Is hero summoning never ending?


I don’t want to type what I have because I know the minute I do my luck will tank…but…I’m pretty happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. I have Skittleskull for my green. Resourceful little devil, I like him. I think he likes me too. :laughing:
Anywho…the green just came up on my epic summon. Do you generally go for the 5*? Or just level up the 4? Are we perpetually summoning heroes to get the monthly one? Or to get an all 5* team? I have Vivica, so I’m not really hot for Musashi. Yeah…I’ve been extraordinarily lucky ~ I have no idea how.
Thanks guys! Oh…I have about 1700 gems but I’m not sure if I should save them for troops?


I wouldn’t waste gems on epic troops. As you play you’ll get epic troops tokens along the way…plus the troops you get from the regular summon token can be leveled once you get a barracks.

As for your team composition, it really depends on how much you want to play and how long you want to wait - 3 star heroes only need farmable items for ascension, so they can easily be maxed to tier 3 level 50. 4 star guys are easily ascended to tier 3, but the final tier needs more exotic materials. 5 star guys cost the same to move to Tier 3 that 4 star do for final ascension, and then they really need a lot of materials to go to tier 4. You can see those costs here

As to team composition, that really depends on who you have and what your other heroes are. Skittleskull is IMO a mediocre 4* green as he is not that great for raid attacks or titans due to his slow speed AOE attack. But as to what to do with your gems, again that really depends on the rest of your team composition.


I would save my gems and summon during an elemental summon for the color you need. Sounds like you have a great Yellow in Vivica. Skittleskull is not the greatest green but will do for the early stages. If you are still using 3* red, purple and blue I would summon during those elemental colors.