Is Isarnia too powerful?

255% damage to ALL enemies and -44% defence for 4 rounds when maxed?

So not only does she do 2 and a half times damage to all 5 enemy heroes, but also then reduces their defenses by almost HALF?! No chance to defend against that in raids as we can’t use potions. Those ficures should be halved or one of the abilities removed altogether.

“Slow” u can easily kill her with Lianna before she activates her skill. Also 235%.


Slow mana heroes are trouble. Isarnis, Alberich, Justice, Quintus, Azlar, etc.—if you let them cast, you are ina world of hurt.


Ailment cleansers and defense buffers both counter that special skill

There are very many ways to cope with her:

  • She’s slow mana with a very average defense stat. Just kill her.
  • Mana control heroes or special control heroes can keep her from firing (think: Hansel, Gretel, Little John, Azar, Li Xiu, Chao, Leonidas, Proteus, Merlin, Hel)
  • Any attack debuffer will compromise her damage output (think: Scarlett, Buddy, Richard, Skittleskull, Horghall)
  • Any defense buffer on your team will mitigate her damage while the buff is up (think: Kiril, Magni, Vivica)
  • Once her attack has hit, you can cleanse the debuff (think: Rigard, Zimkitha)
  • Once her attack has hit, casting a defense buff will overwrite her debuff (think: Kiril, Magni, Vivica)
  • Perfect Riposte and similar heroes will likely kill her when she fires (Cyprian, Boril, Elena)

I kill her in raids quite often, usually with all 4* teams, thanks to Proteus and Rigard helping out.

Often I can stop her (or other heavy slow AoE hitters) with Proteus, or recover with Rigard. I bring both on pretty much all raids these days since I’m in high Platinum/low Diamond and face 5* teams most of the time.


Yes. She’s powerful if you let her fire and dont have any counters for her.

A slow mana low defense/hitpoint 5 star SHOULD make you pay. Its her balance.


Being slow as others have pointed out balances her. Great hero though has her weak spots. Also I believe her buff is 6 rounds not 4 which is beast for titans

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Other thing, she has quite low defence. Stack some green and it might kill her very quick.

Isa looks lame but it always surprises when she fires her special…and not in the good way :smile:

Damage is devaststing. It’s pretty much game over if she gets to blast her icy doomsday present :slight_smile:


Slow is Quintus and, repaired, gives 270 and nothing else, the truth is that, for its level, it is a little high

Might want to remove Ulmer from that list, as he is defense debuff. Were you thinking of Richard? Great post otherwise :D.


I was. Thanks! Good catch!


She is my icy lady :heart:


Bring three greens, hit her by 6 tiles and she’s almost gone before she casts her deadly threat.

If one of the greens was a fast hitter, Isarnia will be history.

She is one of the hereos, which will destroy you if you let her fire due to a bad board or you being unprepared. But if you pay attention and bring the right heroes she can be killed quit easy.
Stack green heroes or use a mana controller is best. Using Rigard sounds nice in theory, but not ideal. If Isarnia fires at least one of your heroes will most likely die.

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She’s slow, that’s why she’s mighty - as stated before. Also dies easily vs. reflect heroes or the casual color stacking.

Wanted to add another great way to kill her. Mitsuko and her blue reflect is great, you don’t see Isarnia at tank, so therefore she takes a while to charge. Mitsuko at average speed usually goes off just before Isarnia is ready to fire, then just hammer tiles into her, and let her explode herself. Just remember not to target her with Mitsuko special so you don’t cut her mana

Particularly good when stacking red against a green tank with her at flank

Isarnia is powerful, but as @Garanwyn points out there are many ways to reduce her effectiveness or eliminate her completely


Just curious…If you had Isarnia what emblems would you focus on - her attack or defence? Defence seems the obvious thing but boosting her attack could make her lethal. Interesting dilemma.

Give her points of armor and health but the % skill I‘d give her attack. So probably a mix of both.

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