Is it bait and switch?

Is it bait and switch to offer one hero at a certain stat, profit off of it and then change hero’s stat to an inferior one? My opinion is yes. I only say yes because it seems intentional being they knew how strong the hero was and were told by beta testers how strong the hero was and released it anyways for the profits. I do respect your opinion as well though. Is it illegal? Due to their fine print I would say probably not unfortunately. Gambling or not I have a reasonable expectation to pull for a hero then use the hero as advertised. The only way to send a message is to stop spending. I for one will not be spending all through June then maybe longer. Think of it from a business stand point. If you buy something from a company being told it does one thing then they don’t deliver the product as intended or change the deal you stop doing business with them until they fix what they did. I would like to see somewhere on the summon odd page from now on, “Hero’s are subject to be changed at any time if E&P finds that a hero has been released in a poor condition deemed by E&P staff” or something of that effect. Anyways that’s just one opinion and look forward to a civil conversation with the opposing side. What do you think? Is it bait and switch? What does or does not make it bait and switch?




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HotMs are an additional thing. You may get them as a reward onto your bought or free pulls.

How can a free gift be sth like bait’n’switch?

They never sold heroes, they only sell gems (some kinda ingame-cash) and and some items. You decide to do whatever with it.

If they advertised 1000 gems for 3 bucks and afterwards you only get 800 for 3, that would have been what you were talking about.


Great point - HotM are bonus draws!!


Exactly - there is NO selling of heroes in this game. So there is no bating and switching.

And, again, in these types of games, there will always be some form of balancing whether it be nerfs and/or buffs.


Not entirely. Yes you buy gems for what you want. So when I buy gems specifically for summoning a hero and I keep buying and summoning for a hero I have that right of course. Why do I summon? For that hero. What do I do when I get that hero? I stop summoning. Then I have an expectation that the hero I summoned for would have certain stats and ability hotm or not. I only summon when I need hotm. If you go to the carnival and gamble on a game you win a prize. That prize becomes yours. At a casino that money becomes yours. Overall I have an expectation to keep my prize or product as it was promised not altered.


Yes but there are advertised prizes. Changing prizes can also be bait and switch.

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Every summon you received something. Any and all HotMs you received were BONUS only; not the actual product you attempted to draw for.

Of course they sell heroes, you an use semantics and say they only sell gems etc but hear are only bought to use on pulling heroes. Personally I don’t think it is bait and switch but they definitely do sell heroes But just not directly


Nah you’re not picking up what I putting down. Nice counterpoint though :+1:t2:

Maybe you should do it like me…
…just 4 the thrill :smiling_imp:


I do indeed get some thrills out of it lol.

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The other point also is that some heroes are buffed and better than when they were bought, does everyone stop using them out of principle as it’s better than they bought ?


Perhaps you should blame the people who complained about how powerful Telluria is, and their ability to post their complaints so furiously and copiously that they eventually convinced the developers to make the unprecedented move to alter a Hero of the Month significantly after release. (EDIT: Make that two HOTMs, with Vela being part of the OP complaints and suffering an adjustment as well.)

They appear to have done exactly what the community wanted them to do… and now people are mad at them for it. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


No bait though. Just switched. You weren’t unintentionally baited.

Well now it’s being met by equal opposition. Who’s side do they take now?

Those alliances with
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SGG stated they are also considering balancing based on data - not just player feedback.

Other heroes were balanced/altered before; this is NOT unprecendented.

We don’t know what the final changes to the heroes will be; to say ‘significantly’ is disingenuous, because nobody knows.




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