Is It bad luck ? Atlantis province 1 stage 2

I have been farming adventure kits but so far i spent 6 we flask only to see a disminished amount of them .
When in others AR i received like x4 per level this AR i have been receiving mostly X2 per level with ocassional X1 like It would S1 farming

Its 0,87 per 1 WE on average for 1.2 and it works for me

I use S2-1-7 for more monsters. That gives a higher chance for Seadragons. Also I use the same map for filling the monster chest. I see no difference in numbers of backpacks.


So i concluded i simply had a bad luck streak .
I dont know about percentages and maths , either they are important for me in this situation because i can easily see comparing with previous AR that the final outcome of my farming is different . While after one day of farming i used to have at least 500k of adventure packs with 6-7 we flasks i only have around 350 now .

I will burn ten more and then use some gems to see what happen but i see myself behind so far of others AR when i ended with 1k of kits

Thanks ! I will try that stage and see what brings to me .

Also S2 1-3 1-9 during AR I also farm for backpacks

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All of the S2 1-* levels have the same drop rate. 10 has the best XP, but this AR I was getting pretty bad backpacks from it in my entirely anecdotal evidence.

I switched to 2 and feel better, even though I doubt it really mattered.

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I always did 1-2 during AR. 3 stages, easy end boss means faster to clear each run.

Well someone who is feeling the same .
Im not so crazy so :laughing:

Yes , i consider it one of the best places to farm .
However this AR is not giving me good results as it did others AR before

More WE on all AR and minus mats…E&P path…same on S1 8/7

Here is my summary of this Atlantis just gone:


I tried 1-2 as A change from my usual 1-9, and averaged only 24 packs as opposed to 32 in 1-9. Definitely going to stick to 1-9.

Just to clarify, that’s 32 packs for every 6x using loot tickets, to max out my WE.

I did 1-9 as well

14 we flasks for 14 days add to currently 24/7 running TC2.

Any records of Atlantic coins during that 804 runs ?

I didn’t record it sorry… :frowning:

Was spending coins as I got them essentially

Remember the number of pulls and that x100 coins. That should give roughly the total coins.
I just farm a quarter of your total runs and got about 100 coins. My player level is 28 with maximum 28 we. Higher levels players have advantage here because they get more we from their flasks.

Btw kuddo for sharing us the information.

Maybe. But higher level.players also ground and Stuck with it to get to the higher World Energy… Wasn’t just handed to us.

At a GUESS I’d say I started with about 400 coins. Then bought ~400 more. And did a total of 12 summons… So about 350-450 coins…? Idk… As I said; I didn’t pay much attention during the farming. Just the start & end results.

Thanks Guvnor. You analysis are so detailed.
It happened to me that in the end of second day of farming and in the third day i started to see more backspack (around 3-6) per level.
I know its absolutly random .
I use 16 we flask and ended with 800 backspack (rounding It a little bit ) .
I ended farming S2 1-2 too

Again im in the bad luck side. Last 2 flask ive used the max number of AK s2 1 .2 gave me is 3. I think i will try later because the common outcome is 1 or 2 AK per level right now . Im not going to burn my flask to that low number.

At certain hours i start to see around 3 to 6 per level , being 3 and 4 the common outcome. But then i have streaks of poor results (only 1 or 2 kits per level)

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