Is it about the players it the$$$

I love this game and I have met some great people and I really wanna continue to play long term… But I’m noticing that the prices are steep and the pay off is terrible, epic tokens turn up 3* which is crazy, epic lvl should start at 4* and 5* , if I spend 20$ just too try for epic characters no way should I get a 3* hero maybe I’m being spoiled but I just feel that my money should be more appreciated if I’m willing to blow it for these characters… Anyway does anyone else feel ripped off? I wanna spend more money but Everytime I do I end up with lame heros so lately I just stick to freebies and build the ones I got from grinding it out… I’m afraid to buy epic hero tokens for fear of ending up with 2 or 3 wreak ■■■ 3* …


When you feel your money is misspent, stop spending!

I love this game, but I never spend outside my budget, and am therefore never unhappy with it.

This game offers plenty of free heroes over time. The TC20 (Training Camp 20) is the best deal for free heroes.


Welcome to the game :slight_smile: glad you’re enjoying it.

I think a good place to start with is:
Most importantly,

  1. what do you want out of the game?
    1b) to feel like you’re excelling what do you need?

  2. how much money would you be willing to [happily] devote to the game to get there?

There are a lot of threads like this btw. But I think to try to answer your question we will need more info from you


Money doesn’t necessarily make you excell: you may get the heroes (yay!) but you’ll still need the ascension items (which seems to be more or less even for F2P and P2W)


Excellent points.

You can potentially get the HOTM and other 4-5* heroes faster - but leveling them will take time regardless.

I think for someone asking about value in a game like this, my first thought is always: ‘what do you enjoy about the game?’

Because for me getting new heroes is my favs part. And I don’t wanna cheat myself outta that process with spending a boatload of cash… but maybe he really wants to like, compete for the leaderboard. Or kick butt in AW or take down 10* titans :stuck_out_tongue: I dunno man :smiley:


Don’t get me wrong, the random generation portal is one of my favorite parts, I just like the game so much that I don’t mind blowing cash on it, but when I have it’s just been kind of a let down, I love the grind of building my guys…I wanna be Titan Slayer for sure and I would pay for that pleasure because I love you game, I’m just afraid to given the results of my last venture.

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You’ll get 3* heroes at a rate about 75-80%, 4* at 15-20% and 5* about 2-5%.
Prepare yourself to get A LOT of 3* in case you decide to spend $.

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Well let’s see. When I joined, I had like $40 to blow (yeah, big roller I know).

I experimented with 1x and 10x rolls, epic and elemental. I also raced as fast as possible to TC13, to create my own free 3* and rare 4*.

I look on spending as extra sauce. This is a time game for me, and sauce is nice. But if I start to feel unhappy spending, I stop.


in summary: a good game but one where spending money is of doubtful value for most players?

After playing for about 9 months I have the follwoing mental picture of where to spend money:
Jewels: doubtful value, I’d say they are overpriced by a factor of 3-5

Spending jewels:

  • Resources, speeding (training and building) and “common” summoning: zero worth for the player, unless one has far far far more money than sense (note: by definition anyonve rich has more money than sense - as the later has a more definitive human limit ;))
  • Summoning: some value but really just because one has to do something with the jewels
  • Promotions with mats: can be worth it. Sometimes. Unless tey ask for 9500 jewels for something probably worth half of it. See first category :slight_smile:

So, unless you really like to gamble, not realy worth your money. YMMV of course.

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I decided that I really needed a 4 or 5* hero to replace Bane. Now I like Bane, but he’s only 3* and I guess I need something better to move on. So I decided to blow a bunch of gems on the current Holy summons. I got a Hu Tao - ok, but slow mana. I try to avoid those. Then I got a Wu Kong - but I already have one and don’t think he’s too good for me. I need someone who can hit. Then I got two more Hu Taos in a row. Really? They can’t check to see what I’ve gotten recently and avoid giving me another? So I got two Banes in a row, and two or three more 3* guys.

Not happy. Anyway, what do I do with the 3* guys that I don’t need? Feed them to Hu Tao?

Okay, stop right there!

  1. 3* can be used right now on the map, on Beginner Events and in War where you don’t have 4/5*. Bane is a GOOD 3*, do not throw! (Remember you need 30 heroes for war!)

  2. HuTao is not bad, just not great. Duplicates (4x) can be fed for a guaranteed skillup! (Do you have five HuTao?)

  3. WUKONG!!! This is the hero that folks in the top 100 use to make insane scores off titans. DO NOT THROW!

When in doubt, wait it out. Read the Forum and learn about the cards you dismiss. They may be more valuable than you think. I still have and use my maxed Bane, and other favorite 3* cards. :slight_smile:


@Smooth_criminal I suggest you adjust your expectations toward the actual odds. This reply has the most useful summary I’ve found: Knights of Avalon Event Summon Results Megathread

One or more 5 * - 23.9 % (~half are event)
One or more regular 4 * - 82.9%
One or more event 4* - 42.6%
Only 3* heros - 6.2 %
Hotm - 110 pulls will give you only a 66% chance of landing 1 or more

If you aren’t happy with those odds at $20~30, don’t spend it on trying to pull heroes in this game…and know that random number generators being what they are, your results will probably vary from typical quite a bit!

