Is Inari worth it?

Asking for a friend here he want to know is Inari is worth chasing after (Inari is a featured alantis hero and he has all the other featured heroes) Let me know if more info is needing because it probably will be lol

I really hate this premise, because the odds of getting a specific Featured Hero are crap.

Unless they have a very, very large budget, I wouldn’t recommend Summoning for someone who has 3 out of 4 Featured Heroes, unless they’d also be very happy with a duplicate.

I guess knowing their budget would be a useful start.

After 213 Summons, you’d have a cumulative probability of 50% of getting at least one of the desired specific Featured Hero.

I think most players would be unhappy to spend 60000 gems for a coin-flip chance at a hero they want.


Okay thanks

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I have Inari- and she is maxed but I would say she doesn’t see a lot of use- she is ok for raids and tile damage in titans but she still just doesn’t quite make it to most of my teams. I would say to pull for her- no not worth it. If you get her by chance then sure she is fun- but I don’t think she is a hero to really try for

Inari is fun, but would not have been my first or second or even third choice for a Yellow 5*. agree with above, she’s fun but not worth chasing for.

for context, she was my second maxed Yellow 4*/5* after Li Xiu. I maxed Inari so i could double stack Yellow. the dodge chance and high tile damage are nice, but heroes with more reliable specials are more useful in my opinion.

Not any one hero in the game is worth pulling for if you need only one of the featured heroes.

HotM’s are different because at some point you will get it. Khiona is still my third most expensive hero because she took 290 pulls to get.

Second most expensive was Arthur. I didn’t need Guinevere because I had pulled her the first time around. The second time I wanted to improve my titan team and it was before Frida was around. I did get him but had regrets. Compared the hero to how many PS4, Switch or PC games it would have gotten me.

Most expensive was going after Ariel last month when I wanted only her. Ended up not getting her (Didn’t need 12 Grazul’s either). I could afford to lose that money but realized I’m just pulling because of a minor gambling addiction and that I need to stop. Should have bought a sweet subwoofer instead, now postponing that until Black Friday. (Maybe good deal on SVS PB 16 Ultra?)

Made me go full free to play going forward. I have 270 days of VIP left and will see if I need VIP when it ends. Refuse to give this game any more money for now. Surprised the law against loot boxes doesn’t help when it’s currency you buy instead (that you need to open the loot boxes).

If he has a crush on her. He could play a famous MOBA and get her sister for free.

If not, as said above. You have extremely high chances on get ruined not getting her and fall in depression for that.

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Yeah I said not worth it he said worth it so I took the argument to the fourms to make sure I wasn’t missing any math lol