was on just as many defense teams.

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So by your reasoning anyone who accuses anyone else of mis-selling them something is being rude?.
People bought a license for something which later changed, think of it like buying Microsoft word, if they remove most of the features after buying it, then by your logic that’s ok. ?

Yes, they make a fortune on people still trying to pull GM in the tavern… they don’t want to lose that revenue by Nerfing him do they. :frowning:
People need to stop spending or SG will never change their tactics.

That’s a really weak argument.

Obviously there is a 0% chance of getting Telluria now, and there was a 0% chance in January and February.

In March, however, the chance was not 0%. Those who summoned in March may have done so with the intent of trying to get Telluria. This is the only month this year they could have done so. And many people surely did exactly this.

The means through which the hero is obtained is moot, as the intent of SG is to sell the hero via summons, and the intent of the consumer is to buy the hero via summons. That the cost is widely variable and in extreme circumstances may be infinite is relevant at best and worst in a court room.

This semantic argument is pointless and does nothing but to deflect deserved blame from SG for their cruddy business practice of using strict gambling-designed and tested RNG for summons. It also derails the OPs concerns of whether this is a switch and bait.

I don’t think it is bait and switch.

SG stated their intent with Telly’s design was to make a Great green tank. Well. Mission fkin accomplished :rofl: … but seriously, they had good reason to want this - the 5* green tank scene was nigh non existent!

Did SG do a good job designing and beta testing this hero?

This is WILDLY disagreed upon!

The beta testers themselves mostly argued for Telly not being nerfed so strongly as she is now. They wanted small reductions to her abilities. But I saw very few calls for a massive nerf to Telly.

I am not a beta tester, but I stated she was perfectly balanced - for a slow hero. And I stand by that. I think making Telly slow, you could buff her back and she’d be balanced. BUT that’s besides the point.

SG had a purpose: create a green tank.

She was beta tested and they got A LOT of MIXED feedback on her. They took their best guess - and that aligned with A LOT OF REALLY SMART BETA TESTERS / MODS - and released the hero

Understandably, a lot of people saw what Telly did and purposefully took great effort to pull her.

As a result of these combined efforts, and maybe some critical people for whatever reason not realizing how bad Telly was (SG designers, and beta testers) the game is now awash with Telly tanks.

That is a problem for SG if it starts hurting retention and enjoyment of the player base at large. That’s a problem for the players too, as alliances start to shrink and friends start to leave.

So SG has been trying, incrementally, to fix the mistake.

That isn’t bait and switch to me. That’s cause and effect.

Those who are directly affected (I got Vela) got a choice: look at this as a good thing or a bad thing. I see it as a good thing. It’s the game being better balanced, more variety in raids. More (relatively) useful heroes. It’s a good thing.

If SG develops a pattern of routinely doing this - which I doubt they will , they don’t want to harm consumer trust in buying heroes since that pays the bill - then maybe I’d be more critical and say “yeah, they’re clearly doing this a lot and it can’t go on.”

But I look at this as a win for all us gamers. I hope others will try to look at it that way too

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But since they fixed this and made raid buttons functional again. Made war fun again.
The rest of us will continue using their product

There is a forest…through the trees.

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Folks, keep it civil and constructive, please.


Telly and Vela are my strongest heroes, but I’m looking forward to see some other combos on def in the future.

Doesn’t matter if I will wake up with 2500 or 2700 cups, which exactly is the difference between released Tel/Vel and now after the 3rd nerf of how many?

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in the end everything is based on luck

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and you should understand how weights work.

If you have a part of system that weights 5% of overall sum and you nerf it by 20% you dont nerf whole system by 20% but by 1%
So dont use math if you cant do it correctly.
And no it wasnt “advertised product”, there is no product here, show me invoice for your telluria or just stop this nonsense.

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