Is it bait and switch?

If they’re going to balance hero’s I’d like to see them done regularly across the board. Maybe every three months, 6 months. Season 1 2 3 and so on. Just my opinion though.


To be clear, I’m playing a bit of devil’s advocate here. I’m actually fine with the proposed current changes to Telluria and Vela. I have them both, not from spending huge amounts of money to try to get them, but just from lucky pulls. And I’m fine with whatever changes they end up making, because the game is more to me than two heroes. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!





Fair enough - cheers mate! Great attitude to have, and likewise - I’m fine with the changes, as I know it’ll balance the game-play for everyone.

Good gaming to you as well!


They probably try to avoid it due to what happens now, but they did and will do.

I appreciate it and prefer an overall nice game experience over my personal advantages.


Thanos: This does not put a smile on my face.

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If they did it regularly and announce they do it regularly then it would be expected. Not just happen when they mess up. Still plenty of hero’s that are not competitive that they are not changing when they should. They only care when a hero is too good so they change it so people will pull for other tanks. “Hey let’s buff some too, that’ll keep them quiet”. “Hey spend your money and gems for this hero” then change it so shortly after. To me and the definition it’s bait and switch. All the complaints about Gravemaker and they never touched him, even made a close to identical hotm not as good two years later. Maybe they do only listen to top players. Conversation for another post though aye


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They also could have left it as it is and added Telly every 2nd month to the pulling gate with the worst sales.


I didn’t “sign” anything. Fair point though. Still deceptive bait and switch even if it’s legal or not.


Debatable. Wish I could say good counterpoint but this one is not. Thanks for the feedback.

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Its not bait and switch if they clearly state in terms of service that they can change characters when needed.What part of that you cant understand?
If you knew it how could it be a bait?

And legally its “signing”, its act of your agreement.You are not forced to agree,it was your choice.

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From the Terms of Service, amongst other similar language therewith:

If you accept any Offer, you assume all liability associated with the Offer.

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Legally absolutely not. “Someone had my phone and agreed” that’s easily refutable in the legal system. “They didn’t even make me scroll through the terms”. Legality is very specific and not the argument I was trying to make but can.

I heard they’ve changed hero’s what twice I’m this game? (I don’t have the actual numbers here) since I’ve been playing no changes have been made. But in my opinion it’s absolutely bait to offer the strongest tank in the game to date. That itself is the “bait”.

Ummm, No - how about many many times.

No other hero dominated the game like Telluria together with Vela!

Like I said I didn’t have the numbers. Not in the year I’ve been playing anyhow. Trust me now we all know.

Kaliope: Permit this request: would you pull the exact language from the TOS (terms of service) that says they can change characters when need. I looked for it and missed it. Thanks

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They made my Thorne better in the last year and I’m disgusted at them for it. I wanted a terrible hero not an average one. I want my TC20 pull back.


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