Given odds like this at a 10-pull (which gives you a 13% savings compared to singles), don’t spend your gems on single pulls looking for 4-5* heroes. (I had NO blue 4*s after my first 10-pull, so I did blue elemental pulls 'till I got one; I think it took 4 to get Kiril, and that felt like a justifiable exception.)

There are a few spending “thresholds” for me. (Been playing a month now)

First is the really good deals. The ones that give you double the gems for your money, or guaranteed ascension items cheap. The VIP pass is top of that list. (The starter special if you happen to be in your first few days of the game, too. Spending that $10 at the starting gate made for a huge initial boost; I effectively started with a 3* lineup plus Layla, which was great!)

In other words, $10 got me over that first hump of playing with Bane and 2* heroes. I suspect it would have taken a week or two getting there for free.

If it is in your budget, there are other exceptional deals, usually the event specials, seasonal/holiday specials, and the occasional randomly popping up epic offer…although not all of them are that good. Many give you ~2X gems/dollar compared to the standard offers.

My second threshold was getting over the “next hump”. When my 3* lineup was pretty much maxed, I could see that I wasn’t going to be going anywhere until I got a 4* lineup, and I bought my way to a full lineup–three 5*, nine 4*, and enough 3* that some are food. And, of course I then had to buy extra slots with some of those gems…to hold all the good heroes I wanted to develop, or at least hoard. I bought at the good deals, and had quite good luck too. I’m very happy with my results for ~$75 spent.

I’ll be getting a full team to level 60, and have items to get a couple to level 70, 'tho I’ll probably get more “extra” heroes of a particular color to 60 before I see many at 70. My “next hump” is going to be about ascension items, and from what I’ve read, that is one you can’t buy yourself over…and even trying is stupidly expensive…so I doubt I’ll be making a third purchase in this “hump” category.

I’d also note that randomness still impacted my lineup even with “good luck”. I have too many green, too many purple, too few blue, too few yellow, and too many healers. Eventually the gaps will get filled in.

That leaves me with the last and highest category of spending, one that I’ll probably not feel happy about personally, but I’ve read of plenty of people doing it: OH-MY-GOD-I-WANT-THAT-HERO! As in as many 10-pulls as it takes to get a specific event hero or HotM. (I’ve read of 10+ 10-pulls / $260+ to get one hero before, and that may not even be particularly bad luck…)

Of course, I might feel differently come May–Aeron doesn’t fill any sort of need in my lineup, so he’s easy for me to let go on by. (And I was really happy to beat the odds and get Deliliah from one 10-pack in March.)

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I also spent a lot of money on this game. And I often complained about not getting the right heroes or items or whatever. But to be honest, it was my decision to spend my hard earned money. They don’t promise you 4 or 5 star heroes. There’s a chance to get them. So actually, it isn’t their fault, they just make an offer. If someone is willing to take it, it’s their own mistake. I stopped spending big money and enjoy the game like it is.

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This game is more about the really great people you meet who also play. Is frustrating at times? heck yeah! It is also a patience tester. This is a great game that even better people play.


Spending more does not give you increased chances at anything except disappointment. I spent over $1200 between the two Avalon events trying to get Guin and failing, while also hearing of people getting her AND Aeron off of one 300 gem summons. Yes, I have a gambling problem and now have to live out of my car.
The only increased chance you get at 5-stars is elemental summons vs. regular summons. However, the increase probably isn’t much in absolute terms.


(I’m hoping to hear from the Devs at some point when we might see previous HOTMs return, so some folks get a chance at ones that eluded them.)

Me, I will be on TC20 Mountain trying to churn out regular 5* for free.


I guess my biggest complaint was getting the same hero on three out of four pulls. I’m a retired computer programmer and I don’t mind giving the developers some money, but a bit of code could ensure a bit less randomness in that situation. Is there a point in keeping multiple copies of the same hero?

For 3*, they struggle to max their special 8/8 before they reach level 50. So saving up 4 of them at a time to get a 100% special increase is a good tactic.

For 4* and above, having multiples of each hero can be helpful for Alliance Wars. For example, I currently have 2 Boldtusks leveled because he’s so good on attack. I keep 2 copies of each hero and more if it’s a really good hero. Outside of Wars sometimes I see double heroes on regular raid defense teams too and those can be brutal. Double Li Xiu, Colen, Alby, Sartana…

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I tend to spend money when there are ascension items that I need offered. The gems are just an added bonus which I use for event summons, or speeding up wanted chests.

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That’s a great point…Just take it for what it really is, there aren’t any promises other than you have a chance at getting something you want. It’s up to us to decide if we’re willing to take the risk. This game can be really tough to play when expectations take over. It’s a money pit, period. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no fun to be had, if you’re willing to exercise some patience and go at your own pace. You’ll come across some great people and grow slowly but surely…I’ve done my share of spending, but at some point you have to cut your loses and just be smart about it. I’ve been cutting down my spending over the last few weeks and only jump on offers that I find real value (to me) other than that I just use gems to skip wait times, buy the occasional world energy and that’s about it…We have to be smart about this whole spending thing and expecting all the goodies every time…
I don’t know what’s going on, but the rewards have been sub standard as of late…I hope they cut us a break soon…

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