Is ignorance bliss? Or put another way is knowing everything a hindrance?

Hi all,

You’ve seen me around a bit now I’m sure but I’ve been mulling this for a few days.

My alliance, whom I joined about a year ago now, is made up of mostly casuals. I’m the only member on here for example and last I looked we are ranked about 13500 ish. To put it mildly we are little fish.

It’s chilled out and we beat 8* titans and generally just play super relaxed. No war tactics, just hit what you can, if you want to etc etc.

I think that sometimes it feels like that the Facebook pages or the forum represents the voice of the player base but in all truth until I told them about the whole Telluria thing none of them even knew it was going on. They were just happily playing the game.

Some of them have Telluria and some of them have Vela. They get super excited when they pull a HOTM or an event hero.

Here’s the point…we have 29 members right now, all fairly active. Even if we drew the line at a top 500 alliances there’s still 13000 alliances ahead of us and one assumes they are all as active as we are. So that’s what, 390,000 players before we get to the top 500?

How many of these players are even aware of all of the behind the scenes stuff? And looking backwards how many of the alliances behind us?

For most players the first they have any idea of the changes is when the app updates. They shrug and carry on.

So back to the question…is ignorance bliss? If your characters just changed and you had no idea it was coming what would the reaction be? It’s happened already by then after all. My guess is the vast majority of people would just carry on playing the game they like. I think envy them sometimes too.

If this doesn’t make sense I blame the 8th beer I just had…


It’s a valid point. The forum is a small slice of the player base imo and even then, there are forum members who read more than post. Personally I would carry on either way, but I can see how just avoiding the information altogether can be less stressful for players.


I think I agree. If you are happy pottering along, not trying to be top10/100/1000 etc It is a much calmer life not following all the drama that is inevitable if you follow much of the forum and Facebook and… So ignorance may be bliss. The alliance ambience of casual enjoyment works here

I think the tricky part comes if everyone is fairly laid back initially but then one (or more) gets gung ho about letting everyone in the alliance know what is going on and consequently raises the angst level. I suspect that sort of thing has probably led to a number of split alliances and game exits.


This is good food for thought! So much so, I am not even sure what I fully think about it yet.

I get a little obsessed about hobbies and such. I have been playing about 7 months, and this forum is just an extension of getting obsessed about it. I may be one of two or three that read on here to varying degrees, and the bulk of my alliance wouldn’t have known about the Telly stuff, had I not brought it up.

My whole thing is that I enjoy playing, and what I read on here is not going to impact that much at all. Nerf or no nerf, I enjoy spending a little and getting new characters and becoming a better player. I make goals for myself, and enjoy talking about the game, and these forums things, with the people in my alliance.

I like to know as much about something as I can…I guess to avoid ignorance. But I also don’t know that what I have learned here impacts how much I do or dont like it.

I will definitely think about this topic more.

Thanks for putting out a thoughtful thread…especially something other than about Telly.


@Yates1876 No problems. It was just going around my head so felt I had to get it out.

At my work we often send out client surveys. My anecdotal view of the responses are it’s often the people with a gripe or grudge that want the opportunity to voice them again and the people that run them think a 3% response rate is good. Of that 3% (let’s say it’s 300 for this example) there will likely be 100 who just wanted to complain and say we are rubbish again and 200 just tick top marks for everything for the chance to win the IPad.

I personally don’t really see the value in them as the other 97% could be considered happy enough with your offering and service that they didn’t feel the need the complain and can’t be bothered to say you are doing a great job just to try for an iPad. Their continued use of your service is the only feedback they will give. They aren’t bothered about giving you feedback on what you can do better or have a moan about how bad you are doing it because what you are doing is good enough for them.

Now in my alliance when V30 rolls outs I wonder how many would have overly noticed? I mean there’s a lot of heroes getting a buff so I actually think they’d actually be chuffed with it. How many will stop playing? Well I’d wager none of them will.


We’ve been in and out of the top 500 (when we’re full, we make it in, when someone leaves, we fall to 550 or so). And most of us are not very active on the forums. They only get the information like the buffs/nerfs when those of us who are active report it in Line/in-game chat.

Mostly we complain about the horrible boards in wars and raids. :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting point.

Those players who use the forums represent a small percentage of the overall player base and of the forum community, I’d imagine that only so many actively follow the rolling saga of the Beta threads or other forms of information concerning upcoming updates. For many players, the finer details of any particular update will probably pass by unremarked and they’ll continue to enjoy the game regardless of what changes occur.

I honestly think that for the majority of players, it’s not so much that ignorance is bliss but whether they know or not, really will not make a huge difference to them or their outlook on the game. This is the feeling I get from those I play with and we have a good mix of different types of players.

