Is Inari a hero geared just for Titan teams?

Her ultra high damage stat of 813 and her special ability of all allies getting a 56% chance to dodge special skills seems very good for going against titans. And if you dodge you get a fox minion which gives you 7% mana each turn. Seems like this hero is only made for Titans.

Considering titan specials are Usually few and far between, I don’t really see getting that much value from her special in titans. Yes it works some what, and her att is good. But being geared only for titans? I’d say no, her special has much more impact in raids imo.

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This is a ridiculous take hahaha. Read her stats and ability again, tell me she’s only good for titans. That she isn’t amazing in every aspect of the game.

Good for titans and as a flank hero. She could make Boss Wolf reach the meta.

Dodging specials is much more useful in raids and event bosses than on titans. Titans fire their special rarely so she’s not of that much extra help in that scenario.

She has the highest tile damage among yellows…

I think Inari is better for wars and raids. Bringing minions to a titan fight really slows you down.

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