Is guild/alliance chat recruitment spam reportable?

The key words in that quote are “tell them”.

My suggestion is to “ask them”.

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I agree with that, but needed to reach 20 characters.

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You know what I meant…not literally dead (although a possibility with real life)

20 Undeads

Isn’t that up to the players to eventually sort out as they evolve in the game? I don’t need some carnival coming into my alliance and disrupt active and overall growing players. We take in noobs and old salts…we discuss the ins and outs of moving to other alliances because I believe people grow/outgrow their existing status. I offer people to be elders and co leaders all the time…very few takers…and that is fine…I keep playing and so do they.

I LOST a good player because of that circus coming to my town…I hope that player does well and I hope that the spammer get theirs in the end.

Everyone has a choice, I don’t think it’s fair that other people make those choices for us…just my humble opinion.

I believe your intentions are good. Obviously, others have had bad experiences from people with less honourable intentions. Example…

We initially thought. What?!?! As we were all active and it was invite only - just as well! However, it was dealt with swiftly and we were all able to laugh about it. Noone was tempted to leave. Although if people had left, they maybe weren’t happy. :woman_shrugging:. Idk.

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Obviously if you’re offering to promote players to co-leader then you yourself are not a “dead” leader. I was responding to the posts that were talking about alliances who were stuck without a leader - no one to do promotions to co-leader - who may not realize how they can gain a leader among themselves.

I agree that players coming into an alliance with an active leader have no business trying to recruit there or disrupt it.

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Definitely not what I am doing. I go into the alliance and even stay for a day or two. Just tell them, that they have disadvantage when the leader is inactive as not everything can be done in alliance mechanics. Also sometimes offer to help to get the active members over to a new one. Never recommend an existing alliance or something like that…and if they are fine with the situation, i am fine with it as well…


I assume your ASKING the alliance about the dynamics before you “lip speak” about moving to a properly running alliance? The clown that came to mine was just a drive-by to sell their alliance warez…and as a result, we lost a valuable member because of it.

I’m still a little peeved about the whole thing as you probably imagine…it’s hard enough to maintain an alliance let alone lose it’s fluidness to thoughtless players who are selfish and rude.

I am asking. And an absence leader for more that 100 days is an “dead” alliance in my eyes. Not literally as co-leaders can do a good job but are limited to their rights. Please also note @JonahTheBard s post here, which was in same situation:

I agree that jumping into an ANY! alliance to convince the members to leave is a very rude behavior and I would report it as well. But again: this is not what i am doing! I am a drifter and got no fix alliance I can recruit for and the alliance of my other account is always full (no joke: feel free to check “Metal und Bier” regularly in alliance search). So I don’t have any effort by pushing members to leave.
Why would some people report me when I just want to help those alliances?

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I’m curious… Did your alliance mate join the drifter? If so, one could argue maybe they weren’t as happy in your alliance as you thought - loyal players don’t just leave :thinking:? :woman_shrugging:

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Well the timing seemed to be measured in hours, so I’d say so that it was a cause and effect. We are not a very “chatty” alliance, so I have no way of gauging “happiness” but I DO KNOW that they were with us for months…

What?’ve never been enticed by an ad and said “Yeah, let’s give that a try”? Why do you assume they were unhappy? I’ve done the same in other areas of life, people are free to do whatever they wish…I don’t live in their head to be able to answer your question, but I’m guessing that their response of moving along meant that they wanted something more…and that is more than ok…just don’t need some spamming clown to pipe piper people away for their own benefit and causing instability in my alliance.

It is what it is…it’s the way that it was done that really irritates me…and it seems that most agree, so I guess I’m not too far off.

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@Sarah2. I deleted the image just to stay within forum rules. Although frustrating, his is best handled through direct contact with SGG.

I was in a dead alliance for a bit of time before I knew it. Lol I was brand new, there was a guy who would answer a question now and again. Since I was so new, I did t realize it! I spent way too long there (I was clueless) the guy who was an elder, would give wrong info, I wasted some good heroes because of his “advice”. The Leader hadn’t been on for months. Elder told us once you joined, you had to stay or pay to join another alliance. I WISH someone would have come in and let me know! Yes I figured it out, finally, but I’ve never pulled the 5* heroes I was told to use as food again, and the alliance is still there.

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That is terrible :angry:. Some people are just jerks. I’m not sure how you avoid your experience unless you join a friend who has been playing a while, or stumble on the forum.

I hope you’re in a good alliance now?!

Thank you for sharing your experience so others might avoid the same pitfalls.

So it seems that some thought was put into the different global chat options, but it appears that there is no one monitoring them.

The Alliance Recruitmnet area is one of the few places you can hope to find people to, you know, recruit. But it’s full of people acting like it’s a general chat area making it very hard to actually do any recruiting.

Any chance to get some moderation in there?

Been requested for years but apparently paying anyone to do anything is budget breaking

Hence why testing and forum moderation is done by volunteers

That’s a shame. It doesn’t work and makes the alliance recruitment chat pointless.

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Why i quit using it and switched to using the forum instead

I hear ya. Forum is so much more civil

Oops… I mean… less confusing

Erm. Not as spammy

Oh! Got one.

There’s a lot less furry cybering on the forum.


I couldn’t agree more! At least they’ve laid down some rules against spamming but it’s still pretty tough to get into a chat with someone. Private messaging in game would go a long way to clearing that up.