Is Inari worth going all out for?

Inari seems like a frustrating SOB in the later stages. For someone laking Guinevere, but looking to be competitive, is Inari a game changer that is a must have? Opinions of any sorts are appreciated

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Definitely, but not as a tank. His special’s activation requires to be planned and in defense it work better with high priority dispel tanks as Ares or Boss Wolf.

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I don’t think she’s a game changer at all, would take Guin over her 10/10 times.

There are a lot of heros, and new ones come out every month. I wouldn’t break the bank to chase any of them. And going all out here really would mean breaking the bank.

There are 4 featured heroes dividing up 1.3% probability in Atlantis. That means the average number of pulls to get Inari is 308, and the 95% probability point (19 in 20 chance) is 920 pulls. That’s a LOT of money, and 5% of the time you’d still not get her.

So my advice is set a budget for pulls such that you genuinely won’t be upset if you end up not getting Inari for the money spent, and then see if you get lucky.

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