Is Hansel one of the best green?

Better or worst than Caedmon?
Better or worst than Cabin Boy Peter?

Better then caedmon? Yes, he’s just a dispeller don’t get all the fus around him

Better then peters? Yes, Hansel doesn’t hit as hard but his special does damage when mana is full, reduces mana and gets a 70% special defence

You can‘t rly compare him to Ceadmon but he is super good in my opinion. Do you think his special works on titans? That would be even better

His special prevents titan’s specials from firing but doesn’t deal 21% of their hp if that’s what you were hoping for :smile:. I also agree that you can’t compare him to Caedmon easily since their abilities are useful in different situations. He’s better than Peters imo since he reduces the target’s mana if they reach full, but Caedmon is better against teams with multiple buffers, since he can remove all the buffs at once while Hansel could not stop more than one from casting in the first place.


Hansel is probably my fav hero at the moment. He is permanently in my raiding team. Will kill anyone if used correctly. And i mean timed correctly as well.
once he is charged i look for which opponents are charged or close to charged.
Also i look at my tiles and which of the opponents will i be able to send the most tiles to . As you want them to charge and have his effect go off twice in the 3 turns.
If you get this right any hero is dead in my experience.

Caedmon great against the albys ares aerons etc to debuff

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I stinking love hansel and would definitely level him before any other green 4*. He’s saved me so many times in raids, wars, rare quests, and in the last event. And yes, he’s really good against a titan too, though if you have a mana reducer like chao you want hansel’s special to wear off before using the mana reducer’s special on it (that way the titan’s mana can fill and hurt the titan as many times as you can).

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