Is guild/alliance chat recruitment spam reportable?

I’m in beta. There is no evidence to suggest this is accurate. I would strongly advise sticking to verifiable claims and assertions when trying to recruit people.


We both were co-leads…so there was some drama :rofl:
Thanx for welcoming, I read this forum a lot.
I could not pass away this thread cause our team member also uses visiting dead alliances to recruit…and people who join are mostly happy with better loot/higher level titans.
So this is a conflict between alliance goals as @mpolo mentioned and its members goals…


Or you could spend 24 consecutive hours in AR and potentially get banned for spamming and MAYBE get one member who usually isn’t to happy… so theres this method which in my opinion sucks and slows the game for everyone, or there’s the method mentioned in this forum but recruiting from relatively inactive alliances giving a better experience for most people.

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Ok I will see to it that the wording is changed to a much better chance

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All we know for certain, percentage-wise, is where the number of AM rolls steps up. But hitting higher-level titans is indeed the best way to get more 4* AM.

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Would you say recruiting in this manner is an offence to get someone banned from the game?

Rescuing / recruiting someone from an alliance with members / leaders who have been inactive for several months - well that’s different. I can understand why people would be happy leaving such an alliance, thank you @LadyAnesthesia .

Personally, I would never have thought to do that. Is it an offense @MrVIVE? That would depend on the intention of the “recruiter”.

However active players tend to be snapped up quickly if they post in the forum - you find (mostly) great people here :smile: .

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No you’re right, I dont think it is ban able, so long as it’s done in a respectful manner

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I really don’t know. It’s certainly not something I personally would do. But I’m just a player like you, so I don’t have any special insight into what SG considers inappropriate in-game. The two relevant posts from the support site are:

It’s certainly not listed as one of the ways you should go about getting recruits. The part that would leave me a bit concerned, in your shoes, is:

Do not post ads in Global chat, or outside the Alliance Recruitment Chat. This will also lead to being reported. We ask all players to always be mindful of others.


All very ambiguous and open to criticism… I’ll have to become a solicitor in the future to understand terms of service just so I can play a phone game in peace

Hardly. The developers have provided multiple approved ways to recruit. If you use the game in the way that the developers have suggested you use it, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Like most things in life, if you want to push the boundaries and play around in gray areas, you run the risk that someone will decide you’ve pushed too far. You are, after all disturbing others’ peaceful playing of the game with this tactic.

So–jump into other alliances and disturb them for recruiting purposes at your own risk. Or you can try submitting a ticket and asking for a formal clarification, but I have no idea if SG will answer.


Im sorry, i have to disagree with mercs being invited. Most of the time mercs are not invited, they pop in take and leave. Its wrong and always has been.

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I recently heard of someone who recruited a new member into their alliance. The new member was a higher powered player so it was negotiated to promote them to co-leader. That new member then posted on chat “this alliance sucks”, changed alliance to invite only, and proceeded to kick all alliance members they could before leaving themselves…

A word to the wise… be cautious in how you recruit and who you trust. Higher powered teams does not automatically mean higher class player


Obviously our merc experiences have been very different. I’ve found mercs helpful, especially if a stubborn titan just won’t go down easy.

I will have to agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

(Apologies to the OP for being off-topic.)


I will defend the mercs who have come to our alliance when we needed help with rare titans. Not once have we been disappointed with their behavior. I find it egregious to lump an entire group of people into a false stereotype.


I would, as I reported the account doing the posting. However, it won’t ban anyone, just the ( very likely) dummy account named the same as the alliance solely to do recruiting like that.

The player hopped in and out in under 3 minutes, into a non-dead alliance (6-8* titans) and posted misleading/incorrect information and nobody actually left.

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As this post is quite strongly based on what is and what is not stated in the E+P guidelines /rules can someone please show me where mercing is stated within the realms of official E+P rules. It is not spoken about when I downloaded this game for instance join a guild fight titans OR become a merc!. I feel sorry for this person as they have only done the same as mercs in my eyes. I was in an Allience where I stated I did not want mercs as it was not part of the game (if can’t defeat titan get stronger and work harder as an Alliance) but Leaders did not mind so let them in whenever they wanted to come, was this not an infringement /violation of my Game play? Or is it a case of Big Spenders like to merc (in general) so let’s let them do it or they may all leave game! Totally unacceptable it seems one rule for one and one rule for another. Let me reitterate AR Group chat turned my stomach it was foul and disgusting with regards to what was being spoken about, blocking everyone is not my style as it should not be going on in the first place, it’s a joke!.Mercing destroyed my gaming enjoyment along with AR which was revolting to say the least! I have vented my spline but alas I believe it will go on deaf ears or someone will just make a pradandtict statement that ultimately won’t help anyone apart from their agenda and ego!

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When most people talk about “mercing,” they don’t mean “jumping into an alliance uninvited, attacking it’s titan, and then leaving again.”

The reason the term “merc,” or mercenary, is used is because of the idea that the person putting hits on the titan is a sword for hire. What you’re describing doesn’t fit that model. My guess would be that you could report people doing what you seem to be describing, and E&P would take action.


I keep my “door” locked now because I have experiences in both the disruptive and unwanted Poacher coming into a newish alliance, saying members could “do better” if they left and joined this …person.
I also, right afterwards, had someone uninvited come in and totally kill a tiny Titan, then leave, in under 2 minutes.
I love Mercenaries! They are wonderful people who have come in to save the day when those Rare titans are just a bit too much. They NEVER show up unwanted. If they do, they are no longer Merc’s, but now are like the robber/jerk who took advantage of a new alliance for his own pleasure.
I would like to be able to report, but really, all it did was show my co’s why we don’t have an Open alliance.
Good luck all!