Is guild/alliance chat recruitment spam reportable?

I hope you feel better now after “venting your spleen”. In the example you gave about mercs coming into your alliance, you stated “the Leaders did not mind”, which suggests the mercs were invited?

So is your complaint targeted towards leadership as opposed to mercs? If so I hope you shared your strong opinions with them? I’m still confused how mercs were part of “destroying your gaming enjoyment”?

AR in global chat - that’s a separate issue altogether. Although there are recruiters who diligently try to recruit there, others maybe not so much. There however is an option to report people via global chat - I hope you took advantage of this feature as it sounds like you did not have a very good experience there.

Anyway… I hope you are having a better day.


If it’s not in the official rules then it should not be allowed otherwise all these posts with ref. to guild chat recruitment are actually obsolete and should be allowed.Like I said previously one rule for one one rule for another.
I’ll not be coming back to this forum I have better things to do than read posts for 50+ days of my God given prescious life. Good Bye and thanks for your time Sir/madam.

I think you’ll find that it’s the same rules for everybody.

Small Giant can’t possibly enumerate every way someone might choose to act that is problematic. But there’s a simple test: if you’re about to do something that many people might find upsetting, don’t do it.

I’m sorry to see you go. The forum thrives on having a diversity of voices. I wish you the best of luck in the game!


I’m glad that there are people who understand what a merc is and how they operate. I am a merc, and I sit and lurk in AR chat watching for someone to post a “need help with a titan” message. That is the invitation for a merc to hit the titan. Sometimes I hit the titan and leave, sometimes I stay til it’s dead -BUT I ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION TO STAY! That is how a merc should operate.


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I think there should be an option to have a reporting option to SGG to punish people that drop into our alliance…give this lovely “we don’t mean to offend” you lip service and then proceed to tell us how our inactive alliance (15-18 members) can do “so much better” in their alliance and then leave with the “god bless you all” mess.

They come in, leave that, and then leave.

I have no problem with members who want to come and go from our alliance… I DO have a problem with them spamming my alliance because they can’t recruit any other way but alliance crapping.

There is no way to delete it from the chat but wait for it to roll out over time.

Why can’t these people be dealt with extreme gaming prejudice? I think like draining their gems to 0 and wiping out their play flags for like…I don’t know…a week…or maybe just destroying their accounts permanently.

As the leader of my alliance, I don’t go into any other alliance to pull this mess with them nor do I expect any member of my alliance to do the same…If I find out they have or are doing it…will be kicked and not accepted back in.

I hope you are reading this alliance spammers…I’m looking to have you punished for your rudeness and using God as your means to justify your unacceptable behavior.


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The best way to handle that is to contact SG directly as this forum is not the place to discipline or shame other players. I’d recommend screen shots of the incident.

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That is why I didn’t mention any names or people…I would like to see in game controls to have this process automated directly to capture the chat/incident and grabbed and sent directly to the company for review.

If you tap on the message you should get a popup with a Report option. That’ll flag the message for review by SGG Staff, and automatically send them the message text.

Alternatively you can contact Support as @littleKAF mentioned above.

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In my honest opinion, I would say yes - that’s spamming

Never had to report…just did…and sent in a ticket to boot…


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I would tend to agree. There are far too many dead alliances with no leadership etc. Entering an alliance like this to offer a better option is more positive than spamming. So I wouldn’t have a problem with it

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Well my entire alliance plays every day, and we are more casual than most, so having people drop in and sell their alliance to us is nothing more than spam. So I have to disagree that it is a “good way” of recruiting.

And mind you, I’m the leader and active everyday.

What happen to you in your alliance is definitely spamming. And should not be tolerated. I really would lock your alliance down and set it to invite only.

I just changed it to invite only.

So my question now is that even though I don’t require cups to join, we can still be seen and someone can “ask” to join and I can let them in yes?

We have some very strong players and very new players…I don’t mind having new as we are a teaching alliance…those new people can still find us correct?

Yes your alliance can still be seen in the normal way, and people can ask to join you no problems at all, you just accept who you want. It’s just as easy for new people to ask to join your alliance as it was before. Good luck with your recruitment

That’s exactly what I did with the event that made me start this thread. Hope the alliance doesn’t experience that again, and hopefully the person that did that to you isn’t also posting out here in the forums with their crap.

I sometimes jump into alliances with dead leader and tell them that it is better to start over but I do NOT recruit for any other alliance…is this spamming too or just trying to give a helping hand?

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Considering the fact that YOU have NO IDEA if the leader is dead or not…assuming you are checking how many “days” since last seen…then yes you are spamming an alliance. I play daily, so all my times are less than 24 hrs as away time…I can see if it said 90 days or something, but you shouldn’t be assuming the leader is dead…to then spam with your unwanted recruitment jargon. We have a forum for that…