Is Horus better than C. Drake Fong?

What do you think? They both do similar damage to three (240% vs. 250%), but Horus is VF, has a 40% chance to fire his passive ability, and has better stats. However, Drake Fong has a more useful secondary ability IMO (-50% accuracy vs. 450 health reduction over 3 turns) and also a better class (fighter vs. barbarian). Thoughts?

  • C. Drake Fong
  • Horus

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Who are you going to use Horus with?

I have Horus, and am using him for S5 for the FB and passives, paired with Sobek.

I seldom use him for war or raid though because 450 over 3 turns is too slow to take out anyone.

I use C Rumple for that. One bite = 500 reduction, if that special activates.

He comes in handy for healer heavy teams, paired with heroes that block heal, and there is no cleaner in the defence team. The fight can be rather drawn out as I slowly “strangle” that passive defence to death.

I have put him on sentry duty for my raid defence, for now, to give him something to do, paired with vampires and DD.

I optEd for Drake. Blind @50% is rather effective.


Thanks for the info! To be honest, I don’t have set teams and I change them around depending on who I’m going against - so really the one that is most versatile is probably the one I’d prefer to ascend. I don’t do mono teams so I usually play rainbow teams while doubling up on one colour. Yeah the passive is the one thing about Horus that makes him pretty good IMO, and I already have Dr Moreau who I use for blinding but of course he’s a different element!

Drake at 50% is better than his original. Healing renews that ailment.

I have been blinded by him @50%. Definitely more effective. I had to hold off healing as I could too.

If you want diversity, then do Horus or maybe wait.

One thing about max life reducers: if enemy health is still pretty much intact, they need to go first. Ahead of everyone else, even DD unless DD hero does no damage like Wilbur. That max life reduce counts as damage too, I think.

I have tried observing his damage as much as I can. Can’t give you a definitive answer.

With C Rumpel, it was more straightforward cos he does no damage beyond that poison. His bite is 500 straight off HP.

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Thanks for explaining, I understand! A little off topic but how are you finding C. Rumpel, I haven’t heard much feedback on him? Do you find that the 500 max health reduction is the most desired special of the three, and how often do you find him doing it?

I have always fancied him but never levelled him till the costume came along. Shortage of 4AM and all that, pushed me in favour of another blue always.

Odds for each special is 33.33%.

I usually bring him in addition to another full non-boost healer, as a wild card, for a weaker team.

Based on my experimentation so far, I found that I could nudge selection process along a little.

Example : with Vanda activated, odds of 1st or 3rd special going off about 70-80% of the time. No Vanda around and enemy with heavy DoT going to activate, forcing me to hold off on Toxic or Rigard, Rumpel shoots middle special about 70% of the time.

I learnt to activate other buffs first and leave Rumpel last. Except when attack is in early stages, and enemy health is pretty much intact. That’s when Rumpel goes off first and odds of first or third is pretty even.

There are times that Rumpel does the unnecessary like block ailment when it’s already on or it’s not necessary then. I am still thankful for the health boost. Staying alive is just as important.

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