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Oh we do that too :joy: in fact I did that very thing an hour ago…

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I’m the only one from my alliance who frequent the forum to bring news to my fellow mates. We are all casual players. We want to have fun and that’s all. Buffs and nerfs don’t really get much of a reaction from us even though we have both the soon to be buffed or nerfed heroes. It is not because we’re ignorant. It’s because all of us have a similar mentality…It’s a game, don’t take it too seriously, we enjoy the interactions the game provides and that is fun and fulfilled our goal of playing.

So, I personally think it is the differences in the goal of playing and how to achieve the goal that make the different reactions.


Same here :laughing:

We also have a lot of “just pulled a xxx!”, followed by congratulations but end up with “I don’t have enough ascension mats to level it” complain. :rofl:


I have to agree with what you are saying here. I have only just moved alliances in the last 3 days.
My old alliance knew everything about Telluria and Vela and the balancing activity. We were small fry middle range 9*/10* Titans. About 5 out of 30 had Telluria only 1 or 2 had Vela.
And about 75% were up in arms about the nerf - didn’t want it, said it was all wrong etc. etc.
Only one of the more technical players thought it was good to nerf
In my new alliance, to be very honest, none of them give a monkeys and don’t get involved and just play for fun. They don’t really care as long as they are playing a game.
As an example I had to make the suggestion that someone use their fully levelled and emblemed Mother North in their war defence team yesterday to replace Skittleskull.
But they like playing Skittleskull so he stayed. I thought that was really cool. Made me chuckle anyhow.
But my point is there are probably hundreds of thousands of players in this game that just play for the fun.


Absolutely yes.
The problem is you’ll be an ignorant.

I surely could stop reading about all the problems going on all over my country. All about economic and political madness. All about COVID crisis. And here on forums I could stop debating about the game and where is it going, I possibly will be happy and blessed. But an ignorant :man_shrugging:

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Sorry, I couldn’t help myself:


It’s the same in my alliance. We are fighting 9* titans, playing our 6 flags in war without any stress etc. At that level, in raid or in war we are fighting against different thanks, different teams. At that level, there is stilll variety. The problem is only for those who are playing in the top ranking, top alliances.
People in my alliance didn’t know about this nerf. We are a frenshspeaking alliance and I’m the only one who understand english. So, because of the language, no one read the forum. We all were so fustrated with this nerf.

@Guvnor Yay! I became a meme!

Life goal complete


But let’s discuss that a little.

Will the player not on the forum get monstered by Aquaman…ermm I mean the Tel/Vel “rebalance”. I don’t think the majority of players will. What they might notice is a change in defences and that if they do play the combo it’s not the horror show it was.

Or they will see all the smaller buffs to the heroes they have and still use. My lot are getting excited by new costumes at the minute. So there you go. It’s like in the Simpsons when Malibu Stacey launched a new hat…


Over the years I’ve been sent to many training courses and for the most I roll my eyes and just get through it. However one did connect with me which was something called the “Circles of Influence”.

Now the end goal was just to get us to stop moaning about system issues they couldn’t fix but it did resonate. We do all get stressed about things which are outside our control. When you think “I can’t control this in any way” it does reduce the anxiety of it.

Now I know people are required for change but on a daily basis I can’t do anything about a lot of things. I can change what I do…so I can recycle or try to not buy plastic etc etc but I can’t make anyone else do that no matter how much I shout or wave a sign around. I know people will disagree and of course they are entitled to but it did amaze me what difference disconnecting from certain annoyances made to me.


Yeah this and the Facebook page is a small chunk of players. In my alliance I’m probably the only one who really looks on here and our line chat there only about 2-3 others.
Got a mix in my alliance some been playing ages just play for fun, someone got rings of the rare titan the other day been playing a year didn’t have a clue what they was for never got any before.
@JGE I get what yah saying bout changing a hero but is there choice it’s not hurting you really is it. As painful as it that’s something iv kinda lernt that along the way as its down to them if it makes them happy.
They probably enjoy the game more haha.

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Yes I totally agree with that. I was asked by the co-leader of the alliance to look at teams and make suggestions / give some tips.
That’s all I did. But I would never try to enforce my opinion on anyone in the game.
And yes the player with Skittleskull was simply having fun and just liked the hero more than Mother North it was as simple as that. And to be honest After reading all the toxic stuff in the forum lately from people who sometimes take the game way too serious, I found that stance to be really refreshing… it really put a smile on my face all through the war (which we lost by just a handful of points) …


I think this. The players who are not paying attention or not interested in what’s happening with the nerf/buff “debate” may not even realize that it happened. If they are really observant about how their heroes perform they MAY notice a change in Telly/Vela, but many likely will not. If I wasn’t on the forums here I probably wouldn’t myself. I don’t have either hero so for me it would be changes as an opponent.

I don’t think the changes in defense will be as sudden as all that. They will happen gradually, but a lot of players have invested in the Telly/Vela combo and unless that becomes overnerfed to uselessness (which I don’t see happening) many will still continue to use it.

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