Is guin deserv mat?

Hi all,

I just pulled during last event Guin and now I have her 1/1, I really wonder if she worths the mats. Let me explain my thought.

I’m now in for 4 months, I mainly open diamond chest everyday with no matter on how my def is pushed back every night. Getting back to diamond is not a big concern.

Regarding Guin herself, I don’t see her helping me in game.
Titan: She’s not a big help here and I consider to up my second Jackal for my yellow stack (presently, Ranvir, Jackal and Gretel).

Pve: I have Ares as a buffer/ healing over time and I think he’s more relevant than her in this role.

Alliance War: Im in a small alliance where my Ares def is already untouched. Once again Guin will not help

Raids: On offense she’s not looking great, On def she’s the best, but do I realy need a better def, as I already open diamond chest ?

My opinion is she’s great in a large roster and for people who wants to compet in top 100 or high level war alliance. But in my case I don’t see how she can deserv a mat that can be spent or more impactfull hereoes.

What is your view guys ?

YES, she darn near invincible in this tourney! She’s still the best tank on defense. She is waaaay better than Ares on defense. It’s not even close.

Yes, she’s worth the materials, and better than a second Jackal. She will help, but you may just not see exactly everywhere she can help you. I suspect this topic would get something like 100% voting for her to get worked on if it was a poll.

Understand that it’s going to take time to get her leveled up, but right now, she is queen of this current tourney format.

I will be top 5% as often on this tourney without guin… My view is she’s good on def, but who really cares about def in this game, def doesn’t allow to win a tourney or a rank in a raid. Is def really deserv mats and millions of food?

Maybe wait, sure. But she is one of the most powerful heroes in the game, and remains probably the pre eminent tank in the game. I use her on purple titans and she does fine

You can wait, but she definitely deserves mats sooner or later

She is one of my favorite OFFENSIVE yellows. You underestimate her on offense…teamed with Onatel they are evil.

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Yep, she is good in a three two with two yellow hitters (I use Justice and Leo) with Mitsuko and BT. Even if you let them fire they miss because of Justice :slight_smile: